Friday, February 5, 2010

Some Things Add Up, Some Don't

Once again, Southern California is under assault from the environment. The sky is spitting rain on us. Almost as fierce as an average South Florida June afternoon. Horrors.

On my way home from the bizarro job in Paradise, I noticed that drivers were behaving as if they all took a hit of meth mixed with mushrooms. It was only misting a little at that point. So much of the driving made zero sense; People on highways cutting in between cars, with maybe a half car length to spare between the car in front and the one behind, into the next lane which wasn't going any faster. Then they'd cut back over and maybe move another lane over. It had nothing to do with making an exit or even making better time. Mass psychosis.

Now I realize that they were just practicing for when the roads got their first soaking which makes them quite slick here. It was as if it had snowed. Multi car bang ups, most of which could have avoided damage had they not been tailgating and outdriving the ability of the vehicle to maintain traction. I saw one chick interviewed on the news. She acted like she was in no way culpable because there just wasn't enough room between her and the car she hit for her to avoid the crash.

I don't get that.

I've heard bits and pieces of the Economy news. Unemployment is slightly down, but thousands more jobs have been lost? I believe this is a statistical batch of double talk. Most likely some factor that goes into the calculations was changed which redefined what is is. All that actually matters is whether one has work. They can call the economy anything. If you are losing money during an aleged boom phase, in your world the economy sucks.

Of course the reverse is true also. If I have regular income then the economy must be OK. Especially considering I don't beat the bushes much looking for work.

My friend, confidant and alter ego, Sparky

Constantly being told the same idea or opinion can influence your view of life and how you approach it. If They keep saying "there are no jobs out there", then people begin to think there is no way to earn a dollar. Someone makes jobs. I mean real jobs, stuff people need or want. I discount a large number of government jobs as neither needed nor wanted; much like the old mafia protection racket. You pay because they have the guns and make trouble if you don't.

Anyway, people make jobs. People create companies. It is not as if jobs are something dropped from the sky by the gods. You'd think so to hear the rhetoric because we are conditioned to believe that way. Who are you to create your own job? Think you are too good to be out unsuccessfully pitching companies about your worth? Or too good to hope for help from the new deity,. government?

I don't get it. What does "create jobs" mean when it is coming from a spokes-being for the government. just create them? I thought demand created jobs. Meeting demand, at any rate. More than not, government actually hinders the creation of jobs. It costs a fortune to run an above board business, and way more than the wage to hire an employee. You'd be surprised how few people realize that it costs roughly 40% more than what a person is being paid. That figure may be higher by now.

Now they are suggesting various breaks to businesses who hire those people who've been unemployed for more than 60 days. So, if you want to switch jobs, lie and say you have been out of work for months. Tell them "there are no jobs out there so no one would hire me".

I believe this is the problem when you give others so much power over so many facets of life---they screw it up worse than a newlywed taking marriage advice from the divorced alcoholic at the local sports bar. How about cutting taxes across the board, while we restructure the system so it is not an oppressive agency running outside of any real laws?

No, I don't get it. But I don't get how you spend your way out of debt. Or how you encourage commerce by increasing (the pc term is not increasing but returning to previous levels before taxes were cut years ago) taxes. Even if the RICH get a tax break it helps the not so rich. Those people buy stuff, hire people and break things that need fixing and replacing like you would not believe. That stimulates the economy and pays my rent.

Proportionately The Rich pay more taxes. I mean way more. If you check the portion the top 5% pay, it is staggering.

I want to go on record encouraging all who are able to fly, buy or lease private jets. It takes a damned village to build a jet, and that equals jobs. It takes even more to accommodate such jets, their passengers, maintenance, etc. The big PR campaign about private jets, categorizing them as somehow evil and an expense to John Q Public. If it is not a case of government officials using them needlessly, then this is just not the case.

I get the difference but lots of people don't. I'm not robbed at gunpoint to pay for some executive to fly around in a company jet. But when Nancy Pelosi flies her family around on one, it is paid by taxpayers whether they like it or not. Same for many of those people and their entourages. It is rare that there is legitimate reason for Congress Persons(?) and Senators to fly to China, Copenhagen, Fiji, etc. Yet many of the most insignificant travel and party on "fact finding missions. Happens all the time, and both parties have leeches who abuse power this way.

So, that whole routine, and the public's apparent acceptance of it--I don't get. Actually, I don't get how people can live with themselves knowing they are abusing such trust.

I think I get some of the theories around big bang and that. I don't get those who are so sure that one idea is absolutely it and explains all. Many who think they are evolutionists don't totally get that theory like they think. It appears to be partly valid but does not always hold like one would think. There are also jumps that don't explain the underlying why regarding life.
Anyway, either we exist or not and if anyone knows why, like I do, they aren't telling, just like I'm not telling. If you know the why, you can't tell. It's the Code.

Now, that is something I get. The Code. It is one of those things which needs no explanation.

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