Friday, December 28, 2012

Old Lang's Lime

Even after reading an explanation of it, I still don't get that song, and I don't like the sound of it; makes me sad in a creepy way.  Has to do with the trauma of youth, I suppose.

All I know is that New Years eve is one of my least favorite festivities.   All the holidays which beckon amateurs to try their hand at getting drunk and running around in public doing stupid things are on my least favorite list.  It's all in My Book.

Even so, someone is having a party in a room of a restaurant or bar and I will be in attendance.  It will mostly be a lot of people playing music and that is why I was invited.  I'm not sure where the place is located, but I know the general vicinity.  I think they set up roadblocks between here and there.   Not a thing I like even though I don't even drink.

With luck I can escape prior to midnight. That is my plan.  The place is closer to the city than I like.  I prefer the less populated areas during times of mass merriment, enhanced police oversight, and crazy traffic.

I sure did become spoiled in a short time after moving here. It is a nice area, and I have the luxury of living out in the sticks with a great view, distant neighbors, not much traffic, and low crime.  It's kind of a house of cards in my case, but it is a somewhat idyllic (in my world view) circumstance, house of cards or no.

Just Floating Thoughts

Well, they may not be just, as is "just and fair".  I guarantee they aren't fair.  I've grown to despise the way that term and unfair are used.

It seems that in years past I rarely spotted any deer out here.  They aren't on Ballistic Mountain, per se, but they are along the roads leading here from the east and the west.  I creep along those roads when it is dark.  I passed two tonight that were very close to the road on the inside of a curve.

They blended with the background and I didn't see them until I was right there.  The shoulder was narrow, and they exuded an air of such idiocy you could cut it with a knife.  I wondered how such cute, but dimwitted, creatures could live long enough to achieve the size of these two deer.

Fortunately, they just stood there.  They were facing the same way I was.  Otherwise they'd have said, "Oh boy, headlights!  Let's dive into them!"  As I passed, I could tell they tried to catch a little headlight buzz, but they were too late.

Where are the coyotes when you need them?

Best of 2012??

That was the title of some show on hulu.  You can bet I passed on that. One thing I've figured out about hulu; the staff there sees the world through a lens far different than my own.

Either that or they list their staff picks according to how much they want to cause total strangers pain.  I guess that is still demonstrating an outlook far different from mine.

The good thing about no cable, no satellite, no tv other than what I pul off the internet, is that I can dodge the over-done drama, and the wildly insane discussions.  At least, I can avoid such things to a point.

Because the world ended Dec. 21st, and we still find ourselves slipping into a new year.  It's just around the corner.  Bridges are for new centuries and millennia.  Corners usually work for new years, I think. But you can't underestimate the value of "on the horizon".  Lot of territory can be covered with that.

Oh back to the thought.  Due to the above stated status of the universe, I think I should just answer some questions bluntly.

What can we do about the violence?
Legalize self defense.  Other than that, you can't fix it by making laws and wringing your hypocritical hands, like a miser contemplating a big pile of money.
Really, what laws that weren't already in place in these sites of violence would do any good at all?  What good did those already on the books do?

Fiscal Cliff.  or to some, physical cliff.  Morons.  But, hey, morons are people too, and their opinion is just as valid and important as anyone else's.   Nothing more to say.  I think I captured the kind of reasoning which is carrying this dog and pony show forward in my previous sentence.

Overall, violence has not increased in the USA for quite some time--allegedly.  I can't tell the difference too much in my personal life.  I've lived in too many different places to be a good judge.  Miami was violent, Greensboro wasn't too bad.  Memphis was nuts and criminal.  It is rather relaxed here.

There are always neighborhoods that everyone knows are dangerous.  Part of the big pretense.  Pretend that they are just responding to things out of your control, and blame yourself if you take a wrong turn and get attacked by zombies.

Anyway, I find this area to be OK.

I started off, off subject, I think.

So, you know how the number one hobby among cats is acute paranoia?  I wonder if people have that same thing, and the real smart people know how to make money and enjoy power by feeding the paranoia and anxiety. We may be cats, and not even know it.

I can't tell you about the few interesting facets of 2012 in my world.  I do hope 2013 is more prone to abundance.

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