Saturday, September 26, 2015

If We Judge By My Life, Salvador Dali must be God

Or Visa Versa, if you will.  [late edit in response to comment: correct is "vice versa" yet here it is not correct.  Although incorrect does fit with the material in a self deprecating  subtlety of the "if Obama did it, it is brilliant, if Bush did the same thing, it is moronic" variety]  If you won't is never addressed when such expressions are used.  Hardly a democratic attitude.

See, I am of the ilk who knows what democratic means in this context, and that it is unrelated to Clintons or Obama or the party.  The sort of ilk that doesn't just grow on trees.

At least I managed to meet the hot actress at the rancho house.  She even hugged me when I left and brought out a coke that said "share a Coke with John".  And she gave me the coke.  Not just for show. Hard not to like people who make you smile like that.  So we overlook the other zany aspects.  But I think she has toned down a bit.  She just did a zombie movie but she is the lead and not a zombie.

Not sure of her age.  Thirtyish, I'd say.  Best decade for most people as far as attractiveness goes.  Plus by then people have some sense, but not so much that it spoils their fun or their hope.  I did say most people, not all.

I wonder if my harsh call to the doctor's office had an effect.  When I went for the lab, which they actually put in this time, there were 3 tests ordered, instead of just the CBC.  I have results for two of them.  The other takes longer.  Anyway, that indicates that maybe the guy decided to take a look at a few other things.  Nothing looks way out to me right now.   Sort of.

So, that bit of extra thought in the lab order is a good sign. I hate to fire anyone, including my doctors. Even though they act as if you are the one who can get fired.

It would be way easier if you could just get your own meds without seeing doctors and all that.  Admittedly it could weed out some of what needs weeding out.  But it could also save some lives. You can die going through the system, especially if you are not well set or back by the guns of government.

No one thinks like that, but even if you are a good thing, like a librarian, your healthcare is ensured by the fact that they have the guns and can take your money.

Just fact, no call, yea or nay, here.

So now we have another bass player I guess.  Alberto is probably in his 20's, has very little experience.  Less than five years I think.  And he is great to play with. He's got a real feel and he melts into the whole.  But he's creative and does what I would consider taking chances with his runs.  It works well so far.  I don't count on any bass staying long right now, but I welcome this change.  The old bass played with us at Hard Rock Cafe the other night, and yikes.  Weird, out of place, loud jazz runs and off timing.  Seriously not working out.  This is a person with all kinds of creds and training so I have to wonder what is up with that.

But, I would imagine certain radical identity change could be the stamp of an inconsistent and, maybe, troubled soul.

I don't get it.  But I don't have to.  I have my views of what could maximize the possibilities of the sound and material.

Call me shallow, but I really did not enjoy it when people would come up to me and say, "Hey, I think your bass player is a man!   That's a man, right?".   How would I know?

Ok, how I would know is not something that is going to happen.  As if I am responsible for trans whatness.  Wasn't my idea, and anything I know on that topic is not by intention.

I do not care to know some stories yet I end up knowing them.

So, yea, at one time the lass was a lad, and whether the surgery was ever done, we do not know.  Not before a marriage and the fathering of a son took place, sometime in the seventies; that much is certain.

I never detected any of the items in question.  Nor could I determine a lack thereof.  I believe the grope would be the quickest way to answer the question.

 I prefer you do it.

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