Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkeys, Kings, and Poor Single Guy Thanksgiving

There are theatrical events staged by government people which constitute grievous, yet unnoticed insult to the populace. Pardoning of turkeys is one such nauseating event.  And I'll tell you why.

Besides the fact that it is meaningless, and let's leave PETA out of it--their reasons are vastly different than mine--it is nothing but a subtle, or not so subtle, mind conditioning.  Here's the top exec demonstrating his power over life and death in a meaningless display.  It is supposed to be a warm, fuzzy moment, and, if you are a news person, an excuse for good natured banter with the hot weather chick and even a chance for a doggonnit, lol, moment.

The end impression is that the beloved leader is our master and he's benevolent, so we are in good hands.  The public is largely conditioned to think we actually are, and should be, in the hands of our lofty governmental officials.  But look!! The all powerful One has allowed a turkey to keep its life in a comical stroke of the pen, in keeping with dubious tradition!  Yay!  Our master is a swell guy and probably won't have us killed.
not a turkey, but it makes my statement.   vulture. (from national geographic)

So, because I see this bit of theater as totalitarian propaganda, I would do away with it.  Besides, you can probably walk from the White House a short enough distance and find someone who could really use a turkey, so it is not really a benevolent act at all.

You'd think a guy who is not a carnivore, therefore no threat to turkeys, would be avoided on Thanksgiving.  But you'd be wrong.

People tend to feel sorry for single hermits, assuming they care about these holidays, so they all invite them to Thanksgiving.  I have more options than I even remember.  It is required that I go to K and M's. I'm the only one who'll be there outside immediate family this year.  If I did have some woman held captive in my life, I think we'd still go there. They'd make me.  Throw me in the briar patch.

I'm amazed and a little touched by the invitations I've had this year.  SoCal is a crazy place, but a lot of people here certainly tend to treat me well.

Practice resumed with the 12 string and friends.  The bass that was added suits what we're doing well.  He just added a drummer, and if the one time we practiced is any indication, then this guy needs to go. Not a good fit and not a good drummer.  I hope I am proven wrong and can take that back.  But it would be kinder to can him now than later.  Not my group so I'll just handle my part and ignore the off rhythm heartbeat.

I may have Tom Sawyered the cowgirl into helping clean my place.  This project could be more fun than anticipated.  It's only a possibility though. Hard to coordinate times, and she can always dodge it.

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