Friday, March 8, 2013

Last Will and Testament: part 3813

Be it known, that whether I am killed by the CIA making me catch cancer, like the late Senor Chavez, or kick the bucket by other causes, known or unknown, if Jesse Jackson and/or Sean Penn show up at the funeral for any reason, just shoot me, then shoot them, or at least give them a good tazing.

In Jesse's case, I understand his fondness for Hugo;  Jesse is a thief and extortionist, much like Chavez.  They both pretend it is all for a good cause and betterment of the little people.

Don't cry for me, Venezuela.   But, please please please, can you just keep Jesse, Sean, and any of the other idiots who are there helping you grieve over your departed dictator?   If you will keep them, we will find some way to repay you.  We'll give you Ft Lauderdale, or Chicago, or maybe Connecticut.
Jesse mourns his pal, makes speech in Venezuela--overcome with grief

So, I don't know why anyone like that would come to my funeral, but just in case.  Actually, I don't think I will have a funeral.   I will go missing for quite some time, then just be declared tardy, or absent, and soon forgotten.  I'll leave no footprint.  You'll never know I was here.

If I am found, please burn the evidence and scatter my ashes over the naked thighs of beautiful virgins over the age of 18.  If none can be found, then just scatter me over the naked bodies of all those who rejected me, and those I rejected but shouldn't have.

Even so, I'd rather leave no mark than be remembered because I was part of the corrupt power structure of a nation or anything else.

Still, it is a shame to know you leave nothing of consequence or value.  It is a world of idiocy in which most of the rich and famous and powerful are negative examples of life, and evil doers--often because they haven't the ego control required not to become unbearably insane once they taste a bit of power and acclaim. .

Woke Up This Mornin'; or did I?

What a wonderful world.

Dennis Rodman, world class intellectual and moral compass, says Kim Jong Un is a great guy.

If you can't take Dennis Rodman's word for it, who can you believe?   I did not hear what he had to eat while there.   Maybe they roasted up some starving peasants.
photo lifted from

Celebrities love dictators, and mass murdering heads of state.  The pretense required to make the celebrity feel righteous is so thick you couldn't break through it with a shoulder launched missile.
Update: He ate a baby pig.  lifted from

Undaunted, the rich and famous will pretend that their hosts are the Second Coming, despite the evidence of suffering and abuse.  They envy that power, and the way the captive audience of peasants has no choice but to cheer with approval.

Hollywood types, in particular, love that kind of spotlight.  The kind that comes from being a King or Queen who wields absolute power.   Look at me!!! or else.   Love me!!! or else

Sick bastards.

The same mentality has infected those who aren't rich and famous, but who possess just enough education and intelligence to assume they are among the elite, and that they'll be running things when all things in life are finally run by elite boards and committees.

That group either got picked on too much as kids--or not enough.   I can't stand the pompous creeps.  Piers Morgan syndrome.

OK.  D Rod is da man, and not terribly bright.  He did manage to party in N. Korea, possibly eating them out of house and home.

It's just crazy enough--it might work!
D.Rod may reform and liberate N.Korea, create a warm and fuzzy relationship between them and the US.   This is worth watching.  Will they hide their wimmins when he returns?  Or the opposite?
Sometimes the world is entertaining, if bizarre.



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