Sunday, August 26, 2012

Who to Blame

It is once again time for the mayor of New Orleans to high tail it to Vegas. But first be sure not to follow the disaster plans in place. The governor can also, once again, hide under the bed.

The trouble this time is that, if much damage occurs, they can't blame Bush, and Spike Lee may have to find another great insight other than the one about it all being a plot to kill Black people. Maybe he can spin it as a secret CIA plot which was done without Obama's knowledge. One thing for sure, it will be a grandstanding opportunity for politicians near and far.

I hope someone suggests to those in that city, who waited last time for public transportation to come get them out of areas about to flood rather than get to high ground and shelter any way they could, to find a way out as if it were their responsibility to do so; like it is your job to zip and unzip your trousers.

I remember seeing a lady complaining that the government didn't come and get people when evacuation was being suggested. Spin it any way you want, but there is a serious safety issue when people are conditioned to believe that the state controls weather and is there to keep you from putting your hand on a hot stove, getting fat, or sitting on your front porch waiting for someone to get you out of a hurricane. "I knew it was coming, so I waited for 12 hours for someone from the city or whatever to come get me. Then I had to wait on the roof because the water came." victims of the world unite. International Association of Victims Union.

This is the political crisis moment they've been praying for. If the damage is not all that bad, the mayor and the governor don't refuse to do the right thing, then the president can take credit for handing it all better than his predecessor. I was not a big Bush fan, but the hurricane discussion has been hugely twisted, and filled with embellishments and omissions which create a fictitious story.

After all the tornadoes and floods and incredible disasters that have hit so many areas, with so little press and complaint, it causes one to wonder if New Orleans wasn't peopled by far too many criminals and outright idiots. It could be that the press only interviewed and showed criminals and idiots. I don't make light of the devastation. I do think the victim mentality and politics involved were shameful. Their own cops caught on video looting WalMart. People shooting at relief and rescue helicopters. I would hate to live there.

If this one does the city in, maybe they should rebuild somewhere above ground. It is sad when the main reason I don't want it to hit there is because of all the BS that we'll hear for the next billion years as if everyone else did this to poor New Orleans.

Oh no, it will be a bonanza for Hollywood celebrities seeking the limelight. I can't wait to hear the first one show such public sympathy and tell us how righteous she/he is. I'll bet Sean Penn will check to see if the drain plug is in the boat before he does any aquatic grandstanding this time. That was classic how he had a camera crew to document him going to rescue people in a boat driven by someone else, and the damn thing started to sink because the drain plug was not in.

Something must have erased my normal PC and patience with bolshevik idiots filter.

I also worry about people in Mississippi because I know and like them. Not because they will become useful political props.

This must mean I am cold hearted. Memphis set up relief places after Katrina so people from N.O. could come have food and shelter and help getting back on their feet. Bad as it already was in Memphis, crime spiked and car jackings must have quadrupled with the influx of Katrina "victims". When you use the word victim referring to people who experienced an act of nature, I think the stage is set for a strange mental attitude.

I was in hurricane Andrew. I was not a victim of it. Those who claim to be were mostly the victims of corrupt contractors and county officials and building inspectors who allowed stupid buildings to be built in stupid ways and not even to the stupid code.

Nature is a bitch. That is why I do not worship it. Too often it is not our friend.

Anyway, if you live where the Mississippi meets the Gulf of Mexico and there is a minus sign in front of your elevation statistic, get the hell out, preferable to high ground in a building made of something better than cardboard.

I have no idea who you can blame this time, though. Someone has got to be blamed. My guess is that there will be renewed blaming of Bush. Or maybe that Missouri guy who must have been paid by the other side to remain in the senate race. It might be better if politicians just take multiple choice tests on every issue and never say anything off the cuff or even written for them. It is so embarrassing. 57 states, women's bodies can reject pregnancy if they are forced, and on and on.

And you wonder why I think lots of government is big trouble and why I believe it to be one of the major vehicles for most evil. Look who runs it, what they say, how they live, who their friends are, and how many of their own rules include exemptions for themselves. People still play because they get paid to do it, one way or another. Or they think they get paid. In the long run they get stung. It is such a con.

Let's see how it goes down. I'm going to probably vomit the first time I see a picture of some politician "surveying the damage" from a helicopter. As if they accomplish anything other than a photo op and satisfaction of morbid curiosity. How can people sit still for such pandering, insulting play acting? Oh. I guess if they believe people like Spike Lee, they'll believe anything. Just tell them they are victims and the sale is as good as made.

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