Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another Idea

If we take the word "lonely" out of the dictionary, then there is no way I can be that.  A lone wolf howlin at the moon.  A romantic notion which is no fun at all.  Highly over rated.

I guess it beats being shacked up with a power hungry psychopath, or pathological liar, or whatsername. Or someone who likes what she thinks I ought to be, or could be, but not so much who I am.

So Hot

Man, I'm sweating like a creepy ass cracka on trial for self defense.   East county is a good 20 deg.F warmer than Pt. Loma on the bay, and the ocean.  And they are most likely freaking out because it is hitting 80.

Speaking of creepy ass crackas, what is that all about?   There are far more definitively racial murders which barely see a minute's time in the media.  The most egregious of these with which I'm familiar unfortunately involve the creepy ass crackas being raped, dismembered, tortured and killed by Blacks.  Even then, I say forget the hate crime, just enforce the laws against the crime. period.

But quit pretending.  And quit appeasing by setting up a de facto double standard which everyone pretends is not there.  That is not the way to mutual and universal respect.  

I can always tell when Mexican related BS is in the political discourse.  People who work at the resort or for landscape, etc. give me the evil eye because I do the work they won't do.  Or, in some cases, the work they think is reserved only for people from their tribe.  I just don't look all that Mexican.  And I don't look undocumented or like I'm a dreamer--whatever that means.

It's a chip on the shoulder thing.  Once they know me they have a hard time being quite so angry at me, but I can see that some of them try.

Maybe those who tell me most people are not very bright are correct.  I doubt I'd like Zimmerman very well, but it seems obvious that the only reason he's in this circus is because Al, Jesse, and others who jump on any trumped up racial bandwagon threatened riots.  It is not a good thing.  At this point it has little to do with reality, only how to pacify extortionists.

  I wasn't there.  Neither were the race professionals.  I don't think they realized George was genetically all kinds of races, with even some African blood, when they first got the lynch mob rolling.  If you haven't lived down there or in cities which include a majority of people that see nothing but race, then you probably buy all the pap you hear, and think anyone who calls them on it is a racist.

The answer is not appeasement and it is not to put more people in prison.  The answer is to make laws apply evenly, be sparing in the writing of those laws, and base it on truth.  We do not have equal enforcement or treatment under our laws.  Depending on the laws, you can be targeted if you are Black, or targeted if White or any other irrelevant factor based on tribe and politically correct non-sense.

And in conclusion, I think that is why we, as Americans, are experiencing a big heat wave, and why I'm sure that it is all the fault of technology.  and creepy ass crackas.

Damned, that phrase just brought images of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Lindsay Graham and some others to my mind.  Got to admit it, there are some creepy ass crackas around.  I do not know how to similarly label creepy ass ??? like Sharpton, Jackson, those guys I stood off pretending a harmonica was a gun in Greensboro,  Louis Farrakhan, etc.  If you be creepy enough, you are probably rich and sucking tax money or extorting normal people through non-universal laws--laws that aim to favor one group over another, explicitly.

The heat wears me down mentally.  I'm liable to just turn myself in to some law agency I despise and tell them I'm about to lose it, and that I'd consider suicide by cop,  except I really do have such a low opinion of the police structure and the vast majority of its employees that I wouldn't want to give them the satisfaction.   Really, one huge drawback to suicide by cop is that too many of them might enjoy it, provided they didn't get too hassled in the investigation.

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