Friday, April 6, 2012

Marketing Intangibles

The smartest thing an anti virus company could do is to either create a bit of malware for Mac, or just get the word out that something is out there which threatens Mac user security. We don't know the difference. It is all in 0s and 1s, anyway.

Despite the ease of creating a market, I have doubted the idea that Apple products are immune to hacker mischief and the kinds of little programs that evil doers like to create in order to ruin your day and/or steal stuff from you. This most recent scare finally motivated me, as I'm sure it has motivated many, to take action.

I almost went for the free stuff, but many open source things, though reportedly effective, are extremely complex when it comes to figuring out how to use them. The last thing I want is some anti-hoodlum software that requires me to jump through vaguely defined hoops on a regular basis.

From past experience I know I am no fan of Norton, and maybe one or two others. I did a little research and found something that is most highly rated, and it is purely for Mac, and not an afterthought of a company that has been windows oriented for the last couple of decades.

I'm testing Intego's program for 30 days, and if I like it, I'll pay up. It seems clear on the uninstall, which many virus programs are not. The major ones can be hard as hell to remove.

Other than companies who make money selling security software, what can be the motive for much of this stuff? Some of these trojans and whatnot don't steal identity or anything else, they just screw up the system. That is sicko. Anyone with skill enough to do that ought to have a bit more of a beneficent philosophy. I suppose sadism in its many forms is still a popular hobby.

We'll see how this goes. My impression so far is good enough.

Tonight we blow our horn for Heaven and all mankind. I hope for the best. I played it for K and L last evening and they liked it. L even asked me to do it again. Both times were clean and without error, so that has helped me be less nervous.

That virus barrier sure has an odd icon. It looks like a picture of a glue bottle--like those old bottles of LePages glue. I am not sure I get it.

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