Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fascination with Coyotes; part 59

They've become vocal again. My nighttime pals, the coyotes, have been partying down the hill, again. It puzzles me that I've developed a bit of a fascination and affection for such a varmint. I'm supportive of ranchers and farmers nailing them on sight, and I understand why they would. Contrary to the views of some, people who live on farms, ranches, and out in the big country are not indiscriminate about what they shoot, for the most part.

At first I thought I'd heard that you can never tame a coyote, then I heard that some people have had hybrid dogs which were part coyote. Now I found out there is such a thing as raising one as a pet. It may not be the best idea in the world, but there are always circumstances.

This chick is raising one in Wyoming. Its parents got capped for killing livestock somewhere out on the range. I think she lives in a one room cabin. Somehow I got the idea she may have a boyfriend. The girl is a knockout. She also went cross country on a Vespa. That is what led her to WY instead of NYC. She was intending to move from San Francisco to New York, where I believe she originated, but after doing the trip on a Vespa she realized the stuff in the middle is amazing.

Anyhow, it is interesting, and I get the idea the canine is plenty skittish when it comes to other humans and some other creatures. There are some dog pals it likes to play with--probably pets of the suspected boyfriend (who I am sure is a despicable lad).

My guess is that the coyote will eventually kill the cat and demonstrate that it yearns to run with its kinfolk, killing livestock and keeping the neighbors awake. It has lasted a couple of years, so who knows.

Under similar circumstances I'd have raised the pup, too. It was fresh off the boat when she got it. Maybe coyotes are the future. Imagine having an entire pack covering your back. They run free but when you want them to do your bidding they are on it.

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