Sunday, December 4, 2011

Quarter of a century

25 years ago I crossed that bridge into the new century, my time, and gave up drinking alcohol. Haven't drank since, although I almost fooled myself into it a few years ago. For me that is a horrible idea.

In that time pedestrians have been much safer on sidewalks and streets, roadside mailboxes and fences have been safer, as well as your garden variety motorist. Though I never did encounter another motorist when I found myself cruising through gardens or farm fields.

I don't think I've done anything great, I just quit being a hazard and such a negative force in life. Hopefully, I've managed to net out on the positive side since then. Some people shouldn't do certain things that others can do without issue. Like many people shouldn't drive, be parents, gamble, or eat cake. My kryptonite, besides brainy women and those who won't take no for an answer, just happens to be a naturally occurring fluid which is a great solvent, disinfectant and homemade camp stove fuel.

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