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Bad News from On High (rant rant and rant on)

Portrait of a Coward and a Political Sellout
Silly Willy Metz

I hate few things and few people, but I do hate corrupt intrusive overbearing and cowardly government officials, policies, and the general syndrome prevalent in this society which permits them to exist. Public schools were harbingers of this state of affairs.

William Metz, the forestry service official has given the OK to the Sunrise Powerlink project in SoCal, despite the fact that they have not complied with various laws which Metz is sworn to uphold. And despite the fact that their own cumbersome reports indicate negative impact on many levels, environmentally, and severe impact in the realm of fire prevention and abatement.

This may not seem significant to anyone not located in the gerrymandered path of these huge, not needed, power towers, but it is a very good example of how the bogus claims of "green energy" can be used to manipulate and rob the public. As usual, news reports use unproven, disproven, and purely fictitious facts and quotes when couching the story. Or more accurately, the two or three short sound bite excuse for a story.

(since wind farms can't operate if the wind is too quiet or too intense--a surprisingly limited band--there are laws requiring back up sources. In this case it is natural gas. So you contract with the windmill but buy the gas power. They know it going in--green has become a smokescreen for scam upon scam--I don't mind gas power. I mind total lies. And buying from Mexico when we could fire our own generators, and I mind buying what IS NOT NEEDED)

SDGE claims this is needed to prevent "future blackouts", even when their own studies show that SD county has a surplus of power, and no future projection models indicate any shortage. This is an area where you can actually power your hovel with solar panels if you can afford them, and many people do. The bankrupt state and federal kickbacks pay for much of the cost. Solar is subsidized.

The truth is that they do have contracts in place with wind farms out in hell knows where, but they are also linking to power plants across the border to buy their petroleum fueled electricity. Not that any of it is needed. It is not. Not here in SD county where they swear it will all go. Everyone knows they will run it up to LA, if anywhere.

Clean, cheap energy, but yes, your rates will go up at first to fund this corrupt scheme, then they will "level off" Not go down, level off. OK. Well, when it comes down to it, no cleaner than any other energy, and not quite so cheap.

It is being put in right through some of the highest fire risk areas, and firefighting aircraft and else can't get within 1000' of the lines if the fire is right there, which it often is because high voltage lines on 200' towers often are the cause of the fire.

Arnold threatened his appointees on the utilities board so they approved it even though when they had a hearing on it, all their own conclusions suggested it was not needed, and a bad idea. I'm not joking. That is how openly corrupt these people are. Ask if it is needed, and they will say the people of California deserve this, or some other off the wall side stepping response.

It goes dead through the middle of Alpine's business district. They will put it underground, taking two years or more to tear up the road on both sides. We are talking huge power lines and voltages here, not the stuff that runs down your street. Goodbye Alpine. There is no way the town can weather this, especially now while much of CA is suffering. High unemployment, hostile environment for small business, etc.

I've been able to filter through the wacko environmental arguments and such, and the truth is, this is a real threat to anyone who chooses to live out in the country, as well as something which increases the chance of wildfires and decreases the chance they can be contained. Even SDGE admits that, but it will be OK because they'll do "all they can to work with residents and businesses". I swear, it is the stuff you see in movies, except this is true, not anti industrial propaganda.

I'm a free enterprise, my species above skunks and other animals (especially bears) kind of guy. You know if I am blowing the whistle, I believe it is really a dishonest, crooked, example of how government control and so-called private-public sector partnerships breed the worst sort of anti-human, criminal results.

Metz obviously sold out. I've seen the rule book, and the relevant information. No matter how he felt personally, his title required him not to approve this unless he has decided to write his own laws. It's like a cop giving me the go ahead to rob 7-11 and steal grandpa's round about scooter. Except the stakes are higher and he makes more money.

When I discovered Arnold's role in this, that told me he is a pure and simple sellout. I never liked him anyway. He's a shallow idiot who does not understand the continental model of rights from the American. He thinks all rights are privileges granted by government to people. OK, most of the country doesn't know the distinction, but he claims to understand this place. He's a power hungry wannabe, and just another Kennedy. Gangster generated gentility.

I won't bore anyone who has read this far by explaining how this project also threatens our water supply, wells, and kills property values, etc.

Next bit of info came from a person in the insurance game. A person who seeks to find the best thing for the client, whether individual or business, or group of employees. It is now law, in force, that agents are forbidden from asking for referrals from clients.

Those who have only worked government jobs may not know that in any kind of sales, customer referrals are your bread and butter. If they don't like doing business with you they won't refer you or give you prospective clients.

Thank you bogus "health reform". It's all about controlling the masses. Control their bandaids, drugs and surgery, and you have some power over them.

If you actually buy the pap about the purpose of the health care legislation being to provide better care, wake up. Imagine how much dope and hospital fun the various bailouts could have bought. Have you seen any of that? Gee, I wonder who has.

At the same time, the government is already soliciting clients, urging them to go to some website where they will put them on to affordable insurance. It is a sick thing, and don't think you will pay less for the same service. Not going to happen. Welcome to the third world.

And do not be fooled by Sean Penn's or Michael Moore's view of the Cuban system. Ask some real Cubans about life and medical service under the benevolent dictator's boot. Idiots.


So, those are two cases in which people minding their own business, trying to live in peace find their homes and livelihoods threatened due to someone else's idea of the "greater good", which was formed according to what enriches and firms up power and control for the sick elite bastards who use such terms as "greater good".

Imagine that oil was nationalized and the federal oil agency had the mishap in the gulf. Do you, in your wildest dreams, somehow think they would be more accountable than BP? Who do they have to answer to? They would merely have blamed someone along the chain of command, fired it(him or her), then bungled the fix worse than now.

Perhaps they would have even stonewalled efforts to mitigate coastal damage to the same degree they did in the current mess. Personally, as bad as it is, as much as feds rubber stamped the process of drilling the well and all the safety measures not in place, I think we are damned lucky it was not a totally government run project. Not to say it is lucky as is.

They can't or won't even enforce reasonable laws and regulations already on the books. Then when disaster results, the corrupt weasels pretend it is because they need new and more regulation. Bullshit. I know I am right on this.

====side note: I need to correct one of the new black panthers---the party of the kkk is the democrats, not republicans. Check the facts. Ever hear of Sen. Robert Byrd (may he rest quietly never to be heard from again)? Both parties are the stuff of limited liberty, and of career politicians. Unfortunately.

They just use differing marketing approaches and slightly different tactics in office, but both promote wars not related to defense, both refuse to admit that the irs is structured and operates in a way which is wrong and corrupt, both refuse to apply principles rather than situational emotional politics which play on greed, hate, envy and lust for unearned power.

I know they vary on many specifics but neither one follows strict principles which adhere to the letter or spirit of the Constitution, or the concept of individual freedom, liberty (a concept I actualyl consider holy, if anything can be considered holy or sacred)

Be that as it may, the kkk is not a republican invention. Neither was the war in Viet Nam, Bosnia, Korea, etc. Keep in mind, often the president in power gets the credit, while the congress in power was from the rival gang. I think republicans get credit for Iraq and Afghanistan. As far as deaths, a drop in the bucket compared to Nam.

As far as beneficial to the USA, I fail to yet see any use in playing diplomatic nation builder in those places. If winning has no definition, and you prosecute your troops for doing what soldiers have to do, it is bad news.

I do not notice any improvement in the conduct of war under Obama. I do notice a greater blatant disrespect on his part for those who would die to follow his orders. Face it, politicians on that level see us as expendable units whose only use is to secure their power--whatever dirty deals may dictate that process.

Perhaps they should have listened to McArther and Patton, then established this country as neutral whenever possible, ruthless when there was no choice but to enter a fray. It does not pay to fight confusing wars then try to rebuild the countries of absolute lunatics. And limited wars are always lost.

The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave. It's the age-old struggle: the roar of the crowd on the one side, and the voice of your conscience on the other.
Douglas MacArthur


update; just spotted this from East County newspaper:

July 13, 2010 (San Diego’s East County) – The last 19-mile link of SDG&E’s controversial Sunrise Powerlink transmission line project has been approved by Cleveland National Forest director William Metz, the Union-Tribune reports.

“We are not surprised by Metz’s decision, although we are disappointed,” Laura Cyphert, cofounder of the East County Community Action Coalition (ECCAC), an organization representing 79,000 people opposed to Powerlink, told East County Magazine. “Metz was under considerable political pressure. Fortunately we have anticipated this day, and are prepared to take every necessary legal action…Over a year ago, the legwork was started for a lawsuit against the Forest Service in the event that they permitted this project. We are well positioned to prevail in the court room.”

I know the above quoted woman, and her husband. Besides being drop dead gorgeous, she is extremely intelligent. I witnessed her in head to head discussions with SDGE's goons and she knows more about their own reports, studies, past cases and relevant scientific, economic, and environmental studies than they do. No impartial person or group of any intelligence could listen to her and SDGE present their cases and not rule in her favor, hands down.

She deals in facts and logic, not cheap propaganda. And she is right. I've also heard the lawyer her group has helped hire. Between the two of them, if the courts are even a shade honest, they will win. But that is a huge IF.

How many other cases of corrupt disrespect of people and property, abuse of eminent domain laws, and pure theft are going on under the governmental oversight?

I guess the idea of freedom and breaking the feudal bonds is as radical now as it was in 1776. People just seem genetically predisposed to be ruled by others beyond the point of common safety and preserving order.

Cracker Hoe

Before the dawning of the age of idiots, that would describe an item used to harvest a cracker crop. Now, well, now it is what it is.

Generally speaking I am just angry. Free floating anger. No point in that.

It gets hot up here. The coast will be freaking because the temperature pushed 75, while it blows on past 90 here.

I almost hope for the chaos and disruption a revolution or big storm etc would bring. I think I am only relaxed when nothing is constant and, by necessity, I rely on myself for the rules, not the slimy ooze our governments have become. It could be an ADD thing or just garden variety not playing with a full deck. Or too many jokers in the deck; driving with one wheel in the sand. Etc.

Whatever it is, I remember how life became so much easier when hurricane Andrew Hit S. FL. and all you had to do was figure out how to make things happen with what you had. No stop lights, trees in the way of streets. No electricity for a little while. All my energy left when things got back "under control". Just as if the structured powers sucked it out of me when they came back on line.

Again I am restless and despite friendships I feel like a misfit. Only this go round, I am not going to attempt any sort of fit which requires I change anything. Screw that. Nothing to prove, no one to please. It is not fun, but it beats the alternatives.

Can't wait to get out into the unknown again.

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