Sunday, February 15, 2009

Forgotten Tales Are The Best

My mind must be going, or just has a loose wire. I thought of something catchy and maybe even interesting, for a change. Now I can't remember what it was. That happens all the time lately; I think of something I want to write, hoping it will be a refreshing and entertaining change, but come time to write, it is lost.

There was some thought of requesting that no one with out door teak furniture let anyone shoot a coat of varnish or lacquer on it. But that wouldn't have been it. After a few months in the sun the teak looks like hell, though, just so you know.

Maybe a primer describing how the inside lane on a highway is for passing, not creating a slow moving obstacle for others, was in the works. I doubt it. That's a lost cause.

I'd sworn off telling people that Obama is frontman for a small group of elites who are taking over the country in fascist-like fashion. So, that couldn't be it.

It could be that I was going to inflate my history by claiming some accomplishment that never happened, like the time..etc. I can't even think of reasonable fiction regarding any astounding feat involving me.

This is frustrating. It was simple, clean, poignant and the best of anything I've dreamt up so far.

I've been rationing out the last of my birthday cake. Some things made of chocolate seem to get better with time. I froze it so I could thaw out a piece at a time. I'd rather do that than try to remember whatever I think I forgot.

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