Saturday, February 28, 2015

More Reviews

The Good Lie.  An extraordinary story.  This is the sort of thing that helps give a little perspective to life.  The Sudan scene in late 80s on up seems a bit strained.  Not Paradise or Utopia.

Good flick.  The things people endure to survive, or to save others.  The problems people cause when they decide to get what they want by killing and hurting others.  You can't make a good place by refusing to respect the lives of others, and all that implies.

They are extreme.  We are hell bent on heading that direction.  Not there by a long shot.  We are fortunate for that, and much else.  Imagine no running water, no easy stores and seemingly unlimited selection, especially when it comes to breakfast cereal.

I hope people realize that cereal is mostly pure junk.  The ones that aren't frosted or shaped like monsters or animals are generally better.  It is easy enough to just look at it and know.  Many cereals are puffed imitation synthetic foodstuff.  Edible styrofoam.

But it sells.

So, The Good Lie is a very good movie and since it is based on truth.  True stories of this nature are better than fictitious survival tales.

It would be a good idea if the USA quit finding ways to arm and fund lunatics, sadists and garden variety tyrants while pretending to do otherwise.  Directly and indirectly major powers have supplied arms to whole nations of nitwit factions.

That's all I can say.

And the show Vikings is pretty cool.  I especially like Ragnar's ex wife, whatever her name is.  Everyone likes her but she is not such an easy catch.  She's Viking royalty and doesn't need much.  This type of royalty is achieved through a coup.  And that always leaves one susceptible to another coup.

May be easier to be a Viking than one of the Lost Boys of Sudan.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Movie, TV Ad reviews

The Imitation Game is mostly a very good movie.   They do well until they decide the whole sum of the guy's life is about being gay.  They are simply acting the other the side of the coin to what the state did with him.  This time we can blame England.

The real story is the fight genius always has in the face of officialdom--those who claim they are holy with a gun to your head.  In our country, people have forgotten the difference between circumstance and principle.  Missing that distinction is a key element in the failure of states, and the promotion of needless suffering and cruelty.   There are reasons why totalitarian societies enjoy mass executions on a scale hard to fathom.

They believe the ends justify the means.  And we have people in our congress who are seriously stupid enough to say things like, "I think China has the right idea ...".  Or they honestly believe Cuba's healthcare is a dream for all.  You think being nobody there is somehow easier and rewarded more than being nobody here?

Anyway, the guy built a machine, a mechanical computer, to break the nazi code machine, "Enigma". He called his machine, "Christopher".  The politics were maddening, and then later there was bizarre  harassment and convictions for being homosexual.  In England they gave people some sort of hormonal drugs.  They had to take them all the time or go to prison.  It really messed them up with lots of side effects.  This guy was socially clueless.  I don't think he understood why anyone cared.

If he did understand, he has one up on me.  That is what keeps shaking me up; the acceptance of the oversight and intrusive harassment of most of the population, by their elected, appointed, and self-proclaimed authorities.  They even encourage it , if they think it won't touch them.  Circumstance over principle.

So he committed suicide in 1954.  Alan Turing.  He very much influenced the outcome of WWII, and he influenced the development of the computer.

The whole story was a case of someone battling the state purely because of small minds and having to live by permission.  Left to their own devices, the British military, run by arrogant insufferable officers, would never  have let Turing work on breaking the code.  If they had had their way, Germany would have won the war.  All because of ego and arrogance.  And the worst sort of incompetence--the sort doesn't know it is incompetent.

 The Germans were able to radio transmit and it didn't matter who heard it. It was a code which changed every day, made possible by a coding machine called, "Enigma".

In the flick, one gets the idea that Churchill's office overrode the officers who didn't get what the mathematician was trying to do.  Of course, the story was held secret for 50 years.

The guy was seemingly semi-autistic.  He took everything literally, so he was lost socially.  But good looking women liked him.  Safe, I suppose.

That code breaking saga and the contributions of Alan Turing did not come out until sometime in the 1990s.  The Queen forgave him for being a poof, and everyone celebrated and said, "Thanks, Alan, for saving the day.  Sorry about the hormones and all that.  You can now posthumously be a flit and not go jail."  Much fanfare, pomp, and circumstance.  But the movie only does that in text at the end. They don't show the speeches and all. I made those up, but I think they are close.  Brian Williams was there and said I'm spot on.

Instead of realizing that immoral power is the culprit, they just go off on gay statistics and imply better laws are the deal. Nothing about limits on intrusiveness.  So few people get it. I must be wrong.

Worth seeing.
Worst auto ad ever:  Fiat ad which has noisy, stupid snippets, some of them cartoons, of nonsense, and horrible sound effects.  And that is their ad.  A minute of obnoxious audio and video.  But the fiat is just sitting there in the middle of the unrelated trash, so you do know it is a Fiat ad.  That could be bad.  Because of that ad, I hope they fail and die.  I would not buy one.

Ad geared to disturbed and, probably, insane four year olds.

Well, if I wanted to buy one, I couldn't today, but in another world in which I could buy whatever I want, whenever I want,  I wouldn't buy a Fiat even as a party favor.   That is what we in Ad Land call a backfire.  The ad chases people off.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

What Doesn't Kill You Just Means We Can't Remove You From Our Files

So, I'm thinking to myself, "Holy smoke!! It feels like someone installed a piece of 1/2" galvanized gas pipe behind my sternum, and they keep turning the fire up and down at random.   Please let's avoid any emergency room over reaction."

So, I do the right thing and all is bearable.  I call the alleged expert the next day.  The crackerjack office lady, maybe a nurse, says, "Oh he isn't here, I'll leave a note and maybe tomorrow you'll get a call from him."

What?  I just told you I am trying to find out something I can do to avoid drastic action.  Uh huh.  Well, he'll be in tomorrow and maybe call tomorrow afternoon.

I am convinced I am losing my mind.  People seem to be saying things to me which do not fit the context.  Especially medical people.  But then there was also the visa lady of no known first language.

I'm hope it is not just me, but if I am to go by numbers and the ever conclusive deal closer, "that many people can't all be wrong", it must be me.   I'm screwed.  So crazy I don't know I'm nuts.

Then there is the insurance deal.  On their site I do the "contact us" thing and send an email because they list about 10 top specialists who do not do business with them.  Will not accept that insurance, period.  I opted for the plan I have specifically because of one of the people listed.  Turns out he doesn't take this plan.

The insurance company replies about how there are issues with doctors and "the exchange", and confusion about what is and is not part of "the exchange".  Exchange this Mo..Fo.  Then they say what I ought to do is go to their site---I was on their site, logged in, and the email is internal to their site---and search the list of providers under my plan.

What?  Go do what I did before, but which did not work, and that is why I sent you a jmessage, and are you just playing with me, do you hate people and want me to die, or are you a new century moron with no sense of empathy, logic and compassion?   WTf'ingF?

I replied with, "What an odd reply.  You just suggested I refer to a list to find a physician in response to me informing you that the list is bogus and cost me much trouble.  Well, I do thank you for your insight into this matter, and concerned reply.  Best regards,  [my name here]

Here's the real problem: I have been more out of the mainstream than most for many years.  I'm not used to bureaucracy on the scale that has become normal to most people.  My brushes with the self titled healthcare industry are changing that.  My weakness is that I can't get used to it and have almost no temper control in the face of the absurd.  Especially when it involves officialdom.

I have to show ID to let these butt diving bastards do their thing, like I'm going to crash someone else's colonoscopy or spinal tap.  Do not need it to vote or use my credit card-9 times out of 10.  That is the level of reason you get when things are over-controlled from a centralized governing authority. It never ever fails.

Hence my Centralization theory of systems, which I described years ago, complete with a colorful graph.  You paid no attention so I won't repost it.  It holds true of social governing systems mechanical systems, just about all things.

Anyway, the expert reminded me of that internet advertisement where someone is calling about lack of service and the guy finally says, "you need to call someone about that!!"  Oh, maybe blabla and see and ear nose throat, etc.  No no no.

I'm seeing plenty enough people. We are not adding to it.  Everything is somehow related to that area with the 1/2" pipe.  No more need to go up my backside or make movies in the stomach.  I guess the other stuff, maybe I cannot explain.  But I still think it is related.

I'm told we have two separate things going on.  Maybe.  But I know I am a better trouble shooter than 99% of everyone, doctors or not, given the same information.  It is the main thing I have going.  But I cannot apply it because I cannot usually articulate my process, and rarely do people give you the information you need.  They dislike being questioned.  And the medical profession dislikes you having the audacity to form an opinion of your own without their approval.

I should have been a doctor, pilot, lawyer, all the professions that demand some brains and an insufferable ego which insists you are superior to all who are unlike yourself.  I think I'm superior, potentially, to most all of them.  So you see why I could be comfortable in a field that demands unreasonable ego and view of one's worth.

I've found my ego bumping against that of a doctor or two.  I ended up winning in the end.  Question me like I do not know what I'm talking about?  They learn.  I just want this scavenger hunt to be over.

Mostly, it really is.  But even then you have to do certain things.  They have another thing in mind on one of the issues that I am going to decline. I just think it unnecessary.  The need to look at the gas pipe.  It is the kind in fireplaces.  Don't go looking elsewhere.  No need.  I live here.  I know what is what.

It gets old being both tired and angry.  I'm not always angry though.  I'm working on just being calmly abrasive rather than passionately angry.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Middle Class Economics ????

I keep pondering this middle class economics talk I've been hearing.  Lots of middle class talk.  Middle class is the new "single soccer mom".  Yay.

Now that the whole single mom persona has been elevated to sainthood, and martyrdom,  the new cause is "middle class".   I think middle class means you can eat but only your first car is new.  The other one is not.

People who think they can do a good job controlling markets and resources, and who think they are the best judge of how much money you can make and keep, like to name their particular approach to controlling life.

There is no such thing as middle class economics in a market in which participation is voluntary.  The closest true system to one run by "middle class economics" would be Marxism.  That same leveling, trying to put everyone the same, except some are a little more equal because they call the shots.

I did not catch on for years to the fact that people in higher office are absolutely actors, so ambitious for the prestige, history books!, special privilege that they will bend any rule or moral in order to gain office and stay there.  This means they answer to those who control the purse.

And that can be a very difficult trail to really follow.  It may seem like you hit the source, but I doubt it.

Another thing that makes me think it is theater is that there is no real opposition to the growth and spread of the government's power.  Republicans are not actually opposed.  Some talk like it, but how do things end up?  As bloated over-regulated and in defiance of logic as the democrats openly desire.

At crucial points republicans will publicly claim God told them to do this or that. Or one will say a good method of birth control is for girls to hold a quarter between their knees.  That is so embarrassing because I nearly loath the democrat/progressive path and world view, and the republican is making opposition look insane.

They should do a better job of calling BS.   Middle class economics?  Bullshit.  People are such herd animals, and devoid of pride or thought or something.  How dare some leech on the public dime sit there and label classes, then pick a favorite.  The idea that there is such a thing as "the little people" or "the common man" is demeaning and sad.  People proudly lable themselves "average Joe", etc.

That implies they do believe some people are better and part of the elite few who should govern the lives of all.

I'm glad I'm almost poor.  If I'm not middle class maybe the middle class heroes like Obama will leave me alone.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sorry, Pat. You Are a Moron

Nothing is more heart warming than watching pampered millionaire actors include diatribes implying the depth of their struggles and extent to which they are oppressed when they give acceptance speeches on TV.

Patricia Arqurazy is no exception.  Angry, bitchy, sexist moron who does not grasp economics, history or much else.  Obviously she does not know the constitution does not single out people by sex.  She and her misguided friends do that.  Everything is separated by condition of birth, because to them you must adhere to different philosophies and moral codes according to your color or gender--if any.

Seriously, woman, you are very stupid, but you do not know this because your smart sounding friends join in your causes.  Even if they know nothing about the causes they champion.

I'm sorry she doesn't think she is paid as much as men.  We're with you.  I feel your pain.

I'm Pretty Sure Collectivist Propaganda Did This

What can possibly be the explanation?   You do know that shaving your head does nothing in the way of medical healing for others, don't you?   Walking does not do anything to cure anyone.

OK, Raise Awareness, Raise Money.

The raising of awareness only goes so far.  The rest is "Look at me!! I'm a wonderful person, so Look at me and pat me on the back."

Recently I saw a picture posted on facebook.   It was posted by a very nice friend.  We are not close close friends, but cross paths here and there.

The family had all had tattoos done on various appendages, in the cancer sufferer's handwriting--allegedly.  I couldn't read the stuff--that said I love you, or similar words.  So they all had their tattooed arms and legs and feet somehow in the center of the pic.  They did this to help her fight cancer.

WTF?  If I have cancer and anyone gets a tattoo or otherwise makes a scene for solidarity, I'm getting my grandpa's .22 out and I am going to shoot them.  Maybe just in the tattoo.  Or if they shave their heads, they better run far away.

Why do people play this nonsense game?  If you really cared you'd do something useful like go to college, or educate yourself, then research and figure out a solution.  Or just cut the grass, make dinner, do my laundry.

I hate the charity game as it is played.  I do not hate charity. I like kindness, grace, and all of that.  I often empty my pockets for someone if I think it will ease their present pain in some way.

But I hate the Jerry Lewis style thing of "Look at these poor pathetic excuses of humanity.  That could be your kid.  Give money so you don't feel guilty, and make a big grandstand play out of it.  Get a tattoo so everyone will know you are all up in the solidarinosc empowerment and stuff."

It has as much sense to it as Obama apologizing for the Crusades.  Or condemning them, not sure what that was.

I couldn't say WTF? to my friend because...CANCER!!!  Come on. It is heartbreaking when people get sick or leave the building.  But to call everyone a victim is bullshit.  They have that disease.  I guess you can go the victim route.  I am no more a victim of whatever illnesses I have than I am a victim of a weather event.  Victim just seems the wrong word.  But, like hero, it is used too broadly because we want it to apply to everyone.

If you are a victim, you can suspend normal boundaries and get special stuff.  You can act out your anger and it is OK because you are a victim.

How did people get so completely separated from reality?  And for someone like me to see the need to point it out.  Holy smoke.  I thought I had issues with what is real.  I'm living in a nation of Lalalanders.  Incredible.

They actually implied this tattoo thing has played a part in her cancer not being as bad as it could be.  F'ing nuts!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Politically Incorrect, Insensitive, and a bit Resentful if not hateful

In my line of work, one drives a lot.  My line of work is living in the sticks and driving ten miles to the closest store. And driving just because it is irresistible and wonderful countryside around here.

Often, my travels carry me on the freeway and beyond toward the urban madness.  These forays reveal much about the small mindedness and incompetence of an alarming number of motorists.

It is my nature to categorize and profile.  It helps me to avoid trouble and difficulty. Lessons from experience.

Patterns emerge, and they are very hard to deny since you can see them for yourself, plain as day.
Personally, I used to like it when people were from other lands and cultures.  It was interesting.  I was the kid defending the foreigner from other kids in the neighborhood or school because that is just how I was.

No more.  And the reason is because people out of God only knows where pop up and start making demands, decrying the gringo and white devil, and it is incessant madness.   Show up and demand services, jobs, food, school, etc.  Try this in any other country.  Seriously, it is not so easy.  Otherwise I might be elsewhere. But nowhere is all that free of Big Brother and Nanny, as far as I know.

I also realize that most of my current peers have never lived in really "diverse" areas--meaning areas peopled by those deemed minorities due to race, ethnicity, etc.  Condition of birth.  If they had lived in such areas they would know that the more heavily diverse, the crazier the driving.

Prove me wrong.  Not saying whitey isn't a prick.  Just saying places with huge 3rd world or ghetto populations don't know rules of the road, are not courteous, in general, and have no turn signals.  Very wealthy entitled elites do not enjoy turn signals either.

Ever drive in Miami?  Then check out the highway around Boise.

Go to Memphis and tell me those people have a clue.  I thought I'd come home to a race riot one New Year's eve because of how insane, and apparently hostile, the drivers were on I-40.  But it was just Memphis. Running up on bumpers at 80mph, right lane for passing.  Swerving three lanes to make the exit, despite traffic.  General chaos, stupidity, hostility, and more pure ignorance.

In Memphis only one out of twenty people know which is the passing lane, anyway.  I am pretty sure they get federal money for having so many complete idiots in one county.  The least sought after option package on cars is the turn signal group.  The have that in common with the elites and trophies of Del Mar and La Jolla.

Here's the deal in California.  You can have the Association of Asian Woman Anesthesiologists, but you can't separate them out and say, why do they drive like such total oblivious idiots?  However they can segregate themselves, discriminating against others.  That goes for most legal minorities.

You cannot, however, have a white women's professional group without big trouble.  But the kicker is, most white people do not want to get all wrapped up in race. They are the folks who ended slavery, and most of them are not really that into ethnic exclusion.

We still have elitist, back-handed racists like Biden, but overall, whites are the least racist ethnicity in present day America. But they also have a high self-hatred index.  As a result, as a group, we are gaining on the others in the area of pure ignorance and false beliefs.  Soon, all will be equally qualified to call themselves imbeciles.

Either way, we put distance between the Asian woman who is sitting too low to see over the steering wheel, going 50mph, with half the car on either side of the dotted line, and ourselves.  Call me a bigot.  And you progressives don't profile Republicans?  I'm not one, but you do go over the top about them, often erroneously.   The corrupt love to harp on the corrupt---the other corrupt ones.

 Elitists get ticked whenever people don't thank them for their oversight of our lives.  Focking amazing.

The Dodge truck will tailgate, and pass on the right. Guts, Glory, Dodge--marketing to wannabe badasses and full blown rednecks.  Nice trucks, but the marketing works.  So we look for distance between ourselves and the Dodge.  It is only one in ten of these nice trucks that goes to someone whose ego is not seriously troubled, and whose brain and such is not sub standard.  Compensatory issues.

It's a generality which holds up. That does not mean there aren't exceptions and those who don't fit the marketing.  Nice truck, but like beemers, they draw far more than their share of self important pricks.

With dodge it is redneck bullies and dolts.  Beemers draw elitists and entitled bastards and their trophies.  Nice vehicles in both cases. But, like the rainbow, these brands have been hijacked.

My own car is unofficially the official car for lesbian naturalists, and koolaid drinking environmentalists and progressives.  I am not those things, however I had hoped to try lesbianism before I die.

Young women in Honda civics.  If you need to move over a lane, and it is tight, but there is room, they will gun it when you put the signal on.

Why? Brainwashed and not bright enough to know they do not know.  It is a sexist thing on their part.  Want to prove they can be jerks just like the guys.  It is a pattern though.  I've seen some that would rather have an accident than let you in.  I liked the old days when females were above acting base and petty.  There again, perhaps the white male devil pricks made it happen.  The Bidens, Kennedys, and Boehners of the world.

So, we try to trick the young lady Hondas into gunning it to cut us off, then we slide in behind them.
I am woman, hear me roar while I run you over.

Baja plates?  No problem.  They'll be doing 60 in the fast lane on the freeway, and the only response to choas caused around them is to slow down, except right when you are passing.  Then they speed up.

In NC it is considered a sort of loss to let a white person pass you on the freeway without a fight, if you are Black.  You must speed up as they pass, even on two lane roads.  Otherwise it is like allowing abuse.  Or something.
After you speed up ten to fifteen miles an hour, it is OK to let the devil go on around.  But only after speeding up and making the euro-american earn it. Just how it is.  But we should pretend not.

Nevada?  They are not very good drivers and are ruder than most on the road.  Nasty folks.

It is a legitimate study which would get me thrown in jail if I followed it through at a university.  The patterns are unmistakeable.

Just like it is abundantly clear that more street thugs who cause senseless violence tend to look like street thugs than not.  They tend to resemble one another in dress and demeanor.

There is a uniform.  Lots of people emulate it and then wonder why anyone thinks they are punks.  Because that is how punks and thugs look, carry themselves, talk, and interact.  MORONS.

But no.  Obama's fictitious son who got shot by neighborhood watch, and isn't allowed to play football, looks like a thug, so any suggestion that profiling of that sort to keep one's self safe is of value, now becomes ignorant hateful racism.

What bullshit.   Even blacks avoid blacks who have the look of troublemaker.  Everyone avoiding trouble does that regardless of race or much else.   If whites are in thug uniform and carrying on the attitude and body language, I avoid. Profiling!!! Winning!!

People who have always lived in the majority do not get it.  They are being suckered and fooled.
I've lived in cities where white was not the majority.  Cities, more than one.

Here is what is the common denominator.  A city in America which is majority Black or Hispanic will be highly discriminatory in every area of power and commerce.

They will openly show favoritism for their own ethnicity while showing open hostility toward yours.  Something you rarely see any more in whiter cities.  But racism is encouraged and considered noble if the racist is not white.  And they call you racist if you notice.

Elitists and those who visit their own self loathing on others of their race will encourage black racism, female sexism, hispanic racism.  Hispanic is a made up word.  It covers two continents and a large number of very different countries.

 But they do the same thing with white, although I never quite got all the hair splitting about what defines that non-scientific racial definition.  I've got nothing in common with the Jersey Shore type of creeps, let alone much of eastern europe.  In Sharpton terms, perhaps they are not really white if they don't agree with me.  They are sellouts.  Or I am.

But I'm the racist because I've seen the stats and lived a little.  Self hating morons, and self serving charlatans will help promote the absurd story that black youth are being gunned down right and left.

Take a good hard honest look at who is really being gunned down and by whom.  We can't do that.  The answer won't justify the agitators' power grab.   Statistics are out there, but boy does someone try to make it tough to get the straight numbers.

Don't get me wrong, I think the percentage of vile punk bullies on most police forces is extremely high.   And I have probably been stopped and questioned more than Obama ever was.  He is clearly lying about that.  I was detained in a diner on suspicion of bank robbery.  I was detained while walking in two or three different cities because I liked to walk late at night. I was depressed.

I was pulled over more times in Miami during the late 8-0s and early 90s than I can remember.  For nothing.  They made up reasons after the fact.  If I were black, after all the false narrative in the media, I'd be sure all the stops were because I was black, except the one for a broken taillight lense when the black female cop started to draw her weapon because I was taking too long to read the citation before signing.

Denying truth is of not use in this scenario.  Denying the corruption and cruelty of the good ol' boy network in many places is no less vile than denying the fact that ethnicity politics, and minority drivers generally suck.
I pretty much don't think any group is smart.  Often I don't like everyone. But ethnicity is not the why of it.  It is behavior and philosophy.

If you believe that you have to think x, and act in a prescribed manner, or you aren't white enough or black enough, or gender confused enough, or whatever, you are, sadly, a malleable fool begging for a master to lead you.  You are a pain in the ass and a big part of what is screwing up life here on earth--something which ought to be magnificent and good.

The more people lump into groups the dumber and more vicious and cruel they become, too.  That is why I hate mobs and big crowds of demonstrators stopping traffic etc.  Mindless fools so thrilled at the sense of belonging will do absolutely anything the crowd seems to want. Kill, rape, maim, burn, steal, vandalize, you name it.  Mobs are like giving an angry, total idiot every nasty weapon in the arsenal.

Another 20th century lie repeated so often it became true--that demonstrations are peaceful even when they harass people, stop traffic, terrorize families, and do anything short of a military attack.  Peaceful demonstration.  They demonstrate what mindless herd animals we can be. That is what is demonstrated.

I guess unless you hang and work with certain groups, you do not realize how heavily steeped in proud ignorance they are, or how hostile they are to other races.   It really is the redneck culture, which truthfully knows no color boundaries.  Rural, southern, bigoted, racist redneck culture is almost identical to gangsta ghetto culture.

But whatever you do, pretend it isn't so.  Otherwise you could end up sharing a cell with that kid who baked brownies, and the one who bit his poptart into the shape of a pistol.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Latest from D.C., and/or Sacramento

It's WTF nation, and any time you think they are joking, they are sincerely serious, and expect you to buy it without blinking.

California already requires anyone under 18 to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.   No doubt someone's kid bought the farm on a bicycle and they all did what they do best--panic, and wring hands while crying, "We must DO something!!".  Oh how could this have ever happened, etc., if we save just ONE life, it is worth it.

That line has been used for many laws, and it is not sound reasoning or right.  You want to save lives?  Just confine as many people to rubber rooms as possible, feed them only juice to decrease chances of choking, and remove all other hazards that can be identified.

Now one of our legislators, out to craft "robust" legislation, insists that we all must wear helmets on bicycles or pay a fine.  People take that sort of thing seriously.  Has anyone thought of the idea of being born free, possessing free will and all that?  Has the philosophy behind our system of governance been lost altogether?

I know it was lost even when I was in school.  Most teachers were pushing ideas that they thought were great.  They did not understand the complex balance between urban and rural, individual and state, region and country, or the need to check the tyranny of the majority.

Why bother to go into that now?  Either you think that some group of elite people are qualified to make you live and act only under their permission, or you don't.  I don't.  I don't believe even when history is rewritten, as we are continually doing, and this administration is particularly intent upon doing. that the mideast policy of forever was ever fated to succeed.  Unless, of course, your goal is mass hysteria and psychosis being funded, given credibility and and respect.

Never mind.  I feel like riding a bike down main street, while smoking, and uttering political incorrect heresy, like that men and women are not identical organisms, that islam is a sicker cult than christianity, that Al Sharpton is a criminal, that people ought to not be able to force your behavior if you are not harming them, and they better be able to seriously prove that.  Not just come up with greater good and cost to society conjecture.

Dang. Just today it was brought to my attention that something was illegal, and I had no idea.  Now I forgot what it was, so I asm likely to commit the offense by accident because it makes no sense.

But to some, preventing parents from helping their ill children overcome various problems if it involves any form of cannabis, is grounds for jail and minding the business of others.  This need to have the permission of the state to best care for yourself and your family, fish, or wash windows for money is not the way civilized society should have evolved.  Mistake. Pure and simple
The End

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fry Talking Women

This is totally wrong and not PC, but once upon a time, young women did not do that fry talk thing.  More and more they are forcing their voices into a rather unappealing fry. I do not get it.

Who cares?

I think the parasailing-off-a-mountain-top adventure may happen before all that long.   Maybe a year or so.  Got it in my sights.

I'm inundated with tests and procedures.  Unfortunately, I can't argue with the logic, or even find a way I would shortcut it all.  Actually, by being my own advocate and manager, I have saved a lot of time, and at least one procedure.  Never assume that information migrates as it should, or even as office staffs claim it has, or will.

There is one thing I like about all this, I get to meet very smart people.  That is somehow a treat, and a relief.  An indication that my underachieving does tend to weigh on me, and that I feel like a fish out of water.  But, however I did it, and for whatever reasons, I'm the one who made choices that kept me out of the water.

Trouble shooting any kind of system, natural, mechanical, biological, etc. is an art.  And the same talent applies to all.  Not the same knowledge or eduction, but the same knack for finding the cause of malfunction or problematic operation.   The more they try to centralize control of things, and pretend that one size fits all works out well in the realms of human activity and existence, the more they institutionally forbid good trouble shooting.

My centralization theory applies to all manner of systems.  It us evident, and shown to be true time after time, in all manner of applications.    Villains, charlatans, and power mongers have a vested interest in ignoring the reality that centralization quickly reaches and optimum, and pushing further yields diminishing returns or even negative returns.

It is why managers are supposed to learn to delegate.  They manage the entities which manage the more abundant entities and circumstances which make up the whole.

Myopic dolts who point to central policies in places like Denmark, suggesting we copy it on a national level, have missed the fact that Denmark is the size of a state in our country, and far less culturally and ethnically diverse.  Those things come into play.

The consequence of over-centralizing the power structure of a country or the world is more oppression of the innocent.  You don't fit the cookie cutter, you are screwed.  Beware anything that is for our own good, or that moderates non-aggressive, non-fraudulent behavior.   When you are the one who cannot comply for reasons beyond your control, you'll see the evil in such laws and policies.

Unless, of course, you have the reasoning power to figure it out without the pain.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Slowly I Turned...

Why do I need ID to see a doctor, even if I am paying cash?   I do not need ID to vote.  They seem offended, like you've said something politically incorrect.  Something that could possibly offend someone. What about the poor people with no ID?

Great they can vote but they must be left to die.  ID is simply a requirement for medical help.  As it should be.  The more people we can kill with bureaucracy, faux victimization and stuff that is for their own good, the more stuff will be left for us.  Stuff like air, ice, polar bears, real estate.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Things Just Are

People do not seem to get it.  I'll leave it at that for now.

In other Orwellian fantasy news,  a nearby high school locked the students in the classrooms while they "continued to teach" [ergo it wasn't really a 'lockdown' because they weren't hiding under desks in the dark--I kid you not], but no one gets out alive.  They were held prisoner, and in some cases they were denied the right to leave the room even to use a bathroom.  No food either.  The afterglow is not going to be a pretty thing in this case.  Rightly so.

At the same time some legislator in Sacramento is proposing a bill that would prohibit anyone from riding a bicycle without a helmet.  She feels it is for our own good, and if we don't know what is best, or agree with her opinion, then she'll just force us at gunpoint in an act of pure tough love.  Californians and people everywhere forgot that one size does not fit all, and government is about limiting or eliminating bad guys, not controlling the innocent. Helmets are already required for all under the age of 18 riding bikes.

I never really believed anything tangible could ever be wrong with me.  Now I am not so sure, but I bet it is only because I've not been enthusiastic about life for almost 20 years, except for a few disappointing forays into ignorant bliss.  It has not been my intention, and I do my best to deny and combat such an indifferent or sad attitude.

Lately I have been edgy, but more awed by life, and appreciative of existence and consciousness.  If you'd never seen it for yourself, you'd never believe such a thing as life could exist.

Yet, here it is.  I think,

In the world of medical trouble shooting and dealing with different offices and types of physicians, one often has to play liaison between entities to be sure everyone gets their info.  The newest guy in the loop was faxed the package.  The lady dealing with it told me it was over thirty pages.  At least I know some are illustrated. No telling about the others. Maybe all the conference docs wrote essays or critiques.

Seriously, nothing involving me is more complicated than can be dealt with in detail in one easy to read page.

I do not want to be pre-occupied with this nonsense but we have issues which get in the way of everything so it is best to define it and deal with it.  That takes a minute or two.

One can be a little angry at the industry, and no one likes arrogant characters playing God, but the truth is, most doctors are smart and work many hours because they can't help it, and that is what it takes.  It is not an easy thing.  They should make tons of money.  When doctors do well, they do better. That is my belief.

Put big brother over them, and the passion begins to fade.  First it was the insurance companies and John Edwards type courts.  Now it is every federal and state government, Obamacare, Ahnold-Moonbeam care, you name it.  Another micro-manager hanging over your shoulder with a gun to your head.

When I have an appointment close to town, sometimes I stay in the basement room in Pt Loama which overlooks the bay and the skyline. The airport is out there just to the left, placed such that you can watch the planes land, but you don't hear them.

This is one of the prime patches of real estate in the country.

Basement level, but on such steep terrain that I'm looking just through and over the tops of some pines only about fifty feet away.

No one is on the floor above me or on my floor, besides me.  No one bothers anyone.  It is a big help right now. That is the thing about where I am; when you live in such a spot, where do you go for vacation that is any better?

Yet the air feels like something is missing or not quite right.  I don't know what.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Baby Got New Shoes

Don't do like me and only glance at your tires, occasionally running your hand over them when you add pressure or whatever.  I was less observant than you'd think.

The brake issue became urgent so I did what poor people everywhere do, I let my drummer use his parts discount, buy the best pads they have, and then I limped the vehicle to the ranch in another dimension where he installed them.  The ranch occupies our basic dimensional world, plus some others.  You have to be there to understand.

When we pulled the wheels off the front, it became evident that the tires were both worn heavily on the inside edges.  Way down into the steel.  I couldn't believe they hadn't blown or just worn all the way through.

The next day I bit the bullet in tire land, and since the rear ones were down to the wear bars, it was new shoes all the way around.  I did neglect the rotation for the last 10k or so miles.   It pays to keep up with it at Discount because they pro-rate a credit based upon their milage rating and all that.  This batch makes a 90k claim so I will be sure to drop by for rotation every three to five thousand miles.  No way I'll get 90 thousand miles out of these.  But my game is to maneuver toward the best bargain next time.

I have had horrible luck with firestone and goodyear in the past.  Last couple of times it was Pirellis. This time, Continental.  I worry about that, but they're rated in the best category, and right now they are wonderful; quiet, nice handling. swell.

Timing belt was also past due.  So, this week I spent a ton on the lovely car, and it feels pretty good.  You can go the buyer's remorse route but none of these things can be let go, and I do not have facilities for major work.  I am not that fond of auto repair anyway.  Get it done and go on with life.

Oh, but maybe you could have saved a little!!  Maybe.  But I don't have time or inclination to overdo that sort of thing.  I wonder if we shouldn't have created another way to facilitate trade.  Money, means of exchange, has given rise to all sorts of human ways and habits that can drive one nuts, and it is all centered around the means of exchange, not the exchange itself.

I swear, if it meant saving a dollar on groceries, or a dime on parking, I believe some people, no homeless, broke people, would give up years off their life spans just to realize the savings.  And to be able to brag.

I do not care if you managed to get a Mercedes for forty bucks, or you got the prom dress for a quarter at a yard sale.  Bargain, save a penny hobbyists, and health care hobbyists.  That is what civilization has given us.

It is a thrill to many, so maybe they know best. I just don't get it.  Life ought to be different than that.

OK.  I could be a health care hobbyist, except I've grown to dislike almost everyone in and out of that world.  I could not survive an HMO.  I'd be in jail for making scenes.  I cannot believe the stupid way people put themselves in the dumbest of herd activities, and no one wants to be the odd one out.  Dare not question and not be like everyone else.  People are cowards I think.

And don't be fooled, a large enough herd of cowards will trample and obliterate the few people of courage and thought who dare to buck the crowd.  So, bucking the crowd and going against the grain are stupid things to do because they get you squashed.

We'll see what they have to say, again.  I guess I should be prepared for both of the basic scenarios we may encounter.  I have my limits, so I know what I'd do in one particular situation.  But there is a mile of gray area between that situation and another, better case deal.

Public Service:  Poway Home Depot is still by far the best building supply or hardware store ever.  It is managed by a woman.  I may try to woo this queen of the stuff of building erection.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I'm But a Childish Miami Redneck

Not sayin' that's a bad thing.  However, I am not sayin' it's a good thing neither.

It was a blast at the conference with the army of skin specialists.  Some new faces this time.  The thing that blows me away is the willingness of the guy from Coronado to oversee my path to quick and reasonable trouble shooting and resolution.  He arranged for me to again do the conference thing because he's so booked up and he can do it for free and have several others weigh in.  It was an act of kindness, trust me.

Ha!!! I don't even know for sure who you are, yet I encourage you to trust me.  That ought to raise a red flag.  Anytime the "trust me" thing gets thrown out there, when it doesn't stand scrutiny, one should move with extreme caution.

But trust me anyway, this time.

He had a whole plan of action and how to get competent and cooperative vampires on board.  I think we can have everything narrowed down by April, if I can be sane and patient.  I yelled at the smarmy stranger on the phone yesterday, but I actually think this is going to work out better.

I stopped in where people were playing music at a coffee house, but only stayed for awhile.  Kind of a way station between derma conference and home.

I'm going to send the arrogant doc's office staff a note apologizing for inappropriate language, even though the victim of my wrath has the PR skills of a porcupine.  Maybe.  It was irresponsible of them to know they were on the list yet they did not remove themselves, which one can do.

They have every right to refuse whatever form of payment doesn't suit them.  I don't blame them.  There are too many hoops to jump through, sometimes.  It is not always worth it.  They've taken the fun out of playing doctor.  I can't condone that at all.

I too often forget how well people treat me when it matters.  Back to a goof plan and people to help see it get done.  Fortunate twist of fate.

I think our last practice, last night, had some of the best moments we've had, gigs included.  It was much better, I thought.  It was nice to listen to everyone else while it seemed I was just hearing myself play, like hearing one of them.   Whatever the deal, our sound was the best ever, as were the dynamics and nature of the parts.  That is fun to do and a nice escape sometimes. Most times.

I'm not even going to comment on national events aka government follies.  WTF nation.

Arrogant Bastards

Long before the government began dancing with the insurance companies and lawyers to totally screw up and add cost to the medical industry's activities, doctors were trying to place themselves above all others in the minds of innocent people.  Serious ego issues rivaling even those of fighter pilots.  And those are some hefty egos.

So, now in the time of bureaucratic madness, all for our own good, we still encounter the arrogant unhelpful attitudes.

One of the most key people I need to see neglected to remove himself from the list of doctors covered under my insurance.  Last update was Jan. 28, and I am sure I called when I got this stupid insurance, removing me from the ranks of insurance outlaws.  They are on it.

So now we've done all this other stuff and need this specialist, or someone like him, in the loop.  I paid cash the first appointment and felt like the guy thought I was just trivial riffraff, lucky to not be beheaded for having the nerve to seek audience with his highness.  I left there with absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do next.  Other doctors were less guarded regarding a plan of action.

When you feel you have nothing to lose, and you are tired, and a little tense due to your body going to hell in a handbasket, one's patience can run less than thin.  I realize that I am more than capable of losing my temper and shouting at the smarmy office dude on the phone.

First they call to confirm the appointment.  Then they call later to ask about insurance, a conversation I once had weeks ago. The smarmy guy is so cheerful telling me they won't take my insurance, offering no alternatives or anything.

His lack of empathy must have tripped the trigger.  I was in disbelief.  My insurance lady and I purposely set me up on this plan because this jerk was listed.   Son of a bitch!!

You won't like my response:  ""Geesuss F****ing Keereyeste, what in f***ing hell am I expected to do with this?"  etc.  I hung up. Then called back and cancelled.
I'm screwed.  I do not seem to get on well with one of the best hematology /oncology outfits in the county. I'm angry and I'm not thinking all thins is getting better.

I am about to say screw it and just go plow through my savings, hang gliding and maybe learning to base jump, hoping to die before I'm 100% flat broke.  Trouble is I could be flat broke rather quickly.  But I am so f'ing angry I don't care about the rational thing, or even the right thing.  I hate arrogant pricks like are found in medicine, government, and anywhere they can mess with your life.  They are no smarter than I am or than many other people are.  This I know, and can prove it need be.

But I was depending on him./  So that makes it my fault.

Right now, despite my loving, cuddly exterior, I hate everyone and everything.

Oh well.  The dermatologists want to have another conference with me at center since all that aspect is changing and acting differently than before.  

I do not blame anyone for not taking any sort of insurance they don't like.  They could just say they don't want to do business with me. Fine.  But I was mislead and then treated as a totally unimportant useless waste of life.  I may think it, but I'll kick your ass if you want to treat me that way.

I feel like doing something radical like get rid of almost all but clothes on my back and car, leave this place and go-I do not know where--just go until I stop.  Middle of nowhere, somewhere in the west, I guess.  Or maybe fly to some Caribbean island. Get a little boat, sail around and finally sink.  My legacy will be an irrational F*** You to no one in particular, and everyone and everything in general.

Goddam idiot human race really blew it by letting officialdom evolve the way it has.  Government, authority loving fools.  I'm in the wrong place, wrong time, maybe wrong species.  I blew it.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Seek and No Telling What You'll Find

That is why I am not a proponent of regular check-ups.  Don't bother me about vaccinations,  I don't know.

I do know the that the usual suspects who derive bizarre, almost orgasmic, pleasure out of finding excuses to dictate the behavior of others seem to be all excited about this latest manufactured issue.  My disdain for the "I'm part of the village, and it takes a village to raise a child, so I'll tell you how to raise your child."  people can often taint my view of a topic.  Sometimes total busy bodies and morons are right.

I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong this time because I do not want to allow myself that level of involvement.  But, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

All of a sudden we have a new political topic.  It is about as worthwhile as abortion.  No matter how you look at it.

Anyway,  I'm narcissistic enough to go along with designating my interior world as a set for a photo shoot.  Looks like a couple of minor photo bombers in the mix.  They sent those to interior photo bomb jail for debriefing to find out what they have to say.  Water boarding will no doubt ensue.

Obama or not, I am very grateful I found a way not to enlist in an HMO type of set up.  The idea that you are too stupid to know when you need a specialist, when you do know, is typical of the nanny fascists that love to run the show these days.  I've no idea if they were the same "those" days or not. These days, I have a handle on that.

I think we play a tea house in North (San Diego) County on Feb 15 and then on the 23rd it is downtown again for the Hard Rock Cafe.  I like that place.  Good food and very nice staff.  Not a bad venue for la musica de la gente!!!

Oh yea, due to changes in the condition of my condition, I get to be the Guinea pig again for a little show and tell with a group of doctors---for free.  They look at all the info and at me amd then I go and they discuss it for awhile, and then they go home, unless maybe the marriage or relationship is funky and they go to a bar or go seek professional companionship and the next day they don't have enough sleep and they are dragging.  That is how it could happen.

The advantage to me is 5 or so second opinions, and in a group of hotshots.  It is a bargain.

I'm sure it is all just my own mind so probably I can make it all change and be OK.

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