Saturday, January 29, 2011

Unbelievable, but Possibly True

The Gods may or may not be crazy, however the can be no doubt that many people the world over are strangely insane. Nuts. I'm not sure which ones are and which aren't.

I will say that my country's insistence on policies I find bizarre may be finally proving to be the scam I think they are and have been for a long time. All the mid-east N. Africa Israeli involvement has been obviously something other than what is represented, and other than what the obvious opponents claimed.

So, now while pretending to back one faction it comes out we've been grooming dissidents. No telling how that tale unfolds. We'll never know the real deal.

What, the big threat to Egypt's guy is to do what?, or we'll cut off AID? WTF? Why the aid to begin with?
How about we stay out of it forever. If we continue to arm regions over there it will continue to be trouble. I disagree with those who refuse to see that we have made terrorists and their supporters richer and more dangerous over the years. I disagree with those who underplay the role of mosques and imams here and elsewhere in the plots and murderous activities too.

Basically quit kissing ass, quit throwing money at lunatic dictators or any country. And quit pretending we can set up a perfect government among people we don't even understand, especially when our own government has run so far amok.

Government is supposed to set a structure for people to pursue their own lives as they see fit, and to prevent them from interfering with the rights of others. Around the world they have tended to do just the opposite, and in the name of all that is holy. It obviously does not work well under the typical framework of government involving itself in all facets of life here or elsewhere. I'd think that is obvious. It is like one group of bullies taking charge under guise of protecting you from less powerful bullies rather than just shutting down the bully groups.

the end

Sometimes I Wonder...

-if people really have reason to hate and/or love me, or do I just imagine that they imagine that they do

-if I will ever grow up, live a reasonable life, be happy and get over whatever might kill mood

-if self proclaimed leaders honestly believe people need or want them to run their lives

-if it has to be that damned complicated

-why I feel compelled and pulled toward directions which probably will still leave me odd man out

-if bears and other animals will figure out that they have more rights than people and that if they wanted they could take us all out. First send in waves of squirrels and other rodents, then raccoons, then coyotes, working their way up to cattle, lions, tigers, and bears. Good thing they have as little sense as they do manners

-what animals think of people who think they are one of the bear clan, or one with the wolves or dolphins, or think they are lawyers and spokespeople for the animal kingdom

-if animals think they are part of a kingdom

-if horses resent the advent of the automobile, or if they felt relief when their services became entertainment rather than necessity

-if cops don't feel just a little weird when they hide behind things so they can catch a speeder rather than place themselves in plain view so people will automatically behave better

-if dolphins consider the other dolphins that perform for humans to be sell outs giving their race a bad name

-what's next. It feels like something different is just around the corner

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