Sunday, October 12, 2014

Once It Is All Neat

I'm pretty sure that, once I get it all cleaned up and filtered, I'm out of here.  Not feeling in touch with anything.
Oh, and I have to play those upcoming events I committed to play.
Wind down commitments, leave no mess, and go.
To continually use poor judgement which results in trouble, even though no one has been harmed hurt or done wrong, I don't know.  I just do not get along with the civil structure as it is.  Damn, one oversight and uh oh.  Trouble.  And they use guns and cages.
It's wrong, but I figured out, much too late, that right and wrong are fine, and should guide one's life, but being right has zero to do with surviving in civilization or whether it brings trouble.  Do what works and keeps you out of harm's way.  Play the game or be nailed to the wall.  And I regularly demonstrate that I don't have very good sense.  I'll do things that baffle even me. Just self defeating oddness.
And in my case, if I see it coming,  running is not likely to work out, so best approach is to shift dimensions, and poof.  He was never here.
When every bridge has burned, no going back if you are in a hurry.  If you're good maybe you can rebuild the bridges.  I don't know. Bridges are not so easy to build, and what if you are a lousy engineer and builder?  Didn't have to be so, but probably no changing the essentials now.  I'll try to figure that out before any big decision.
Just wanted to stop those itch attacks.  That's all.  But then it took on a life of its own

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