Thursday, February 7, 2013

Disagreeably Imploding

Certain landmarks in one's life force a bit of reflection.  Some of us tend to shatter when we look into that mirror.

I deleted the rest of this post due to the boring and depressing nature of it.  I've concluded that I have some serious issues with the blues, but I still know it is mostly a river of internal lies which occasionally bursts the dam I construct to keep it off the greater landscape of my mind.

Anyway, many, if not most, people are crazier and a bigger blight on society and the prospects of a happy world than I'll ever be. (i.e., pain in the ass)

You might want to click on the Piers Morgan - Penn Jillette videos 1 and 2 after the nanny one plays.
Piers is afraid to let views other than his own be articulated.  He is a coont, for sure.  I'm glad I rarely agree with him.  It is more fun to disagree with people whose personalities I dislike.  It is really too bad when I somewhat agree with those who are an embarrassment when expressing a view.  The recent gun discussion has brought many of those to the fore.

Actually that discussion has brought nitwits and weirdos from all sides out of hiding.  The amount of bad logic and stretched truth on both sides is alarming.  All over issues which won't solve anything.
Oh well

California Cops vs Cops

So, in LA an ex cop is allegedly on a rampage.  He's one of those guys who knows he is ultimately doomed, and has issued the requisite wordy manifesto.

What is so intriguing is that I believe many, maybe most, of his allegations against LAPD are true.  His rationale for targeting families of the bad guys is not very good.  I can sort of understand the rationale for some of the targets he names.

It is clear that they would rather take him dead than alive.   Cops up there shot up a pickup truck similar to his which belonged to people delivering newspapers.  That set a couple of innocents to the hospital with bullet wounds.  It seems like they opened fire on some others in this manhunt, as well, totally making the guy's case against the overuse of force by that outfit.

He claims he blew the whistle way back when and that led to his demise as a cop.  He claimed that lesbians on the force harass males, blacks harass white underlings, and that many white cops show no respect for blacks and others.  I don't think this guy is racist but I do think he has flipped out.

The interesting part is that I believe there is enough truth to his allegations that those on the force want him silenced quick, hence the shootings based on flimsy resemblance of vehicle and such.  It is the stuff of an action flick.  Had this man not murdered family members of cops, I'd almost be on his side.

Well, not really on his side because killing people is way off base except in self defense or if you are wiping out violent gangs and thugs.

The guy is a walking contradiction.  He's armed to the teeth with everything from handguns to big stuff that could threaten helicopters and such, yet he is all for extreme gun control.  He is 100% behind Obama on just about everything, apparently.  I do not equate that with his form of insanity, although I do think such views are shortsighted.

So, a rogue ex-cop shooting up the bad cops and innocent relatives being chased by regular cops who are shooting up innocent bystanders in the hope that maybe they'll get lucky.

Just strikes me as wild, crazy and bizarrely ironic in some way.  But that is par for the course i California.   Bullet rains to nowhere coming soon.

Oh I didn't ever mention that they want to put meters on the private wells of homeowners out here in the sticks, so they can bill you for your water.  That is the only source of water out here, other than rainfall.  Nt sure if it is legal to collect that.  Not a lot of rain falls anyway.

1984, Brave New World, see it like a native!  Come to California.  Or, I guess you could just stay in New York.  Similar outcome, slightly different attack.

It is pretty, and the weather in Southern California cannot be beat.



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