Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Make Me Vote For 4 More

To sway my vote all that is needed is for Louis Farrakhan, Jesse, and the usual charlatan demagogues to encourage and threaten riots if Romney is not elected.

Then I'll vote the big O and say, riot, you sorry morons, riot.

I can't believe that this sort of underhanded extortionist tactic has not been smashed by both sides.

Good thing I live out in an area where rioters are not likely to tread.  It would be a long hike, and people out here would not observe the same rules of engagement those whose businesses get trashed in riots have to observe.

Nothing on either side of this stupid contest has angered me more than the whispers and proclamations of intended riots.  When you make race a character value in and of itself, this is what results.  And who profits?   The charlatans who control and keep people ignorant and angry.   All based on no value beyond tribal hatred. Al, Jesse, and others who play that game.  Some black, and some white.  Michael Moore attempts to incite racial hatred and class hatred---pretending that under the baseball cap he isn't a disgusting rich fat white man.   It is a money maker, an industry unto itself--if you have the stomach for it and don't mind lying, and inciting violence, even murder.

I guess I'll just mail the ballot in.  No one has threatened to riot if Obama wins, which was dumb of the democrats, because I vote whichever way brings on the threats.

This is another facet of the Great Pretense and I'll go out on a limb and break the taboo code on this subject with the truth.

The truth is, in this century, today, the vast majority of racists who are white are self loathing and prejudiced against whites.  They pretend that they are exempt from their genetic group. Whites are presently the largest group and it is a tiny minority who are racist when it comes to other groups.  The majority of blacks are racist against whites.  Maybe not the 95% or so who vote purely based on race, but a large number.  Groups like La Raza, by their very name, are racist, but may not represent the overwhelming majority of hispanics.  In some areas, hispanics are predominately racist toward whites and blacks.

In the last few years, or so, the encouragement by crooked "leaders" and misguided idiots toward tribalism in the name of ethnic pride and fighting racism where it didn't exist has served to create hatred and mistrust in a very sick way.  The code of the Great Pretense demands that we ignore reality, rewrite present day news and past history in order to pander and appease to the point where we pretend threats of violence based on race, as long as they come from easily consolidated voter blocks, such as inner city blacks, are somehow intellectually valid and not insanely inappropriate.  The more conformist among us and the media will just sweep it under the rug and pretend it isn't what it is.  So many other areas of life have been dealt with in this manner as we've accepted the general tenets of Pretending that it comes quite naturally now.

Regardless of the election outcome, what has become a mass pretense won't change much.  We are still under a spell that has caused us to lose sight of what freedom is, and what actually defines the word "rights".  It is a slow process of selling out which took a longer time than I've been alive.  Blind acceptance of so many strange things; from foreign policy to government-business partnerships (so-called crony capitalism), to pretending the democrats were the party of civil rights, which they were not.  Not to give republicans a pass.  They gave us the TSA.  And both have put soldiers in harm's way when they could have done better.  But even in military matters there is a Great Pretense.  We're there--wherever--to win hearts and minds, so don't shoot until they shoot you.  Win hearts and minds?  Are these people really that stupid or insane?  I doubt it.  We just don't know what their real goals must be.  Psychotic or sociopathic would better describe it.

But we go along for fear of being accused of lack of patriotism or of being racist.  Screw that.   And in some circles, if you don't go along with the prescribed program, and you disagree, then you aren't "really" black, even though you are black.  Remember when the usual charlatans were debating whether Obama was "black enough"?   Those people should be jeered off the stage, or the pulpit.  But who wants to experience the wrath of the mindless mob?

The Pretense tends to taint debate on everything, even abortion.  It is assumed that if you don't want to pay for someone else's mishap that you are depriving them of reproductive freedom.  You want to supply me with suitable sex partners, and I'll be the judge of that, then maybe I'll consider chipping in for everyone else's birth control, and after the fact adjustments.  Or not.  That is one discussion which has become way out of bounds.  It is legal to have an abortion.  Some people don't like that and say so. It is still legal, and would be tough to change.  Paying for it is another animal.  Tying having it paid for by others to allowance or denial reproductive rights is an illegitimate stretch.  Reproduce if you can.  Smoke em if you got em.  But remove the pretense from the discussion.

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