Friday, September 28, 2012

Socal doing what they won't

Little bit of nothing on experiment recording and uploading from phone where I work--with phone connecting to their wifi.   This thing is pretty cool in ways.  

***Not an obamaphone (extrapolation of a program begun under Reagan for emergency landlines, and now cell phones), but exploited to convince the imbeciles of big cities that Obama is giving them a phone. Sorry.     I guess compared to some people and things my phone is smart.

Aldous Huxley predicted people would welcome their own enslavement, and they have.  Not everyone sees it yet. **** my apologies for ranting.  Can't help it 

Last video is later at the newest open mic place.  Cliff out the window warming up to play next.  I played harp on his tunes but didn't record it.  Didn't do too bad on a couple of them.  Norwegian Wood, with a mandolin joining us threw me a little.  I told him no ride for me because I never play the song.  He found the mandolin confusing--wasn't sure where that guy was in the scheme of things---so he turned to me.  I faked something but got thrown off myself.  People no doubt figured we were just stupid at arranging and planned it like that.  
Sound was better than indicated here.  The Star Wars/American Pie guy ran it, and does well with sound.  I think he may be the whitest white boy I know, in regard to some musical elements and such.  That's OK.  I'm one of those harp players who has no guilt or shame about being white.  Some would claim this is racist, but that is due to the fact that they can't think critically.  I expect no one to be guilty or ashamed of their involuntary make-up--ethnicity, sex, ability to roll one's tongue, etc. Note the high cheek bones--I must be Cherokee, as well.  OK, Harvard, here I come!

Doing the work that citizens and uninvited workers in CA won't do.  We keep the US economy going, such as it is.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Snowball In Paradise

Decided to get away further out in the country than even ballistic mountain.   Not that far away, really.

So, there I was on a pull-out place along the sunrise parkway or whatever it is.  Then, just as I was searching for vehicles or occupants to pelt with snowballs, I spotted this warning from The State.

Holy smoke!!  If I couldn't read, I might be doing time!  Of course, I didn't see any vehicles or occupants for about twenty minutes, but you never know; if I were totally illiterate, I might make up for it by being patient.

I was able to send the photo from my allegedly smart phone to my computer via bluetooth once I was back home.  I'm still wondering about the phone, but it may be useful if I start an independent money making enterprises, or hit the road.  I'll have to ditch it if I become a fugitive because I think They can track these things.  Google may do no evil, but they sure enable a lot of it.

I made a video but I don't like it so I'll have to do another smarty phone video.  It is rather good quality.  Makes sense.  The typical phone is just a handheld computer.

I'm mildly surprised that the sign didn't have fine print explaining that in California snowballs have been shown to be a carcinogen and that they contribute to global warming.  Lots of items and substances ignored by others are flagged on products here with the "in California" caveat.  That is because no one else subscribes to the degree of junk science which is used by special interests and politicians here.

Anyway, I certainly dodged a bullet on that one.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

smarty pants

So, my phone died and appeared to be too lifeless to revive.  That did not bode well for retrieving the contacts stored in the well beaten, trusty communication device.

At the verizon store, the "took it to the back" to do some secret thing in an effort to make it show some life.  No luck.  "It's like a piece of rock".

Along with my phone I brought my charger for some reason.  I don't recall what prompted it but I asked the lady to try plugging in my charger and hooking it to the phone.  At home I'd had no luck.

It worked.  The phone came on, but the view was that after all this time, it may be on its way out, so I opted for a new one.  I was eligible for the upgrade anyhow.

I did not want to go the iphone route because I don't do well with virtual keyboards or the money I'm guessing they cost.  And I don't want something very large which makes me feel like I'm holding a tv up to my ear.  My ended up with something made by samsung, a stratosphere.  Great.  I wonder if I should have looked for one called ionosphere or dark matter.

It has a keyboard, and it has all the online stuff, apps and apps.  I don't do that much with such things but it can be handy when on the road, I guess, and if there is wifi around, you can hook into that and not worry about bandwith. 

I don't know how to use it.  Like most google influenced things they have tried to go so far with the idiot friendly stuff that it is a bigger pain for things like texting than the simple, unintelligent phone it replaced.

I did not invent the term smartypants phone referring to smart phones.  I got that from CF.  It strikes me as the right term. 

Soon I will test the ability to take video and send it to youtube.   Lots of people use these things to play games for hours and hours.  I can't do that.  I waste my time in other ways.

I realize now that if people read things like blogs from their phones then anything over a paragraph and a half is way too much for a post. 

In order to keep up with work and various musical things, it is best I have a phone.  I suppose I could have remained with the minimum, but in my situation the additional cost is minimal.  Less than two packs of cigarettes per month. 

And I have no contract because I'm on a larger plan of others and they could either add me or not but still be paying the same per user.  Win win.  I can quit and it won't mess them up.  But I pay them three to six months in advance just because I don't want to stiff them and because what if I wound up without the money later but needed to call my bookie?

Strange how these things evolve. TV screens are larger and larger, but computers fit in the palm of your hand and millions are addicted to everything their devilish phones have to offer.   There are better things I can think of that I should have my hands on.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Interface, Like Monarchy, Sucks

Other than the whole royalty concept, I dislike this new interface more than almost anything.  No longer can I find a way to get back to the old interface.  I prefer choice whenever possible.  I abhor lack of choice.  

Perhaps that is part of my problem with the new healthcare law, put in place by professional bureaucrats and money bundlers.   I guess people have no clue how politicians serve as front men in elaborate con games which take money from you and funnel it to their pals, then in turn their pals funnel some back to the ego person fronting the scam to help with the campaign, the house purchase, college for the kids--you name it.  

That's the chick who was topless in France, I think.  Could you sit on a chair like that and be carted around by a bunch of people carrying you for no good reason?   I'd seriously be embarrassed and feel creepy doing that.  But I doubt I could ever address someone as "your highness", nor could I stomach insisting others address me that way.  

I would ride around the block on that stupid chair if it would bring back the old blogger interface.   She should be showing some hoots.  Really.  She's now famous for being topless, TAKE IT OFF!!! n Maybe someone will throw the lady a string of beads.  What if someone tripped all the people on one side of that thing?   The old Humpty Dumpty deal. 

Bet you anything there's a crowd out of the frame with signs, shouting, "show us your tits!!"   

Hey, she's a Brit.  They get in all sorts of pickles in exotic foreign lands.  I'll bet those are cannibals taking her to dinner.  Her only way out is to lift the shirt and proclaim, "Let me fatten up and I'll be back later".

Not understanding English, the cannibals assumed she was casting spells or pointing out some white lady plague, so they played it safe and let her go.  I've done that before--dodged the plague of a white lady by letting her run away. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Out of Touch; the DRAFT--whew, girls still safe

Quite sad and ironic that those protesting the tyranny of the draft embraced images and philosophies of the most brutal systems and states on earth. It still goes on today, except more of the slave state lingo and spill over has come to be accepted as democracy. The too cool and the too stupid seem to unite in this insanity.

So, I was thinking, "I don't even know what this Jay-Z, that Obama thinks is so cool, does--other than Beyonce. I know who she is. She can sing. Is JZ just a coattail rider? I guess he's a rapper who got where he is by getting Beyonce. I'm so out of touch with popular culture, and presidential attempts at street cred. So out of touch that what is aimed to impress goes right by without notice."

Then I wondered, "Since they are so big on everyone serving in the military these days, are women still exempt from the draft?"

I know some people couldn't fathom my reasoning when I said that gays got the worst of doing away with "Don't Ask Don't Tell" because they gave up their out should the draft come back in force.

There was a time when the draft hung over the heads of teenaged boys like a random prison sentence. You could not plan life how you chose. You did not know if you'd be forced into "service" for some bizarre skirmish formulated by equally bizarre "leaders". You waited for your birth year's lottery drawing to find out what number your birthday would be. If they were drafting up to 150 you hoped to be drawn higher than that. 365 was everyone's dream.

My number was 92. For awhile I had a college deferment but got out of phase. They were drafting up to 200 or thereabouts when I got the college deferment, and only up to 125 when I lost it.

They suspended the draft while I was in AirForce basic training, and going into the Florida air guard. Yep. Like W. Nothing wrong with the guard. There is something wrong with sending them overseas. They are supposed to be for defense and domestic purposes. It came at a time when I was just getting a toehold on turning my life around, and my academic career.

I let it get the better of me, and quit trying in school and just generally floundered like a falling leaf. I had just got straightened out somewhat, was taking a fairly ful load of classes and through midterms was acing all of them. Then the news came that I had been re-classified 1A, and at the same time the guard called and said they'd just got to me on the list and it was now or never.

What to do? I did not know. Would it be more honorable to just get drafted? Should I join the guard and work my way into pilot training? I was unsure and felt I had to do something. I started just getting blitzed and cutting classes again. I gave up out of confusion. I even called my father for advice. "I can't really tell you. It's your decision." Thanks. Now I would know how to weigh the options against my goals and against various odds. Not then.

What an idiot. I forgot I did not really have freedom.
I needed rehab or something. Or to be left alone. I was majoring in physics, minoring in math and econ. And I was loving it and very insistent on acing it all---for once in my life. I was trying to learn how to try.

That whole time period was one big lie; from the hippies to the so-called hawks. Total lies and hypocrisy ruled like never before. Even more than now, but not quite as universally police state-ish as now. Those who worship the 60s are, mercifully for them, incapable of viewing the larger picture. It was the gateway to serfdom

I should have ignored it because I'd have skated by without being nabbed. Or chances are that I would have. I was appalled by the thought of actually dodging the draft, but now I feel otherwise. Then I thought there was an off chance that VietNam made sense and I was too dumb to see it clearly.

Even then I could see how purveyors of world slavery in one form or another used this to their ends, as they fueled protests and such. Just goes to show you how even the devil can be right and seem like your pal sometimes.

It was a sick thing and not only did many people die, but those sent to fight were in a war in which those who ran it did not do so to win or to minimize American casualties. It was criminal, just like the way they are doing it now.

But, the question was, have women done the insane thing, like gays, and given themselves no out? By "women", I mean those who pretend to speak for all females, but obviously don't.

I looked up the requirements for selective service registration. Why should I care? I'm too old now. Because, like many political leaders, I wake up wondering, "How can I make everyone else's life better?" OK. I lied. So do those creeps we pay to rob us. I wanted to reduce my overall ignorance quotient by knowing the selective service rules overview.

I'm happy to see that only males have to register for selective service. What a creepy name, Selective Service. What is quite laughable is that illegal aliens who are male and between 18 and 25 also have to register. Oh I bet they hop the border and run straight to the draft board, right after they vote.

I'm surprised NOW hasn't insisted that women be included in this pool of slaves on call. Gays used to be able to just get out by saying, oops, forgot to tell you I'm gay. Now they are screwed. Gay or not, if the US decides to draft soldiers to fight their own people or gets into a stupid war you hate, you go or else. Just like getting health insurance, Buy or die.

If they never planned to draft anyone, they wouldn't continue forcing registration. Something tells me that the illegal alien requirement is tough to enforce.

So, ladies, please do not get fooled into being required to submit life and limb to the whims of the police state. They will entice you by claiming people with my view are at war against you and such nonsense. However, I see no way out of it if women are to be equal in combat roles and all else in the military. But, then we'll all be more equal. The more of us eligible for legal slavery the better.

It is nothing to me if a person volunteers for whatever. If a woman can do it, and wants to, fine. I'm just looking at the other edge of that sword. It is a door to requiring tough girls and girlie girls alike to register for the draft should the government decide they want to conscript you. And the actual purpose, goal, and conduct of every war in my lifetime have been highly suspect, or so vague, no one actually knew what was happening. Few, if any, of them have resolved all that well.

Maybe women would be they key to eliminating selective service registration altogether. Interesting prospect. Volunteer if you want, but you have a choice.

All We Are Saying... give peace a chance


So, people everywhere are all alike. You really think Ivy League lawyers can talk this all away? Boy I'd love to go do business there

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

End of s Short Era

I'm not in the pic but I played with these guys, Tim and Jeff. They can rock and have sometimes actually got a little jam going. I played Amazing Grace with them and Jeff must have given me four different solos on it. He has done some really good R & B covers. Can't recall the name of the best he did, but hear it in my mind.
I thought someone else was playing with Cliff and me; probably the bass player off frame to right, and drummer who is hidden. City of New Orleans. Everyone does covers I'd never suggest. I even had to sing a verse. But I get to start off with a fast train rhythm which speeds up them slows down. Cliff sounded good and was easy to play with as always. He's really something unique.

It is unusual for me to set aside a particular day or night on a consistent basis for a single purpose. Over the last several months--has it been a year?--I've dedicated most Saturday nights to the Valley Music open mic.

So, Saturday night was the last one. I was house sitting but K and M watched things while I was gone. I wouldn't worry leaving the five mammals and one bird for an hour or two, but from 5 until 11 PM is risky when you are responsible for someone else's house. At night is when creatures like to make mischief, eat remotes, garbage dive, etc.

That was the same day I fell down the stairs. I feel fine but I think it rattled my brain. I'm now a different person.

It was not jam packed with people, but enough. It seemed that everyone who played, including me, was thinking this the last one so may as well play it right. Everyone brought out their best I think. I didn't fret over one mistake or another because I didn't sense any big gaffes. I played twice and was lost in the enjoyment of playing--when nothing else exists, cares are locked out, and time stands still.

People are trying to figure a new venue, and a friday thing has started somewhere I haven't yet been. That is a bad night for me usually, but we'll see. Valley put me in touch with enough people that I can go many places and probably know someone I met. There are musical get togethers all over San Diego county. I just try to avoid going downtown and some of those more difficult places.

Too bad. This thing had grown into something special, and the quality improved at a steady pace.

Monday, September 17, 2012


OK. I guess I've succinctly put all I know about wimmins in just a few words or less, above.
thanks again to person who sent this long ago

Some Quick Questions

Has anyone actually seen the alleged movie about he who cannot be mentioned or critiqued(PBUH), in its entirety? (all I can find are little trailer-type videos, all of which are very cartoonish and comical)
Innocence of Muslims is the title, I guess. Catchy. not really

Does anything beyond the snippets of the flick even exist?

Do you honestly believe that this elusive bit of bad cinema -- which would have remained unknown but for the islamic riots and angry mob noise -- is actually the cause of all this?

Do you think all this hostility against the USA is not orchestrated by the misnamed Arab Spring people? (I think Muslim brotherhood spring is more fitting if you examine the results)

Spontaneous and coincidentally timed to occur on the 11th anniversary of 9-11, or something in the works with organization and intent?

As a pollster I am as obviously biased as the pros.
It may appear that I am not neutral on issues concerning the hurt feelings of the religion of riots, but trust me, I am ever tolerant and loving and only want to understand and make everyone feel better about stoning their wives and sisters to death. I am always thrilled to discover the diversity and unique ways of wild eyed religious fanatics of all beliefs.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Perhaps I should only use elevators, or parachutes

The first time it happened was when I was in 7th grade, if memory serves. It was probably then, because it was at S.Miami Jr. High School. That was before they renamed those institutions of torture "middle school".

My elementary school was all on one floor, the junior high was two story, which meant stairs. One day for no reason at all I fell down the stairs. I wasn't hurt, just puzzled, and, as was my state about 75% of the time back then, embarrassed. It may have happened on other occasions during my tenure in that world of sadistic and perverted educators.

Since then, I have take tumbles in stairways countless times, and almost never is there a good reason for it, like tripping or slipping on ice. Although, in recent years it usually resulted from being too much on the outer edge of the first tread and slipping down to the next one which can set off a chain reaction, cost you your balance and make for a rapid trip down to the next landing.

When I lived in Memphis where my apartment was the second floor of a converted older house, I had to take stairs from my front door up to the rest of the place. It had one landing half way up with a switchback. I tumbled down those stairs multiple times from the top and from the mid point landing. Mostly to no ill effect, but sometimes---OUCH.

I recall, on one occasion, landing head first, and face down at the bottom with my head an inch or two from my front door.

This past weekend I was house and pet sitting for friends who have a three level house with a view of the bay and downtown SD skyline. Due to the nature of the area, in remodeling and enlarging this dwelling they had to stick within very strict zoning parameters which required some unusual design.

There are no switchbacks between floors, and this place has very high ceilings. So, the stairs from the main (middle) level to the lower level are one straight, long, steep shot, with smooth wall on either side. It has a hand rail on one side, attached to the wall.

I was headed downstairs with a handful of clean but wrinkled shirts in the hand on the side by the handrail. So, no hand was on the rail. I thought I'd put the shirts in the dryer with a damp cloth to improve their look. And it did.

The trouble came at the first step down. I was barefooted, and from nowhere some force took my feet and threw them out in front of me. These stairs are of a very nice, beautiful, hardwood construction. My elbows and else can attest to this.

The unique thing was that I was unable to halt the downward momentum until my rude arrival at the lower floor itself. My first thought was, "Holy S&^%!!! Whatever you do, don't break a bone or get knocked out--lest your insurance criminal status be discovered."

My velocity increased as I travelled down. You'd have thought each step would have slowed me as I slammed it. No. B a m b a m b a m turned into bababababababamboom!

My last thought was, "Why didn't you just let go of the shirts and maybe grab the bannister or use your hand as a brake against the wall? Were you thinking if you let go of the shirts they'd spill or break?".

Seriously, I was trying to protect against injury and slow myself down while holding a bunch of wrinkled shirts up out of harm's way, just like a beer drinker would do if he were holding a beer while falling off a roof. I've been there.

None of the bruises of which I'm aware show. Just below that ball and socket deal with the hip joint on the left side is seriously black with a bit of blue. Some less colorful bruises appeared on the side of my thigh, but they pale compared to the major one.

No use looking for booboo sympathy; can't show anyone because it gets into the kind of territory where casual acquaintances rarely venture-- dagnabbit! I must have turned to that side so I could better hold the shirts up so they wouldn't spill, break, or get dirty. I think my left arm was trailing behind hoping for something to grasp.

Seriously, I so wish I had this on video, shot from above, especially, but from the top or bottom of the stairs would do. It would be great.

My first reaction was to get the stuff in the dryer quick before I found out if I was actually hurt. First rule of stairs tumbles is if you arrive conscious, and can get up, do it quick and get out of there.

Often as not you can get away before the injury catches up and makes camp.

No doubt though, you will feel some strained semi-pulled muscles and things that you never use, or always use, or both.

In this country, there are any number of people who would now be wearing a neck brace and only talking to their friends through a lawyer. Is that sick or what? Not their fault. I have a long history of taking the fast way down the stairs.

One of these times the stair tumble is going to mess my life up or end it. So, from now on, I stop, look, hold on to something, and wear a helmet.

Once again, if there were a law and someone to enforce it, I could have been saved from myself. Perhaps I can sue San Diego for not forcing me to hold the handrail and wear protective gear.

What I learned is that it is OK to let go of wrinkled textiles while bouncing down a series of aggressive speed bumps at near terminal velocity. And I must be in better shape than I thought; I survived and am not too sore to move. I was a bit dazed and cloudy just after the journey ended, though.

The Memphis stairs were carpeted which absorbed much of the impact, but I suffered more from the last one or two of those stair dives. I'm either getting better or else I'm losing the sense to feel it as much.

For once, no witnesses to my lapse of poise, and yet I wish I had it on film. It is indeed a strange life, or perhaps a strange view of it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Got to be Kidding

Here we have the Secretary of State, the President, and no telling who else apologizing for a film which was unknown until embassies were attacked. It is clearly a trumped up diversion. Seriously, if they wanted an excuse they could find any number of things on the internet which do not discuss islamist states or that whole culture in a favorable light.

I seriously doubt Hillary and Barack have viewed any of this flick. It is comedy, at best. I couldn't find the full length version but I found various parts, which combine to account for maybe a third of the film, assuming it is 1.5 hours in length. It was very amusing because it seems to have been shot against a green screen then pasted over the desert background.

In one part he is entering and exiting a tent, and since the desert part is an added background, it looks like everyone is walking in mid-air.

No one in the world would reasonably consider this the usual American made movie. And no one of any sense would apologize for it on behalf of a nation, especially since hardly anyone had ever heard of it until they began ranting and pillaging overseas, using the film as an excuse.

It is serious business what is happening, and seems to be choreographed, but by whom, I wouldn't speculate. One thing for sure, there is no way that this unknown bit of comedy movie making is really the culprit. To even address that by condemning it or acknowledging it does nothing but give validity to the murderous vandals and to the film itself.

The entire scenario, and the official reaction, is impossible to believe. I wonder what is really up. The stories being put out about outrage over an unknown video and an inadequately protected embassy stretch credibility to say the least.

This is the result of governments and religions running amok in the world for so long. People are conditioned to believe in both in a way that precludes reason or productive rebellion. So we all become useful idiots for whatever program of control it is that is being promoted.

At any rate, I wouldn't pay money to see that film, but it is good for some WTF? type chuckles. It is certainly less offensive than real life films of religious stonings led by imams.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bet She Hopes It Goes On Forever

The CTU president, Karen Lewis is clearly smitten with the thrill and power of celebrity. If you've ever played to a large crowd, and it went well, you know the feeling. Same thing giving a talk to a large group, and you know you have them. Works best if you aren't reading the speech.

It is fun to watch narcissists. It makes me feel less of one. If you notice, she makes it as much about her as anything whenever she can. She's a star, on the news, and has a flock of people following her, many of whom sport Che shirts, but don't know who he is or what he did. I suppose it is they who do know, but still wear the shirt that bear concern.

This is a war between tax paid celebrities for power and adulation. Rahm was ambushed so he is losing the celebrity battle big time. It has nothing to do with citizens or children. She may even be after his job next term, although her position is fairly powerful right now. In the future she'll be in a city near you, stopping traffic and doing the union thing, in the spotlight, for the children.
Ever optimistic, rank and file CTU members and supporters urge Ms Lewis to do a stage dive

Your Religion Is A Superstitious Excuse to Lie Cheat Steal and Kill

...and on occasion rape, diddle children, torture and generally be a pest.

If that statement offends you, then it is probably true. I don't even have to point out the ridiculous superstitious, ritualistic nonsense that qualifies for religion in some circles, or their insistence upon everyone tolerating their annoying, abusive rituals, habits and superstitions while showing no respect or tolerance for others who are not nearly as pushy and disrespectful as themselves.
If anyone should ever make fun of you or call that which you worship by name or depict it in a cartoon or movie, I DO NOT CARE, and I am not sorry if it hurts your feelings. (unlike many politicians. Please let me retract their apologies. Many of us are not sorry, carry no guilt) With luck maybe you'll pay attention and realize that you've been duped by pure nonsense and superstition by ever present holy men who love power, sadistic pursuits, and maybe money. You've been tricked.
You traded the cow for the magic beans, but unlike Jack, you ended up with beans that don't grow. They aren't even beans--just pebbles. Well, at least you can do the holy thing and stone someone.

Don't call me phobic, I'm just telling the truth. Your religion is worthless superstition and a source of laughably insane rituals. The only benefit is that it provides a structure and discipline for people to keep them off the streets--unless of course they are on a jihad mission, protesting invented insults, or blowing up some public place with bombs strapped to their bodies.
Oh, you say the bad stuff is only the extreme version of this joke. I don't see the others distancing themselves from what are labeled "extremists". Not really. The others are suing over nonsense and whining that no one likes them. Not many people do. Get over it, or quit being nuts. It's the 8th century ambiance that bugs people, not to mention the stonings, beheadings, bizarre deal with women and sex. Various honor killings or punishments.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I think what annoys people is that you are pushy, backward, insane and proud of it.

You think there is no such thing as mass insanity? You cannot reason with this, cannot "talk and come to understanding". I still hold that not all people are alike. Some of them are total nut cases. But they are holy as hell, so that makes it OKSorry, Ma'am, just carrying out the will of the prophet, pbuh, etc. Why? Because I am an idiot stuck in the dark ages, and damned proud of it. And I'm a victim of all the islamophobic meanies. Prepare to meet your doom as we throw rocks at you until you die for some non-crime crime.

Am I islamophobic? No. Are islamists reason-phobic? Or Sanity-phobic? No, I just dislike everything about it. Sorry. That is why I do not leave to go live in some country that is run by islamic theocracy. Fair enough.

It is one of those religions that is a bit more insanely brutal than most, and wrapped in ritual. And I do not think it is the fringe making the trouble because I don't hear or see the rest of the group reigning them in.

The rest of the group whines, and pushes for special treatment in other countries. Equal under the law, fine. Special footwashers in the airport, refusing the blind to bring seeing eye dogs in a taxi when the taxi company takes them, no. Go away. Oh, and how mean of people in a residential area not to be thrilled if you move in with your annoying call to prayer playing every few hours. It is worthless superstition. You won't get 72 virgins to screw when you blow yourself up. You will, for all eternity, be frozen in you last thought which will be "Ow!", and "Oh no, I'm an idiot!!" No virgins, camels, no celestial stoning of the innocent. It does not exist.

But, it is a thing of such beauty.

But hundreds of thousands, or millions of people can't be wrong. Can they?
Oh, yes they can, and they are

A catholic gave me that argument when I said I think the church got it wrong. Well, they've only been at it for two thousand years, so you think know better? Yep. I do. But I haven't seen Catholics blowing themselves up in crowded places or stoning women because the husband claims she's adulterous or disobedient. Or denying her the right to prosecute a rapist because she doesn't have three male witnesses, or however that dumbass rule goes. And they don't kill people over cartoons.

Honestly, it isn't just you, but others who do much less knife work, as well, who are causing me to doubt all that any religion uses as its basis. I certainly doubt their conclusions regarding what it means for behavior and where you are justified in minding the business of others. So, don't feel too singled out by this infidel. I find I'm even doubtful of the truth and sanity of religions which don't require pitching stones, and don't justify unnecessary killing.

It seems they all have some truth, but who doesn't know it is not in long term best interest to murder, or sleep with my wife? (unless of course you've paid the agreed upon fee) And what parent isn't going to say that God insists that their ungrateful little children honor their parents? Too bad they didn't have the foresight to add one that says, "Thou shalt not be a whiny brat".

Anyway, call it a crisis of faith or what you will. I call it refusing to pretend.

I wouldn't make your beliefs illegal---unlike what many in the world do to others---but I wouldn't be on board with catering to your whims and desires to inconvenience everyone else either. If I can't go through airport security with a sack over my head, then neither can you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Not Exactly a Truther or a Falser

However it happened, the buildings came down. I don't think the airplanes are the whole story, but in some ways it doesn't matter. It changed things; at first for the better, as far as national attitude toward one another. Certainly not for the innocent people affected, or the businesses, or those beautiful buildings. But the event was used to change a lot for what seems the worse. Politically co-opted. Never let a crisis go to waste. See, it isn't just the dems who ride that horse.

Like so many politicized events, there may be some things worth looking at which go against the knee jerk reaction. And different people have different knee jerk reactions programmed in. Like some are programmed to believe republicans are just fat cats all for the big money people and democrats are for the working man, or that democrats are all about taxes and nanny laws while having orgies in the park, and republicans are small government, fiscally responsible, religious fanatics. Some truth in those thoughts, but not a whole lot when you look at the record.

I know the money bit is wrong. If you do not think tons of ultra big money people are democrats, you are simply lying to yourself, or highly misinformed. Same with the other guys. Much of the time it depends on the money source or other circumstances who backs whom. They really do not care about any ideals or philosophy, just influence with whomever is in power.

Anyway, I'm watching the battle lines form over this teacher thing in Chicago. I haven't researched it in detail, but even I know when I hear half truths, and I have on both sides. Don't be fooled, the union president may be a bolshevik, but she is not stupid. The points of contention don't cover a few items which I heard her discuss.

I think what we have is a situation which is fueled by some big money which is benefitting from playing musical schools, pitted against a sort of red army which is after power, security and a collectivist society. Oddly, the two factions in this case are usually on the same side. It just happens that the money people behind all Chicago doings stepped on the toes of a major support block.

The union members tend to lose my support, as if I was ever in solidarinosc with them, when I see them sporting Che T-shirts. This is why I abhor chattering, chanting mobs. Mobs, like committees, quickly develop a group IQ equal to half that of their dimmest member.
WWCD--What would Che do? He'd shoot the opposition and wax poetic about the smell of blood and gun powder
Oh, but it's for the KIDS!!! I can hear that whining battle cry from here. This has zilch to do with the sacred children, our greatest resource. Barf. <that's me barfing

Well 11 years ago, for just a few days, or maybe a week or so, Americans were mostly Americans, and they dropped their hyphens and attitudes for the most part. Even in Memphis.
a day or two after 911, I happened to drive into typical unfriendly, semi-gangland, and had to turn around in one of those gravel parking lots by a small 'hood style grocery store where mean looking men who drink out of brown paper bags hang out. Usually they'd start for the car or stand and bow up in a challenging way, and I would maneuver quickly and speed out of there.

That day, though, we exchanged nods and looks that I interpreted to mean, "I have no idea what's going on, but maybe we're on the same side right now." That was kind of how it seemed. I doubt any of us in that parking lot were thinking, "Hey, I guess the smart thing is to add a domestic security force, circumvent the Constitution and make great strides toward a police state. Search me! Please!". I'm sure that was not our initial reaction.

That was the reaction of some, and obviously the strategy the federal government spearheaded as a way of making people think they were taking action. Then we declared another common noun war--terror. Or in W's case, Tara. He declared war on Scarlett O'Hara's ancestral home.

Like the war on drugs, a war on terror leaves room for anything. I guess war on poverty or obesity is wide open to pretty much anything too.

There was some sort of ad or public service announcement, maybe a presidential grandstanding piece of fluff about doing community minded soviet bs on 911. A day of national service or some such nonsense. I worked. I consider that just fine. If you did any kind of work that people need, then you did national service. If you bought something you did a service. People have jobs because people buy stuff.

But, if you wear a special T-Shirt and make a big deal about picking up trash or some other wonderful deed that everyone can witness, I'm sure you feel better. "It feels so good to give back." I keep this up I'll have to eat breakfast and lunch all over again. How such nonsense becomes accepted as a lofty thought, I do not know. If you weren't taking what is not yours would you have reason to give back? Your daily life is just one suck from the community fest, so out of guilt you have to conspicuously give back?

I understand doing things because you can and you think it will help some known or unknown people. I do not call it giving back. I just consider it is living and doing what I think is right or what I want to do. People who do a good job as parents are doing a hell of a lot more for the world than conspicuous self aggrandizing whatchamacallits.

On a politically incorrect note, and I dare you to prove me wrong, never mind. It was out of line but still mostly true. It's been overcast, rainy, and foggy all day in my part of SoCal. About half the drivers don't get that you turn on your lights and refrain from riding the bumper of the vehicle in front of you under such conditions. I guess they do not know that the lights are so you can be seen, not for increasing your field of view.

I wonder if they have to pass any kind of test to get a driver's license in Baja California. Judging from the cars with plates from there, I'd think not. They seem frazzled just figuring out how to make the thing go forward.

"Religion of Peace". Right. Maybe the only one I believe that of is the Quakers.

What Now?

This relates to one of the topics in a post two titles down from this one.

What now? As discussed in that entry, it is a question which I find difficult to answer because I often hide what it is I truly want from myself. That is nuts, I guess. The mind, or mine, is like that; clouding pure thoughts of a particular nature with modifiers, limits, poor self evaluations, pessimism, whatever it takes.

I am working on it. I have the strong feeling the answer involves a woman of unknown identity and location. That's a start. When I have a clear picture of something, and an honest desire, I can usually find a way to make it materialize. Other people do such things every day, so even the damaged souls can achieve a degree of success. Being pure of heart is helpful I think, so I guess I need to work on that.

Wow, On the Edge of the Big Picture

Due to certain newsworthy events, the hotshot is cutting out early from the socal vacation at the puppet master's resort home where I do work. I am fairly certain I know why the sudden departure, cutting about a week off the down time. It is kind of cool in a way. I know who's in a pickle and who needs some bolstering, and, in this case, how the dots connect.

It may be addictive and fuel the ego but life in the thick of manipulated markets and political intrigue has got to be miserable. Or it would be for me and most others with a strong conscience. If your goal is purely some trumped up legacy, and winning--whatever that means in that world--then I guess that is the world for you.

I'm sure this particular hotshot quite innocently possesses the elitist mentality and that he thinks he knows best for the "masses" and that it is kind of him to be in a position of power; tax paid and with many perks. Hopefully the not so secret service didn't trash the BBall net this time. Otherwise, the govt. spooks usually don't leave much mess. They may have special "cleaners" if anything real messy took place. If you know what I mean; like five people check in and only four plus an extra suitcase check out. Maybe they'll make me a spy. I'd be perfect--no roots or history.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Times, Have They Ever Been aChangin'?

It depends upon how you look at things whether you think things change. Certain universal ideas and modes of behavior do not change. Pain is still pain, a lie is a lie, and is is still is.

Often people who seek a forced utopia of their design like to ignore the universal elements which get in the way; like the fact that your idea of heaven may not be mine. And it goes on and on.

On that same line of thought are those who like to say that anything you can say, think or hope has already been said or thought of by someone else long ago. That means that you can never have an original thought. I find that a bit pessimistic and doesn't account for much. When did all the possible permutations of thought, music, crime, and invention get used up? Who had the last original idea? Was any idea ever an original one?

I suppose that it makes giving up and being a critic at large more justifiable if you already know that no one is deserving of credit for any idea or creation for which they claim responsibility. That is not a fun school. Got to rain on everyone's parade. Once again, I guess the thing to do is get out the fumigator---the same one I use on people who want to bring back the sixties, or who try to tell me what God thinks without me asking them for this information.

Today I practiced again with the guy who used to live in Nashville, and his girlfriend the singer. His arrangements of the few covers he does are definitely unique and I'm thinking they will work. I get to play in a way that is not what most people expect me to play. It is shaping up toward what I want to play and not how I think I ought to play. Big difference there.

We are of the same view regarding original music--if I'm going to play, I'd much rather be there from the moment of conception, than adopt everyone else's successful babies. It is one process in which abortion is often the kindest thing. But then we all probably know that a piece of music or art or writing is not actually a baby and God would be just as happy if the bad stuff gets snuffed early on.

The mountain group has a gig coming up somewhere which should be good. I believe the event expects a lot of people.

Those kids I walked away from due to the lead guy's arrogant and somewhat insulting remarks are getting some good bookings. I do not regret the split there. They have a drummer now, and I would never have played with them at all had I not liked something about their sound. It is better for them this way, and probably for me. I doubt young Bert even realized how out of line he was. His brother has kept up with me from time to time, at first trying to get me to play with them.

They could do well, but I know from being a dumb kid myself, you just have to learn as you go, and someone thinking they are going to lay it all out and have their advice followed or even remembered is fooling himself. They got the point and are happy enough to know I still wish them well.

Some people look back and think, "If someone had just told me (this or that)...". Maybe someone did. I look back and realize now that many people tried to tell me certain things but I wasn't ready to comprehend. I think those who wish they'd been told don't realize that they probably were told. The thing is, if the useful guidance and trust is missing as you are forming and growing up, you are kind of on your own, and not likely to make the best use of would-be mentors or your own innate talents and abilities. Fact of life.

The real deal is recognizing that if you blew chances in the past because you thought too little of yourself, couldn't pay attention, assumed you knew what others were thinking, or any host of other mistakes, then there is a good chance that you may be doing similar stupid things now, especially if you wonder how to improve your lot, aren't happy with your life, etc.

How to spot the errors? I'm thinking maybe the trick is to try to get the truth out of my subconscious, conscious, or inner mind so that I can know the answer to the question, "What would you like to be doing---what do you want?". Eliminate certain limits so the honest desire can surface. I mean I may want to be an NFL quarterback but obviously that is not going to happen unless the rest of the world gets struck by a plague that leaves them all very weak, very slow; something that levels the field drastically.

So far, I haven't done well at finding that answer. I did find such an answer once, and that is how I got out of Memphis and as deep and dark a depressive era as I've ever known. In a moment of clarity I was able to ask myself what I would be doing if I could do whatever I wanted; and I was able to offer an answer.

I would wander and meander out west until I decided to stop. Then I realized that I could swing it, providing that I could handle sleeping in a tent most of the time. So, I set out to do just that, and as slow as I moved toward that goal, I finally got on the road, and it is one of those turning points which I do not regret at all.

Where do we go from here has been vague, although I enjoy much of what my life brings here among the California rednecks and goofballs.

CA is full of rednecks, or what I call rednecks. More here than in the South. They just don't make it as easy to throw stuff away.

But I look around and wonder why anyone here is at all hostile or impolite. It is nice. Lots of places in America are way too cool, just from the geography/and/or the architecture and lifestyle, for it to make any sense not to be happy and thrilled to be there. Some people think the Native Americans were like that. They were killing each other, too, in many cases. I was born here and so were many of my ancestors, why can't I put "native American" on those forms that always want to split people in categories by race or broad brush ethnicity--like "hispanic"?

There are vast differences in cultures within North, South, and Central America which all have some spanish influences. At this point I still think the ticket is either you are an American citizen or not and the rest, by definition, according to the Constitution (and simple reason), is irrelevant. Some would say, oh but that was violated back when, etc. So, doesn't it make sense to now abide by that idea? No. Guess not.

Let's all be hyphenated, tribal, war mongering, jingoistic victim idiots. The ridiculous notion that an arbitrarily defined group based on condition of birth or sexual tendencies or some other philosophically irrelevant trait must include members who all think alike on issues of economics, nature, politics, and favorite color is one of the biggest cons yet; and one that has been very successful. Congratulations suckers!

Lucky me, my high cheekbones and odd gum pigmentation give me the right to be anything I want**

**source: Elizabeth Warren, Mass. senate candidate, liberated squaw, academic ethnic chameleon

Another time, I'll express how I really feel on that topic.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Arm to the Teeth; or not

As much as I'd love to have a full arsenal of weapons--handguns, big guns,the whole deal---times like this convince me I am not one who can safely own such things. When the revolution comes or census thugs run around shaking people down, or whatever anti-freedom catastrophe comes down the pike, I'll have to stand them off with a slingshot and a machete.

I don't admire every cliff out west while feeling a strong desire to jump off anymore, but I wouldn't tempt fate and compulsive self destruction just yet. It sucks, but I'm one of those idiots who is too likely to do something stupid.

As it is, I just go on as always while leaving plans of going down in a shootout with the neo bolsheviks after they declare martial law to others. I'll devise clever traps and schemes. That doesn't require keeping stuff around that might target me in one misguided nano second.

I actually like life. Not everyone likes anyone. I just happen to be one of those people who doesn't like me all that much. Good thing I don't know but a handful of like-minded acquaintances. Otherwise I might have helped them form a lynch mob or something, then I'd have regretted it; which is what I don't like about myself to begin with. Why do things you'll regret later? Idiot!!

Even so, I tend to trust John Q Public or myself with firearms more than I trust most armed government agents, like DEA, police, and many others.

Shrinks would love this

Are They Watching Me?

I often wonder, especially on days like today which find me repairing things, cleaning things and doing odd stuff other than the maid work--but sometimes a little of that--to ready the place for visitors who come with government agents since one of them holds a high post in the executive branch of the federal debacle. Don't worry, it is not the surprise nominee recently named at the democratic convention.

Boy, I'm glad I didn't put money on it. Who would have ever guessed they'd nominate Obama and Joe? I had to do a double take. Talk about a long shot result. It certainly had me on the edge of my seat right up until the deed was done and they named the nominee.

Odd, how remote such things are and how strangely strange.

Anyway, this is not the first time that the spooks have accompanied a guest. I wonder if they have hidden surveillance. Just in case, I often go skinny dipping at the end of a hot work day, do a couple of laps then hit the shower in the nearby facility. So far, I haven't heard a word, although one day the house manager showed up and I think she'd been there longer than I thought, and longer than she said she was there. No prob. She seemed in a cheerful mood and was not at all troubled when I told her she'd just about caught me.

This is the family whose kids broke the gate while the parents just watched them do it. No telling what is in store this time. They are very nice, just typically unconcerned with collateral damage and inconvenience to others like most of the politically connected people who visit and trash the place.

I'm wondering when some of the really vile public figures will make an appearance. That could be fun. I would short sheet the beds and maybe do that saran wrap thing on the toilets, which could provide big surprises and fun for the guests. Oh, and since they don't like to use the beach towels on upholstery when it is called for, I'm thinking I could get some itching powder from a joke store.

All that said, and as pedestrian as my work is, I am compelled to go above and beyond to do the best work I can, even if the beneficiaries of my efforts are riffraff, to be complimentary. I'll see something that isn't right and think, "That is no way for a gazillionaire's pad to look." And I'll correct it if I can.

The last people broke parts on two different teak lounges, among other work producing things they did, That is the sort of thing I kind of enjoy fixing, even though I find it rude that they don't even mention it to anyone before or after they leave. Some of the maintenance this time was the result large spillages of unknown liquids which they didn't even bother to hit with a napkin or paper towel. Would have taken more than one, but you'd think they at least do something.

Such is the mindset and behavior of those who cry the loudest that they are "fighting for the underprivileged, and for the common people." I guess my theory that you have to consider yourself one of the elite to imagine that people like me need or want you to look out for them is a good theory. Their behavior speaks much louder than the words.

It is OK, though, because I get paid a rather decent wage. I'd be hard pressed to find another mindless job which pays the same per hour. Then again, they'd be hard pressed to find another who would be as reliable and useful. I could find such a person rather easily, I think, but I doubt they know how. Most companies do not know how to get the best. The way they do it with resumes and avoiding face to face contact, and then doing formula interviews, they are missing a lot. I guess they generally avoid hiring the worst, so that makes it OK. The number of good people who fall through the cracks in the present setup is rather significant.

blablabla, what in the world am I going on about? I bet the secret service put dope in the pool and now I'm under a mind control spell. Why are they called secret service? Nothing secret about them. We all know they are there. Can you say, Colombian Working Girls?
I know, I've posted this at least 3 times. You may be saying, "It isn't that funny." Well I think it is.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Should Be Making Movies

Out of the blue, pure art, it just comes to me, flash boom--a vision.

Barack Obama's Excellent Adventure

Vin Diesel .... Barack Obama
Chris Matthews .... Barney Frank
The Situation .... Joe Biden
Eddie Murphy .... Mitt Romney
Joy Behar....Ann Romney
Whoopi Goldberg .... Michele Obama
Elen Degeneres .... Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton ....Bill Clinton
Justin Bieber .... David Axelrod
Danny DeVito.... Rahm Emanuel
Oprah Winfrey .... Nancy Pelosi
Denzel Washington .... Jay Carney
Sean Penn .... Al Sharpton
Alec Baldwin .... Jesse Jackson
Rosie O'Donnell....Janet Napolitano
Gilbert Gottfried...Harry Reid

special guest appearances by Louis Gosset Jr as George W Bush
and Clint Eastwood as Ron Paul

Brad Pitt is riveting as the Reverend Jeremiah Wright

50 cent plays Paul Ryan

The movie America's been waiting for. Hollywood has never produced anything quite like it. It's the talk of the town...People Magazine

"Absolutely brilliant!!!! Producer, writer, Director John0 has set the bar at a new level for all who follow" Bosco Jones, Syndicated pundit

"If this is not genius, then I'm a freak of a governor" Jerry Brown, governor of California

"Dis is propably goodt" Ahnold Swartzen,etc.

"If I were alive, and sobah, I'd see it" Ted Kennedy

"It's gooder 'n any movie I seen all day" GW Bush

"If it is about me, then it is great, and could only be better if it were by me and for me" B. H. Obama

How could this miss?

I know who can best capture the essence of the characters, and how the on camera chemistry will work. This film is a shoo-in for several Oscars.

Yes, I know. It is a gift and I should be sharing it with the movie goers of the world. It's the least I can do.

"Such sensitivity. Truly revolutionary. Worth seeing a few times--- because I'm confused." Katie Couric

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


What is the Middle Class? I'm not sure I've ever really been a part of this organization. I find it hard to believe I am part of it now because not much I hear about it hits home.

I'm almost certain that I am an "American People" member, but I even wonder about that when I hear obviously in touch experts say, "What the American People want is...blablabla". The blablabla part almost never hits home. It could be that I don't know what I think and they do.

From what I hear, it could be to my advantage not to join the Middle Class club. They are apparently suffering and struggling and in even more pain than I am. Still, that causes me to wonder what class I am in, if being in a class is required.

I better cut myself off from outside media input before this identity crisis reaches "the tipping point". I'm not even sure what that would entail but it sounds ominous.

Kicking the Party Up a Notch in Charlotte

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What's an American to Do?

If I believe everyone I hear, I'm better off now than I was four years ago, I'm worse off now than I was four years ago, I could die in a ditch from a hangnail if They have Their way, or I can get free penile implants if the other They have Their way, etc., etc.

And I do believe each and every story, statistic, boast, and attack that I hear. These come from people "you can trust". I'm pretty sure people spend money that isn't theirs less responsibly than they'd spend their own, in most cases.

My only suggestion is that if you love the word "struggle" so much, why not learn to pronounce it as it is spelled? Really, a word used in every paragraph ought to be of known spelling and pronunciation. Or is "shrtruggle" a separate word with similar meaning? I knew no one else would ask but I suspect that many wonder, as I do.

When I am in charge, any candidate who parades his/her family and spouse will be disqualified, and the First Spouse will not have any cause, tax allotments or anything else. I'm sure Michele and Ann are swell people, but I don't care how they feel, have absolutely no desire for them to run national campaigns against fat, for flowers, the homeless, I don't care. Maybe they'd be better at president than their husbands but they didn't apply for the job, so please leave the building.

So, by my rules, Romney would be out and so would Obama. I know, it is silly to fantasize about a perfect world in these treacherous times of shrtruggle.

All I really want to know is how will you reduce domestic tyranny and stay out of my life? How many prisoners who don't need to be locked up will you release, and how many laws will you suggest repealing? How many agencies will you either abolish or reign in? Aha!! Just as I thought! None of the applicants can answer me. If only I could send them all packing until I find an applicant for the job who'll do it right.

A never ending circus, Barnum vs Bailey or both vs Ringling Bros. Who knows? It's a shrtruggle to sort it out.
I want to believe. The pictures painted are so wonderful. It is thrilling--until you figure out that pickpockets have been working the mesmerized crowd while they stood gazing in awe at the spectacle before them.

Life on earth in the midst of what passes for organized civilization is just one big shrtruggle.

Democratic Convention in Pictures

Arrival of Congressional Black Caucus

Arrival of white guilt association, formerly Congressional White Caucus

Secret service arrives early to survey streets

enthusiasm is high. Suspense is in the air. Who will be the nominee? It's clear who she's pulling for (do you think she is L,G,B, or T? )

To keep everyone in bounds, the PC Thought police are on the scene

The Last of the Sane Economists

or one of them

Monday, September 3, 2012

OK. Advertising Again:Dreaming Man Seeks Dream Lady

I'm pretty sure that my slightly hermit-like lifestyle may result in full tilt insanity if I'm not careful.

So, I hereby put myself on the market, but first, let me list the parameters for you.

1.a female human who has been such since birth--I know it is horrible of me but still legal to rule out transgender

2. Age is a tough one. I can't imagine you'd find me at all interesting unless you're over 40-- or so.

3. be attractive and in decent enough shape. Better shape than I am in would be a plus. If you don't weigh more than me, that is a plus as well. This is a rather flexible parameter. You may be irresistible and be able to send me to the moon on a seesaw--you never know

4. tattoos. I don't know. Every single woman of middle age seems to have some compulsion for someone to draw on her body. Permanently. If I hate it, that's ultimately a deal killer, but it doesn't mean I won't fool around. Maybe I don't hate it. Have to see it.
Seriously, I saw one that freaked me out more than if she'd had a big clown's face on the thigh. Actually, at first I thought it was a big clown's face on her thigh. I guess that is the only one that actually frightened me at first glance.
So, I guess, I'm neutral to a point on that, but not a big fan of the practice.

5. I don't care what you eat as long as you don't care that I'm a non carnivore.

6. did I say good looking? Oh, and not inhibited in stupid ways when we're alone.

7. you can't be looking for money, because I don't have it.

8. I hope you like road trips, and can get away now and then to join me.

9. Don't cultivate jealousy, yours or mine. I'm too old for that.

10. Be nice.

11. If you have kids, let them not be at home, and let them not be needy brats.

12. Don't have big horror stories about your ex. Don't want to hear it. I'll try to return the favor.

13. don't be a drunk.

14. be affectionate, get my jokes, and make me laugh.

15. think I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread, even though we both know better.

OK. I sure hope this server can handle all the applicants that will pour in. I'm thinking I'd be a better person if the right woman took over management of my life while pretending I am my own master.

After thoughts:
16. hates diamonds would be huge plus
17. could care less about fancy restaurants
18. won't try to get me to go places where there are big crowds

19. don't be a compulsive victim or obnoxiously neurotic. We'll reserve that privilege for me

20. I hope I get that almost helpless rush of powerful positive emotion every time I see you---not a requirement, but I doubt it would take much. As men get older they get mushy and sentimental as much as they get cranky and curmudgeon-like .
21. Be able to convincingly act like you think I am genius

22. skilled in subaru maintenance a plus

---I'm prejudiced against cops and employees of the IRS, however I do realize that beggars can't be overly choosey. Maybe a deal killer, maybe not---

OK. Now everything anyone needs to know about me:
I'm 6 feet tall, 175 lbs, live in a cabin on BallisticMountain, drive my subaru more miles than you'd believe. Mechanically inclined. Sometimes bright, and sometimes not so much. I have a didgerido, and maybe a hundred harmonicas, or so. I can make things out of whatever--tile stone metal, etc. ---if I have to. The City of Miami gave me a humanitarian award for unknown reasons.
I'm a radical. I don't drink.
Very impressionable so you could probably quickly mold me to your will.
I'm an idiot, often as not, but a fairly polite one.

Servants and Masters

My vast experience has not included employing servants, but my impression is that it is extremely rare that house servants dictate how the house is run, how the budget is spent, and I think the servants are almost never wealthier than their employer.

So, how can career politicians, or even career bureaucrats or other government workers claim to be public servants? The run of the mill public employee makes more than the average citizen who is allegedly the employer. The elected officials not only make more, but they have special health insurance and pensions. They are even exempt from various rules and requirements which they place on the citizenry who hired them.

Well, anyone who buys that bit about public service from a salaried employee probably has a skewed view of economics, and free trade. Or trade of any kind. It happens. The ring of self righteousness, with overtones of free floating, non denominational religiosity must hit some emotion in people; especially those who either see themselves as the proper leaders of the "masses", or see themselves as needing a paternal authority to keep them safe and in line.

All this stuff about whether I am better off now than I was however many years ago is lost on me. I've never imagined it to be government's job to make me better or worse off, just to protect my freedom and property. Unfortunately, not too many in that business see their role as I do. I was better off in the late '80s, but I wasn't financially more secure.

I'd finally become free of alcohol and dope and stupid bars. I had more potential girlfriends than I knew how to address, and I was only alone when I wanted it that way. Of course, I was still too nuts to know what was going on, but it was a happy time. I'm fairly certain the only role in those great days that government played was that it played almost no role. There was no talk of buy-or-die insurance or much else that involved me.

It is too bad that the choice for the big show is not between radical libertarians and the usual collectivist minded people who want control of everything. As it is, we have the modified version of Neo-Bolshevik vs the radical version.

Buzz words fill the air like a swarm of yellow jackets. "The right to collective bargaining" refers not to rights but to requirements. People can and have banded together to bargain collectively for years and years. The right to bargain individually is what is threatened. The above buzz phrase is code for forced unionism. If you don't want to join, you have no choice in many places. Freedom to choose is the basic tenet of a free society. Not so complicated but the very smart, and the not so smart, can cloud and embellish and complicate the hell out of it.

That is just one example of something that is misleading and really ought not be on the table.

In the end, what we see happening, since the misnamed "public servants" have so much power to issue directives, pay themselves to then promote their candidates for office through public employee unions, make more money than most other people, and are increasing in number relative to non government workers, the so-called servants are actually the public masters and we become the servants. They also have the weapon of the IRS to harass enemies and influence the stubborn. That is why neither of our two viable choices for major office push too hard, if at all, to change that system. It is a horrible tax structure, which most people know, although some think it for less than valid reasons.

I would be so proud of my country if one of the major applicants for the top administrative position adamantly insisted the irs must go and be replaced with a consumption tax or something like it that did not penalize income directly. It would be a start, and I think that is the root of most of what makes the idea of a police state, at best, a realistic threat in this country.
They, of course, need to quit pandering by declaring wars on drugs, obesity, and God only knows what else.

And there is no win on abortion. It is a cultural issue which needs to be left at impasse.
Call it legal murder if you must, but lead by example if you think you are right, and let it go. No one should be forced to perform it or have the operation--unless I declare them unfit to reproduce--and just get it out of my face. I still bear a grudge at those holy rollers with their signs as they stood too close to the right hand lane on a busy street in Greensboro, and I'm trying to figure out how to explain what they are doing to a five year old girl in my car. Geez, do you think you actually did any good? You hurt your case more than help.

Freedom requires some real discipline when it comes to knowing people do things of which you do not approve. Most of those things are best curbed by the tenor of the culture. And that is what frustrates people. They want to force others to choose what they want them to. I don't think that method has ever worked out very well, but there are those who believe all behavior can be altered through force or taxation, and that it is OK, because they know what is best for others.

To the point. Those who call themselves public servants, who have served four or five terms in the senate or wherever, are only telling the truth if what they mean by servant is master.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Crankier By The Day

Bill, Joe, and BO are pumped for big times in Charlotte!

It is not intentional, it just happens. I'm sure the election year garbage is a slight influence, but not the whole story. It is the part of the story easiest to tell, thereby deflecting my other inter-personal failings and foibles.

From the time I first had a glimpse of TV convention coverage, years and years ago, I was embarrassed and appalled that people were running around with stupid hats, balloons everywhere, gaudy bunting all over the place, marching bands firing up on cue. I'm thinking, "Hey, isn't this supposed to be about who gets the big job of administrator, commander in chief of the armed forces? Would people hire someone in real life for a serious job if his or her resume was packaged like a big car sale or circus flyer?"

The underlying realization which I wanted to ignore--the thing that gave me a tinge of nausea--was the realization that, like the over the top car ads, they were appealing to the least among us, and the worst within us. That need to cheer for the winning team, that resistance to stepping back against the crowd because something is wrong. They are targeting emotions, people who would rather feed their emotions than be free or do the right thing, and they are targeting relatively illogical and dimwitted people.

The game is worsened by the thrill that comes when it is open season on some specific person or group. For whatever reason, our setup has locked it up so only two teams have a chance in this game. Now we can find labels, which become cliches, for the other team and their despicable fans. The actual substance of how the job is going to be done, and with what, often gets lost in the cheers and jeers.

I'm not sure I even want to hear more. In the past few years I've heard elected members of the US Congress gush about Cuba's healthcare system, which doesn't get good reviews from people I know who have either visited or experienced it first hand, claim that China's system of everything is a model we should emulate, and then they turn around a claim they are going to make my life better. Silly me, I thought their job was to keep force and fraud away so I could make my own life better, as I see fit--or not.

To realize that there are people in power who see examples of tyranny as role models is not comforting. They cheer states and leaders who saw fit to commit mass murder to solidify their power. Odd that humans haven't evolved a collective survival instinct which would make the Ches and Stalins of the world unthinkable considerations for leadership roles.

It's the cringe factor in overdrive. I know that there are people running for things who, in some ways represent me more than those in power, especially in Ca, but holy smoke, they can say and do the goofiest things, and in the goofiest ways. It is as if they do it to fuel the opponents. It offers such temptation for people to make fun of them and further ignore the true nature of political "issues". The damned issues are largely the result of overstepping proper functions, "partnering" with various companies and industries, and generally encouraging government to become a monster which can't stop feeding and growing.

The other part of the issue generation syndrome is the fact that most people have a very weak moral compass. They can't resist minding the affairs of others when it doesn't concern them. Particularly when life is tough, they suspend certain values if they can somehow blame others or society in general, and they become ripe for those who buy their votes with talk of how their government has failed them. Their problems aren't their fault, or the nature of life, they are the result of government not doing more, and all you need to do to make the pain go away is vote for me.

My only problem with that kind of thing is that after awhile, they come up with so many more things to do, and laws, that I cannot avoid being affected by it. Not that I am doing anything to harm or deceive anyone. You just can't live without permission, and that trend is on the upswing. It has been all my life, I guess.

We still have people who are fool enough to actually believe the circus barker rhetoric advertising what is in store if we just buy the right ticket. It is crazy. University professors, teachers, thugs, you-name-it, all suckering and hoping they'll get a little something for nothing, even if it is only a bit of power. No moral compass at all. Their values are based on whether everyone else accepts the same shady garbage wrapped in self righteous nonsense.

I do know it can be worse when a place goes all out and declares itself a people's state--marxist totalitarian set up. Now, anything can be seen as not in the interest of the collective, as defined by the party leaders, and the individual is on thin ice if he likes to disagree or rebel, even intellectually. I think we are on our way, but it is still subtle enough that the less sensitive among us do not feel it. Frogs in the slowly heating pot of water.

I'm wondering why people still assume that all people of a particular race or gender are supposed to think alike? That seems highly racist and sexist to me. But it is rare that white males find that requirement placed upon them. The accusation is sometimes launched that they all look out for one another, but a quick look around shoots that all to hell. I'd be repulsed if someone came to me to join a "white caucus", or white man's basic labor and handyman association, or white male lawyer's association, etc. Those things don't fly. Yet, if a non-white rejects such things, that person is a traitor their condition of birth.

I have a feeling that I will die before anyone cares what I think or that any of this is not considered subversive and all that. It is upside down. I'm against oppression and divisiveness. You keep forming little clubs based on physical characteristics in the world of social philosophy, peace is unlikely to result.

Get yours today. Celebrities agree, no wardrobe or student's room is complete without one#1 icon of psychopathic murderer chic

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