Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Live Free and Freeze; in search of home

It comes back to mind regularly, the fact that I probably ought to be in New Hampshire mired in the antics of the Free State project.   I say antics, but the truth is that they are more holding a spotlight on the antics of the state and others who use force when it is not warranted. ie, the state.

NH has it going on.  If only I did not fear harsh winter.   When I have the money for the things needed to deal with it,  then I won't be so hesitant.  Growing up in Miami, I don't have the sense of how to handle serious cold.   Greensboro was not much problem, but it is not New Hampshire, and I was younger.

It does often strike me that I might be more at home in Keene, NH or another of the state's towns, than I would be here or anywhere else.  Out there, I would not seem so radical, and more people would have similar views of right, wrong, and civilization.

Even my friends here and in other places I've lived are little police state proponents, though they deny that characterization.  But it is true.  One would think I'd finally break, and become another pliable neo-bolshevik like much of the population, and almost all of my family and friends.

What has happened is that I am unwittingly more set in my beliefs than ever.  I am far more radical--by DHS definitions---now than I was any time in the past.  But I was not a sheep in the 60's and 70's like most of the hippie nation and everyone else.

It was a disgusting time of interesting, great music, and people pretending to think.  The term parrot heads should have applied to all that crowd because that is what they were--mindless parrots.   Now those folks are all about money, making everyone safe even if they have to kill them to get cooperation, and finding excuses to mind everyone else's business with the guns of government behind them.  I think I hate baby boomers overall.

Maybe I'll be alone forever, but I realize I could never live with someone who was actively involved in promoting what I believe to be immoral, violent and cruel.  I view most Obama policies, Bush policies, and generally accepted tax and police practices as just that.   It is a shame because people in my own family have been known to actively campaign for wannabe kings like Obama.  More than one relative. It is truly sad because these people are not directly thieves, liars, and scum.   Yet they promote policies which are cloaked in the holy robe of government, but which amount to theft, force, fraud, and involuntary servitude.

I really have to figure out how to visit NH.   It may finally be home.  We'll see.  I may run back to CA in such horror that I register democrat or communist party.   You have communist, communist lite=democrat, democrat lite=republican.  Hand in your pocket party==republican and democrat.

That's why I hated public school.  So many of the teachers were progressive a-holes who meted justice the same way, by emotion and prejudice, not fact and respect for rights of others.   I admit, I am emotional.  I really do despise the smug state power promoters like Piers Morgan--a friggin foreign interloper--and his ilk.

In New Hampshire I may not feel like a weirdo.  Then again, I may.


Seat Belt Laws
New Hampshire is the only state that does not have a mandatory seat belt law for adults.

Eminent Domain
New Hampshire state law prohibits the use of eminent domain for private use or private development.

Gun Laws
New Hampshire offers some of the least restrictive gun laws in the nation: no permit is required to open carry and a concealed carry permit is available on a shall-issue basis.
New Hampshire legislators are only paid a salary of $100 per year, helping ensure the existence of a citizen legislature committed to public service, unlike every other state.

Right to Revolution
New Hampshire's constitution is one of only 
four state constitutions that expressly protect 
citizens’ right to revolution (Section 1, Article

I wouldn't actually join anything.   I'm not always on board with certain tactics and passtimes.  But I like the small business friendly environment, and the fact that there are fewer hoops to jump if you decide to do something.   Safest state in the country, yet very loose gun laws.

Maybe the state is safe because you have to be smart to survive the winter, and more stupid people than smart people commit violent crimes.   Although many smart people get others to do those things on their behalf.  And we love it.  We even let them vote themselves pensions and benefits.  We even label the people, who "are just doing their jobs" which can include all kinds of abuse, as "noble" and "public servants".

The only public servants I ever met worked at restaurants and high end hotels.  And libraries.  Even then, it is a living.  A job a person does in order to survive.  So I do not buy all the lofty praise.

I don't know who is the hero, the doctor that performed the delicate, life saving surgery, or the person/people who invented and created the tools which made it possible.   Or both.

Home or not, I'd have to be highly motivated to move across the country.  I'd rather just be able to spend significant time various places but not leave this behind.

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