Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Perfect Example of What Makes Authority Scary

Hank Johnson, a name in DC you can trust

This costs us 175K per year plus

I can't get the video embedded. Check it out and discover that thoughtful congressmen worry about relocated Marines to the US territory of Guam because the extra weight might capsize the island, not to mention the environmental concerns, such as coral reefs.

Pure genius in action. Seriously, how could a guy like this ever be a judge, let alone a lawyer and congressman?

Not sure why he was so concerned with square miles. He could state the dimensions but had no idea what the area would be.

Let me help him out. If the island is roughly 10 miles (average width) by 24 miles, you can estimate that it is about 240 square miles. I'm sure that was of utmost importance to this brilliant politician. I would wager the man has no clue what the relationship of length and width is to square miles.

But he's an environmental expert. That's why we have so many people on our coasts, so we don't flip over.

They are excusing this saying he's been a little bit ill lately. The guy is not as old as he looks. Only 55. If he is too ill to entertain a coherent thought then resign. This counts as a vote both in committee and on the House floor. It also costs money to stage meaningless exchanges like the one in the video. There has to be someplace that is free of this sort of idiocy and control. I am fine with morons, as long as they have no power over me.

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