Saturday, November 10, 2012

In The 40s!!!

It not only rained some, but here in SoCal, the temperatures have dropped all the way down to the 40's.   This may be a crisis.  I remember when I first moved here, and in the coastal area near Ocean Beach they had safe places for people to get out of the heat because it was in the 80's for a day or two.

Soon, I realized that being spoiled doesn't account for the panic whenever the weather stays from sunny and 70 degrees.  There is something about the place that quickly removes all immunity to even the slightest variation in temperature and/or humidity.  The closer to the coast you get, the more acute the condition.

It is probably an undetected chemical in the air.  Maybe brain wave frequencies emanating from the many big rocks.  Whatever the source of influence, something is certainly up.  I think that is why this state is known for being nuts.  I suspect San Francisco has whatever it is that influences us, plus extra doses of something.

LA, I have no explanation for them.

Considering the conditions in much of the northeast, no wonder they seem edgy and California is reputed to be laid back.

I guess they are.  I'm not sure that aspect of the culture isn't changing.

The more east you go, the more things vary, so we're used to extreme cold, like this, and legitimately hot, like 90 to 100 deg. temps.  It's a fairly dry heat.  Still hot, though.

There are other things going on, I just felt like saying nothing and alerting whoever to our extreme weather issues.

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