Sunday, September 13, 2009

Like The Moon; Waxing and Waning

t must be the way of life, cycles. If you lrack a point on a wheel rolling along, depending on the location of the point and the angle of the viewpoint, it can trace a curvey track that loops back on itself, or just an up and down yoyo, or maybe something akin to a sine curve(not too sure about that one.--doesn't matter). The one that curves up and down and loops back on itself seems the most accurate. It is the way of progress toward something. Three steps forward, one or two back, if you are lucky. Being lucky is the way to go when you can, but it does take a little effort. I call it luck, but I don't actually believe in luck in the usual sense of the word.
Good fortune, and being open to it, I can understand. Then there are circumstances some just have to experience that others don't. I don't know why; whim of the Gods is my guess. Or factors beyond this dimension. Whatever it is, I believe it is out of the reach of lawyers and police, which that gives me comfort.

Once again, the babble is a bit vague. There is an obscure Donavan song that puts a little clarity to the real subject at hand.

Whatever the meaning, I think I now know what I'm shooting for in a general way. It is all possible, even though it is about like building a bridge out of cardboard boxes. It is possible to do that and make it strong enough to hold a car. Got to be corrugated cardboard. I've seen it done. Still, it is a fragile and somewhat tenuous endeavor. OK. Maybe that is a stupid comparison. The point is, things like this are fragile and strong and the same time. The goal is to build toward the goal, fragile bit by fragile bit, and if it is done well, all those bits combined make for a structure as strong as you need.

Hopefully the Chargers will prevail over the dreaded Oakland Raiders tomorrow. I expect they will.


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