Monday, September 14, 2009

Real Life is Good

Unlike the subject matter of the last post---things "they" create and butcher---real life, as lived by me, is not bad. No way to be too down when driving from here to the Duke's in the most perfect weather ever, with mountains and blue sky and breeze. When my spirits are high, people smile at me, even young pretty people. It is really amazing how that works.

In early Oct I get to journey north again, and I do like journeys.

Funny how I lose a bit of optimism when I ponder the police state, whether it is the one in which I live or the national hoax. I feel obligated to remain aware because that is how it happens and has in all the famous fascist or totalitarian states; people were stupid and compliant. Yet, the nature of that insanity is such that it causes me to lose sight of the real opportunities for the good life that are in my world. By good life, I don't mean the stuff of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Just pleasant life filled with ideas and good people..

Things We (I) Ponder

I remember when I first read the "we" bit which has a name I don't know. It is the same we they used in the Playboy advisor, like, "we think the FSU coeds are the hottest". How do I know that? When I was maybe 15 or so, I thought Playboy knew something. They could get good looking babes to hang out in the buff--more than I could do. Back then plastic parts were rare or non-existent. Air brushing was rampant. I'm glad I developed a taste for the real and more plentiful.

Anyway, we wonder how many in America have the slightest clue how cause and effect, quid pro quo, and even gravity work. It may be that there is some kind of hard wired need for humans to be led and exploited, even if they are robbed so that the exploiters can carry out their control. The cash for clunker debacle was an example of this. People being bribed with their own damned money.

The way many mafia figures are revered and held in high esteem is another example where people sell out cheap to those who hold the guns and have no hesitation in using them should their path get cluttered by things such as values and individual rights and freedom. Always there are those who benefit from this tendency in average people to serve unworthy masters.

Back to quid pro quo and all that. The term "health insurance" has come to mean "health assurance" in public debate and legislative halls. The fact that most bills are passed by people who don't even read them is another matter. Insurance counts on one thing; that the average person will pay more in during their lives than they take out. How else could such a company exist? Why would they exist? In the case of large insurance, they also use that money to invest in any number of things that yield a profit of some kind. That is only smart, and it helps keep premiums down. So does competition.

Almost all large corporations look like they are made of money and must be reaping obscene profits but the reality is that they do not make even double digit profits in most cases. The IRS influence bastardizes the basic market principles more than any other factor, excluding direct government payments and control. How you can expect an organization which enforces its will with guns and force, and which has no intrinsic expertise in any business other than the military, to provide a better service at lower price is beyond me. They have no competition and can smash any competitor because they play by one set of fluid rules while enforcing other rules on normal organizations and people.

Health insurance does not equal a healthy life. It just means a contract whereby the agreed amount is paid if you find yourself in need of medical services. Some people pay as they go, and some don't go due to religious reasons or disgust with the corrupt AMA. They bet a different way. It was once their right.

Every now and then I get a little worked up when I see or hear the thuggery of unlimited government being sold as intellectually sound, beneficial to the little people, and good. People are being bribed with their own money, and at the cost of better opportunity and often better technology. Half the things the green zealots are trying to force would have been in much better condition but for the influence of a government which has overstepped proper limits for at least 100 years.

They did it because all you have to do is paint the opposition as uncool, usually singling out one vocal opponent. Twist the words and focus on the personality--forget the principles in question. It works like a charm. I remember the way the opponents to adding fluoride and other non essential chemicals to water were painted as wacko extremists. Now the same general group who pushed it through buy bottled, purified, chemical free water. They do it because it is hip. They think and do everything according to whether it is accepted by their group, which sees itself as elite and superior.

This current coup is a pack of lies, from the bailouts, to the airport and border security, to health care, to cap and trade. It has gone on for a long time. Now it is in the open and heading toward the police state at full steam.

I know there has been a lot of dissent and much is not reported or minimized. Hundreds of thousands marched on Washington. Not much of stir there. They also took their trash with them when they left, from what I heard. Even the inauguration crowd left mountains of trash behind, and they weren't even protesting. Yet that crowd of dissenters is labeled as nazis and worse. No possible justification for that. I think anyone wanting a national security force run by government, independent of military and police, is more nazi-like than people who oppose nationalizing industries and who oppose restricting speech and other rights.

It is good to see some backlash. Soon the bogus homeland security method of protecting against terrorists will label such activity as a threat to national security. I'll bet Obama and Pelosi secretly thank the Bush crowd for that on a daily basis. He didn't let a crisis go to waste, a la Rahm Emanuel.

I'm just spouting off because I can, because I am glad to hear rumblings of rebellion to this insane path we are on, and because the alleged debate on these issues does not exist, is not allowed, and almost never allows a full accounting of the real motives for proposed action, or the true long term causes of the alleged crisis that is claimed to need fixing.

We have heard over and over that we are in a health care crisis, yet we don't see John Edwards and others who directly raped the medical industry in ways that raised the cost for all forced to answer for their actions. I don't know if there is a crisis. It will be a crisis if I can't go in, pay cash and let a doctor poke where she (hopefully) will. I don't care to pay a man to poke me. You do what you must when in pain so who knows.

Everywhere in which people think they have a great, free system, things have deteriorated and the wealthiest come here to save time. Nothing is free. Air used to be, but not the labor, skill, products and expertise of others. They have needs too, so they take payment. If you don't pay, someone does. If you pay tax then you pay thousands of other people to pay for what you get. It is not just the middle man you pay, it is the middle multitudes.

People hate freedom, especially the freedom of others. They'll sacrifice their own just to feel the power rush of limiting someone else's freedom. It is a sick trend.

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