Wednesday, June 24, 2009

News According To Me, Dear PETA, Why Misfits Fear Pure Democracy

In the news:
A governor goes on a walkabout. Comes back bragging about chicks. Doesn't have sense enough to ponder out loud, "..well it depends upon what 'is' is".
It pains me to see how dumb the best of republicans are. Clinton or Obama could have done the same thing and managed to make Chris Matthews wet himself, in the Biblical sense, and would somehow end up being called courageous by the major news freaks.
Instead the guy starts crying and talking about God. For someone with a few good ideas he sure appears to be brain dead. Definitely a self destructive goof.
That scenario has been repeated many times. I don't get it. While Barney, Nancy and the gang rape the country, trash the limiting guidelines and some of that crowd blatantly uses the position for personal gain, there is no outcry at all. Maybe it is because they display the attitude of, "who you gonna believe---me or your own eyes?". And they don't ever back off and admit, "Yes, we make money by stealing your rights and freedom, oh, and of course, your money". If they were republicans they'd crack at the first hint of criticism or investigation.

I heard this South Carolina guy is stimulus scam resistant, as we all should be. It's a bill involving more money than anyone can imagine, and those passing it never even read it---only the part that put some stupid project in their state. A lot of "giving a man a fish" not much teaching him how---which means it won't create any lasting prosperity as revealed so far. Of course, when I'm in debt, pulling money out of one pocket, throwing p[art of it out the window, then putting what's left in the other pocket never helped much.
Another one being bandied about is the cap and trade deal. Again it has so many pages and hidden special interest perks that few will read it. The advertised concept is absolutely insane.

Global warming is again upon us. The next fews months will be warmer in this country than anything we've experienced all year.

I'm not even a carnivore but many of the creatures in nature are. Flies will eat you if you sit still long enough, not breathing. Somehow I suspect the emotional aspect born of your hatred of your own species clouds the reasoning. Obama finally does something I understand and applaud and you go off on Buddha talk.

Did you never see the Helstrom Chronicles? Insects will take over the earth and function as one body and mind in many ways. Kind of like the dream of ultra statist, collectivist proponents.

You want to talk about killing innocent creatures? Talk to the coyotes that terrorize poor little vegetarian rabbits, or the lions that nail those pretty bouncing deer-like things. Lions don't even eat all of it. They don't make fur coats or shoes with what's left. Senseless killing. They could raid bean and peanut farms for their protein if they really cared.

No species on earth promotes the welfare of another species unless there is some angle that betters their own chance of survival. Except for humans. We've come to the point where we will endanger ourselves or others even if the benefit to some other species is dubious. Junk science rules the day over and over.

Insects are not endangered. As a matter of fact they are so abundant and resistant to all that comes their way, they are likely to win the world one day. They spread disease and they are annoying.

I like animals as much as anyone, in some cases probably more; some animals can communicate with me telepathically. Mammals dislike flies. That is a universal truth. I heard it from the cat's, dog's and horse's mouth.

Why can't you and others that want something to fight become freedom fighters? You know, fight for the right of people to mind their own business, travel here and there, and swat flies in peace?

Non carnivore in favor of ranching hunting and shooting those who'd shoot you for a dollar


last topic will wait until another time.

It is really beautiful out here these days. West coast scenery is large. East coast scenery is different. The ability to be mobile is a blessing. Those who are putting that under serious threat, if you follow what and how they are doing it, ought be cast into the sea far off-shore, or maybe in the waters of some other country.

Insects are Not People, Too

And they are not innocent.

The End

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