Friday, January 30, 2009

(not so)Brief Theory

Since the country's treasury is being turned over to various elite interests and enterprises which have nothing to do with middle, or even poor, non ward of the state Americans, actual economic turn around is a highly suspect promise. Sacrifice is the only promise they've made which I am sure will be forthcoming, if not already in practice. Human sacrifice, to be sure, even if not as directly evident as the way the Aztecs practiced it. Same thing. And it could be argued, to the same gods. Appease the weather, feed the earth.

Just an aside, while eco friendliness is on my mind; products which claim to be eco friendly almost never seem to work. The solvents don't solve and the cleaners don't clean. I wish it were otherwise. Can't pet a tiger shark, or a tiger, in most cases. I don't know if that applies to anything.

OK. Since the money is being redistributed to favored people and companies for dubious projects, or non at all, and that will only impoverish the average producer even more, I think there will be some big excuse for a big war that makes Iraq look like a skirmish. Incentive to save, as if anyone has the excess to do so, and to launch private enterprise, is increasingly discouraged by current policies and regulations.

The only way everyone can work for the government is if the government owns everything and controls everything. Some of us will resist that. Not everyone would mind, even if it meant the standard of living and scope of choice were severely limited. The real issue of today is the rift between the individual and the collective.

Those in charge promote the idea that the individual exists for the benefit of the collective and that the collective has a right to dictate what compensation and contribution is appropriate for each. Those who relish the old fashioned concept of freedom disagree.

The other side would insist that the role of those in government is to protect the individual from the tyranny of them, and of the majority. It's a concept which gets relatively little attention, and almost none in a positive light.

It's the age old thing of serving the feudal lord or serving one's self. The pendulum has swung far into the realm of serfs serving the elite lords of the manor. Until people again figure out who's boss, they will willingly embrace this authority. What is amazing is how few people recognized the collectivist nature of GW Bush's policies and presidency. We're on the same road, even if they say the word "change" ten million times. The only change is that the robbery and coup are in broad daylight now. No more pretense.

Either much authority will be given over to various international tribunals, or a big war will be engineered, or both. That's my bet.

Whatever happens, that red salt is the best ever.

Premonition or Dimensional Anomaly?

All day I felt a sense of unease. I wondered if it wasn't actually disease, the kind that manifests itself in the addled mind. Maybe a case of bonkerism.

The portion of the Great Teak Project which I intended to complete today went well enough. It is hard to be sure in this particular place because no one is really sure what the man behind the curtain wants. Apparently those in relatively direct contact are never advised when a job is particularly pleasing and well done. They only hear about what is wrong or displeasing to Him.

I'm one who likes to know what is right, and I generally like encouragement. This is a test, and I can only guess that few people would go to the same extremes I do, trying to make a thing right. The problem is whether I've gone down the right path; is this the correct choice of solution? To me it may make sense but to the owner of the mess it might not be. It's like being told a room needs painting, and since it is covered with graffiti and bizarre wall paper, you probably agree, but what color and texture, if any, should be applied? Only way to find out is to do it and see if anyone complains.

Other than that ambience of "WTF, and will I be banned from the premises", conditions are extraordinarily pleasant. The people, when any cross my path, are nice and friendly. I'm not quite familiar enough with it to overcome that state of cringe that leads one to feel the grounds are paved with eggshells. I think that can be overcome in time, provided time is offered.

I'm freaking about a few spots of teak oil on concrete. They don't easily come up, and circumstances did not allow much time to deal with it. Had I never said anything or noticed, chances are neither would anyone else. Of course, I opened my mouth to other hired help because A) I'm a nincompoop, B) I thought there was an off chance someone would have a good remedy, and C) I wanted it known that I take responsibility for my work, or some such idiotic thing. Tomorrow I guess I'll hear.

So, as I was on the way home--a long interesting drive, I stopped for tomatoes and ice cream from the local high priced grocery store. All grocery stores are high priced. Tomatoes were for the Mexican surprise dinner, and ice cream was for its own sake. I've skimped on things so I opted to go for a treat. Part of my new weight loss plan. Eat now while you can.

As I was puttering out of Alpine at maybe 35 MPH, an orb consisting of nothing but water hit my windshield. All I saw of it was the water as it hit. Thump! Then I realized it had cracked my window big time. The only thing I could figure is that it was a water balloon. I saw no pieces of container go flying when it hit and I never saw it coming. It was dark and it hit the right side of the window so I guess it came from the side.

When I turned around to return to the scene of the water bombing, there was a teen aged kid walking up a side street, just off the main road where the incident occurred. Under interrogation he offered the following statement, "uh,. wha, wa, wa I dunno". Having not a shred of evidence, I felt pursuing the matter would only get me arrested, and probably sued by his mom. I just assume dad is off to parts unknown.

Then again, maybe he is just a goofy kid, innocent, and a ball of water suddenly manifested from another dimension, colliding with my windshield, resulting in irreparable cracks. Maybe it will be covered by insurance. Still, I am not too thrilled, except that I'd had that weird feeling all day, and this inconvenience was more minor than the doom that felt impending.

Another guess about that uncomfortable thing was that maybe the revolution is or should be closer than it seems. If the US gets completely sold out, as is happening on a number of fronts, and Mexico has a melt down, maybe I'll find myself in a war zone.

I like to think the water orb just appeared out of another reality, at an inconvenient time. It may have been a ufo.

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