Friday, March 13, 2009

If You Knew Me, I would Be Less Boring

So often lately I think of funny, uplifting facets of being alive and human; the sort of thing that would enrich lives and generate merriment, if not thought. By the time I get home and on the computer, it has vanished.

The compulsion to write something leads me to attempt to figure out what is on my mind (usually nothing) and type it out. It's usually a stretch, then I think of something Obama related or to do with the Man and all those who don't get it. B O R I N G. True, perhaps, maybe even brilliant and farsighted--but far be it from me to praise myself. Be that as it may, none of what gets put in here is what I wanted to share with the victims who are kind enough to read things here.

Too bad.

So, now I am wondering how this latest job for the notoriously pompous limey oil man and his author of strangely kinky literature concubine will work out. With any luck, the oil man won't live up (or down) to his reputation. Just as long as he doesn't drink my milkshake. Jury's out on whether I'd like the writer to live up to her image. They'll be out of town when I do the work, but I'm sure I will have to see them on their return to force payment from the tight fisted monarchist.

Oh well.

So, tomorrow night is my California public performance debut, minor and informal as it is. It could go either way I guess. I think the group sounds really good when everyone is on. If I screw up, it stands out and messes it up altogether. They don't mess up too much. I'm not working tomorrow so I can practice up a little on my own. Also I can't put off that windshield replacement much longer. The cracks have grown together and it is not a good thing. Maybe I can get it done. If I were the glass guy I'd work weekends and maybe take some weekdays off.

I need to get a power sander or two. Maybe I can just wait on the south side of the mountain and snag illegals. Supposedly they work for nothing. I doubt it. If they are so easy to please, how do you explain the various organizations and demonstrations on behalf of illegals' complaints? No, I'll continue to do the jobs they refuse to do.

Back to the point, though. If you knew me in person, you'd see that there are days when I am not all that boring and dull. Like the day I walked on water.

While I'm At IT, supporting no marriage

Here in Caleeforneeyah, people kind of pride themselves on the notion that it is the land of nuts and fruits. Only a real local can say that about the place, so I don't. I'm just an indefinite tourist living the dream. Or something.

A couple of collegiate types somewhere in the state are trying to get a proposition on the ballot to take the state out of marriage of any kind, man-woman, same sex, human and bear, etc. I think for legal reasons such unions would be called "domestic partnership" or some such.

I have to say, I tend to agree, but probably for different reasons. I do not see it a proper function of government to involve itself in marriage. Really, I don't. I wouldn't want to enter into it, but I would let people marry more than one unit at a time if they are all willing. I can go with an age of consent but that's it. And for various reasons, not personal, I'd put the age maybe lower than some would like.

Such things are the job of the culture the homes, etc., not tax paid goons. The whole marriage blowup(no, not intended) would not exist if it weren't for stupid tax codes and intrusive laws. I'd vote for a measure that removes the government from marriage and lots of other things.

These non-issues which are rooted in choices some would make and some wouldn't but which are not really anyone else's business merely smokescreen things like the wholesale theft of wealth and savings and other measure designed to create control and dependence. I can't believe people love that feeling of vicarious power enough to fall for it. But they do. Even smart people. For the life of me I can't grasp why people are so afraid of freedom.

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