Sunday, June 3, 2012

Money Making Scheme #6-3-12

OK. It is inevitable so why fight it? Sooner or later this obesity thing is going to get personal.

I'm thinking that the thing to do is to be prepared; design mobile scale units which take into account your height, and whatever other factors are there so then Obesity agents can cruise around pulling people over, force them to get on the scale and instantly have a readout of the degree to which they are off of the prescribed mark. The fine would be automatically computed.

I know it is coming, so I figure if I have the cool design for such a vehicle, I'll sell tons of them to the various levels of government who choose to be involved. Of course, NYC may be the first on board, but California hates to be out nannied so they may press ahead in some surprise move.

I don't care, I'll sell to anyone. Of course I expect the agents to be armed and dangerous, so I'll take that into account. I may have the option of installing something akin to a cow catcher on the front so they can scoop people into a sling scale set up as they walk down the sidewalk. Maybe smaller electric versions for malls and park paths. This will be fun and lucrative.

The Show Was OK

Forgive me if I repeat myself. I don't think I ever reported on the show with the Mormon tabernacle choir.

Well, it was a highly abbreviated version, and there were drums, guitars and a keyboard. In any case it was a successful outing. I heard the fundraiser was a success, and that there is talk of wanting this group to play more, and questions about the cost. That means maybe I'll get paid if I do another gig with them.

They were very gracious, the crowd was nice and their little children sparkled. I guess, other than me, it was a Mormon group playing for a mormon church. They must have a lot of them around here. I've seen two, and both have indoor basketball courts that double as auditoriums with a full stage on one side.

The band people made it clear that they'd like me to play in the future. That remains to be seen though. Some things are best kept within your own group in these situations. Although I did have a great time playing the show.

Still, no one has mentioned Mitt Romney or tried to induct me or sacrifice me. Whatever anyone thinks, or whatever the ins and outs of that religion may be, the people I encountered, other than the soundman twit, are very nice and pleasant to work with. Good singers.

So, I guess it was an OK thing to do. I even wore m one pair of regular human being trousers instead of jeans. Since Mitt is always dressed up, I figured they would be. Most of them were in jeans and T shirts. I kept my shades on to add some edge, and because I was encouraged to do that. I guess they think it gives me a harmonica blues appearance.

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