Thursday, March 5, 2015

Star and Micey - Love Me?/#1

I happened upon Star and Micey videos last night, somehow.  About a year before I left Memphis I crossed paths with them.  They were very young and had a very uplifting attitude and presence.  Only three of them then.

The guy with glasses that is shown for a second or two with a mandolin is the creative force.  The name came from his talks with a homeless guy who said his name was Star and his long lost wife's name was Micey.  Hence the name.  He'd just settled on it back when I saw them.

They had great family support but had hardly played anywhere.  It was a kind of invitation only open mic environment.  The excitement and joy of the whole thing, with such great family backing was infectious.   In a way, very southern.  I'd forgotten that little episode in my secret life.  It was a bright point during a dark period.

Not sure how I got there.  None of the old band knew of my forays into more acoustic, non blues circumstances.  Can't swear to it, but I believe I sat in with them on a tune or two.  They made an impression for me to remember 8 years or so later.

Ardent, one of the studios where I recorded, signed them.  Ardent is the most impressive studio in Memphis.   That is definitely the home of the cool kids.

So, I am thrilled that they got signed so soon after they began, and that they still have a good attitude and they rock.

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