Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good News, Bad News, Nature Bullying Again

The good news:  Elected officials in Congress are finally calling for abolishing the IRS, and instituting a simple tax, maybe like the Fair Tax, or a flat tax.

The bad news:  The most vocal on abolishing the IRS are Republican, which means every hard core progressive and Democrat is going to oppose it.

The only real reason people in either party would oppose abolition is because the IRS is like a police force with no rules, and they can influence where it wreaks its wrath.  They want that tool of political coercion, or else they fear it and won't stand up to it because if they lose, the agency can easily cost them plenty.

Of course, tax attorneys would be opposed.  Most lawyers oppose anything that simplifies laws because they make money when regular people have to hire a translator to even get what the law says, and a soothsayer to determine whether they are in compliance.

Even under the fair tax people will trade some under the table, so the few lucky attack dogs that they still need will have opportunity for their sadism fix by going after those enterprising scofflaws.

Let's hope they don't manage to abolish the IRS, then turn around and have Homeland Security hound out those who might think about not cutting the feds in on transactions.  The IRS evolved into a terror agency and Homeland Security is more than poised to fill any power void that changing the tax system would bring.  

It is about power.  Yet this country attempted to establish itself based on severely limiting just such power.  Those who promote it either think the are part of the elite who wields the power or influences officials, or they think if they do everything right no one will bother them.

I suppose that will work for some time if you are a jelly fish.  Sooner or later even good little citizens tend to say something unpopular, or want a larger soda, or who knows what.  Then they wonder what happened.  They happened.

When my stomach feels like iron, I'll go check the talking points on this at or huffington post.  I'm sure they'll be against undoing the IRS because it comes from the other side.  And smashing the other side is more important than right or wrong.  Go team.

It would be so cool if a lot of people from both sides realized it is time to squash IRS, which operates without warrants or accountability.  It is in the top three of disgraces this nation has tolerated which defy its stated principles.   Taxing income is a bad idea anyway.  Enforcing this practice by means of an organization with few clear limits and a tendency toward vendetta is a very bad idea.

Holy smoke!!! Just read an email from the neighborhood info people.   A mountain lion ate someone's goat, up the mountain from me.  Not very far.  It hopped a 7 foot chain link fence.  They say there are 2 lions in the general area, and claim the goat one is four feet high?  Five feet long, excluding the tail.

I just find the four feet tall part tough to believe.  It doesn't sound right but maybe the top of his head is there if he's strutting with his nose in the air.  Spiking the football for murdering an innocent. tasty goat.

If you live up here, and your kids are hopeless, now is the time to send them out to explore the mountain.  If something happens, no one will pin it on you.  Just that ol' mountain lion, and after all, cougars are people too.  But they are bullies as well.

Come on, Mitt.  Say it is not true.  I saw a headline that said Mitt was planning to rejoin the national dialog.  Those are the words they used.  I'm not sure what national dialog means, but I know what it is in this context---Mitt wants to see his picture in the paper and wants to muddy mirky waters.   No, don't do it.
And please, Bush family, retire the dynasty.  These rumblings about Jeb and some nephew Bush are troubling.  Political dynasties are not in the best interest of freedom, or much else that is desirable.


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