Friday, August 9, 2013

For the Wrong Reasons, Fortunately

Suffice it to say I've been a vegetarian all my life.  I am not saving the planet by doing so.  The sight of a steak does not make me queazy.

Apparently such sentiments are not always felt by nouveau-vegetarians and vegans.  They are as redneck in their way as the ones who get all riled up if you don't eat meat.  "Goddam vegetarian #$%^&*ies."

People can sense that I don't want to discuss it, so the jerky ones always have to bring it up.  It has always felt like having little freakshow moment.  I don't make a scene at restaurants, or do any of that stupid stuff some idiot vegetarians do.

Maybe all their self righteous reasons are the wrong ones.

Oh no.  I thought I was in this racket for the wrong reasons.  The non-carnivore racket.

Got nothing against hunting, beasts of burden, ranching, or leather goods.  I don't care if you wear a fur coat from a polar bear.  So, obviously my reasons must be wrong because I don't care why I do what seems most suitable for me, and easiest.  I considered converting, but I wouldn't do it unless I was in a situation in which I had to.  The desire just is not there.

And I know this is way out of line, but I don't care what is good for you.  I especially do not care what kinds of meat, fish, and foul are deemed healthy or unhealthy.  It tends to vary anyway.

That this would come up is evidence that people can be beyond nuts, but there is no way that the planet will be saved from anything if everyone quits eating the way they like.   Geez, save the lectures for lions and coyotes.

The planet will survive.  Humans may or may not.  I think the species could survive, but only if we quit trying to cater the lowest common denominator.  You can be nice to a moron without running the world the way he would.

Eventually we'll all have to go save some other planet.  Not we, per se, but we humans, the species.  I have concluded I'm probably human, so I take such bold liberties.

We may even bring some cows and the like.  Horses have to be hauled to the new planet, although there may be some ridable flying mammals on the planet which are more fun.  I'll never know unless there is some window for you to see after you kick the bucket.

Possibilities are endless.

The Wealthy and I

You wouldn't think I'd feel a kinship to "the rich".  I, myself, found this an odd thing until I saw the light.

The rich people, who have people like me doing jobs normal people don't know exist, abhor manual labor.  Much of their existence and money are devoted to measures designed to insulate them from doing anything remotely resembling manual labor.

I, too, find manual labor less than fun the majority of the time.  That is because I'm a rich man locked in a not so rich man's life.  I'm trans financial.  So, if the country club sets membership conditions I can't meet, I'll sue them because, inside, I'm really a rich man.  Discrimination against trans-financials must be illegal.  If not, I'll start a movement.  Maybe a million trans-financial march.

I'm going to change my name to reflect the real me.  Instead of John0, it will be F. John0 IV.

Privilege vs Right

Really, if it makes us safer, aren't you willing to endure inconvenience and interrogation here and there?  Things like random road blocks, retention of private information in various forms, etc.

If you aren't a bad guy, there is nothing to worry about.  Let them search!

Does anyone still believe that?

The paperwork of existence is becoming something akin to a license to exist.  And we've all been bombarded with the idea that "driving is a privilege", therefore you need permission from the state to do it.   It clearly follows that, whether it has been directly labeled, a license to live in this country definitely exists in the form of a collection of necessary documents, licenses, behaviors, etc.

So, living, like driving, is a privilege granted by the state.   Like driving, living is not something that is done well by the majority.  I do not rate that according to wealth.  Just like an expensive car does not necessarily mean a good driver.  A new Dodge truck certainly doesn't seem to create drivers who are fun on the freeway.  Always the Dodge, I swear.

But, more on topic, the problem with the idea that a right is granted, therefore a privilege, is that it totally depends upon the character of those in charge in government to ensure that power is not abused. You don't give strangers keys to house, a loaded gun, etc. and then wonder what went wrong.

Yet, collectively, that is exactly what our population has done.  Oh we just need to give the key to right thugs to keep us safe and worry about our needs.  That's how it is.  If people do not really think that, you would never know it, judging from the degree of control and force we endure and allow, and pay for through taxes and inflation.

Rights are not things that rely on the resources of others, or their permission and approval.

Rights do rely on others respecting your space, person, and property.  It's the same now as it would be if we all found ourselves on a virgin planet.  Not to be confused with a planet full of virgins.

We're in the woods and have to survive.  You gravitate toward some people and away from others.  No one specifically owes anyone anything.  There is no question that some people will start trying to play leader.  Priestly types will emerge and plenty of people will follow the self styled leader and the priest because they like to be told what to do, and feel good in a large group of other followers.

That is a real pain for the independent types, minding their own business, because the majority can pillage the minority in any number of ways.

But prior to leaders managing to muck it up too much, you know your right to live is as solid as anyone's.  Your ability to survive may not be.  But you have a right to try, and you will probably do OK.  Some will do better.  It is not your right to decide that they need to do something for you.

Just because you can't demand something from someone does not mean that person can't offer you whatever it is you need or want.   The more you force people the less personally charitable they seem to become.  I have no stats.  I just notice that people are very generous when it is not directly coming from them.  Not always so much when it comes to helping a friend or neighbor.

When you think about it, even acts of charity have been directed and controlled, and set up to be subjected to approval.  Buying your nearly homeless neighbor's kids new shoes or clothes is not an official charity.  To deduct it you would have to divulge info on the neighbor, at the very least.  I'm not sure you can even do that.

There should be no charity deduction.  Just cut the rates by 10% across the board.  After awhile people might pick up the slack on their own.  Totally inappropriate and corrupt tax system.  It is wrong.    They try to convince our own population that those among us who view a tax supported agency as abusive, dishonest, corrupt, inconsistent and confusing are terrorists of some kind.   Wrong.

Maybe Bob Filner will eventually end up as head of Homeland security.  If they elect me president I may appoint him head of that outfit.  That is while we are shutting it down.  Of course, I'd probably have a Bolshevik congress, so I'd have to settle for vetoing 90% or more of the bills they pass.  My guess is that I wouldn't last very long in that job.  They'd either shoot me or set me up somehow and impeach me, or who knows what.

And the concubine who lives there with me better not start some dumb ass campaign that has anything to do with telling anyone what to do and how to live,   That would be a deal killer.  I'd have to drop her off in the alley where we met.

People see things differently.  Sometimes the same set of facts leads to a different conclusion.  Usually they are wrong.  This is why I think it took so long for toilet paper to become an available commodity.  No question someone had the idea and everyone said he/she was a witch and they made a bonfire out of the toilet paper inventor.  Why?  Because people are not all that bright and lack foresight.  Some can't help it, and some don't want to.

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