Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fishing is a Privilege

You have to have a license to fish, and if driving, which also requires a license is a privilege, then there you have it. I've often argued with fascist friends about that concept---to no avail. Admittedly, many drivers are terrible at handling a motor vehicle. That should help my point, but my fascist friends somehow think the police and heavy handed state can somehow make them better. The license certainly has no influence on it.

I consider driving a right, obviously subordinate to the rights of others. You have to be reasonably safe and follow the conventions of the road or you are hindering others in exercising their right to be mobile. Usually my discussions on the subject find me fielding questions like, "So, does Stevie Wonder have the right to drive then?" My fascist friends tend to piss me off. Obviously that is not the point, or even a reasonable question. Stevie can do whatever he wants as long as he doesn't pose an undue hazard to others. Unlike the CA Highway Patrol. They do what they want regardless of the consequence to others. At least the El Cajon crop.

So, you can get a license to fish without taking a test or even knowing how to fish. I like to think of it as a privilege. Do it wrong and your fishing privileges could be revoked. The idea of it comes down to the same thing; control and money.

These are the little things that seemed like a good idea, after all we are only protecting ourselves and our fish, and keeping track of everyone at the same time. I tend to think the purpose could have been served more creatively and without restricting freedom on a wholesale basis. These little things led to the "us vs them" mentality of law enforcement. "Them" being anyone who isn't a cop or a government official that could make trouble if subjected to the tyranny the rest of us enjoy.

It is a bucket that was filled a drip at a time. Until they got impatient and started dumping in a cup load at a shot, and now simply put the hose in and turn it up full blast. It almost makes me mad at the people who are dissenting. You could see this coming for fifty years, minimum. That's if you were half blind.

Now, if you disagree with the fascist totalitarian proposals they call you racist. Jimmy Carter does, anyway. It is the new technique being used to kill examination of principles and bring it back to personalities. Total bullshit and he knows it. Hell, more people absolutely despise Nancy Pelosi than they do Obama, even if they vehemently disagree with his policies, appointments, friends, colleagues and general philosophy. Does that mean they are sexist? Or maybe that, too, classes them as racist. They keep people ignorant so that they can play on that ignorance at times like this.

I absolutely believe we are headed toward a form of fascist state. Under Bush, we saw more of the framework set in place; homeland security dept, harassment of citizens who travel, etc. But it was not a cult of personality thing going then. Enter Obama and we have the charismatic leader who gets away with playing savior, dictating policy to private firms, heading up nationalization of any number of industries, etc. And his cronies plant little media seeds to villainize dissenters, and spread outright lies. People like me would be lumped in with religious right and God only knows who else.

I'm for legalizing freedom, and limiting the hell out of the power of any government. If we functioned under the constitution it would help. It leaves a lot to the states and I'd be wanting to find the one whose power was the most restricted. No state is within bounds at this time. They all got sold out, or bought out, due to the feds extorting them with their own money.

For many life will continue to be good even if the executive branch assumes pretty much all power. They are well on their way. The long term result and the consequence to many will not be so pleasant. It will be fine for those who play ball. But freedom as we used to think of the word will be dead. Some people just can't live in a world where being asked for credentials and to prove innocence at random is accepted. On top of that, even if the state is OK with you smoking a joint the feds come and raid the legitimate suppliers. Makes me think they are tied in with the foregn drug cartels and like the way it works; gangs and all that.

I just had to get this out, again. Obama was making a speech about how HE was going to make this and that against the law for the insurance companies. What gives him that power? Making laws? And telling private firms who they can do business with and how? I guess he'll force them to keep their doors open if they find his way to be highly unprofitable. Maybe he's a racist.

I threw that in for anyone who wanted something irrelevant to spice up the argument, like Carter claiming racism is behind the dissent. Turning the tables with equal justification in the assertion.

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