Monday, November 16, 2015

No Good Side

Whereas I do believe the incessant self hatred of the progressive political class is at the root of the resurgence in racial hatred, I recognize that there are some real fools in all camps.

Some people sound like they are all ready to ride with the sheriff's posse and go get the bad guys.  "Let's have a neck tie party!", they shout while spinning a lariat rope.   I have to wonder why, if the whereabouts of the IS is known are people only now showing any serious resolve to wipe them out.

Or have they never known what is what and are we flailing in the dark?  I doubt it.  But if not, then something makes no sense.  Why would you wait until this?  Surely a political thing, and that means a person or persons high up is willing to compromise his values.

We Have Been PC Thinking Ourselves Right Over the Edge

Here's the deal.  I don't like funerals very much.  But I do go to those of friends and relatives.
I don't not go to funerals around town just to show solidarinosc and assure them that I do not think my friends and relatives matter more than theirs.

I feel more of a connection with Europe than I do with the MidEast.  Just the way it is. heritage, genealogy, who knows.  Also I tend to expect a lot of blowing up in the mid east. Not sure where that idea came from.

It just works out that I am more upset when Paris gets attacked than I am about cities which have less in common with whatever home is.   That does not mean I am thrilled about any of it.  I have wondered how all the players over there could let this band of lunatics rise to such power.  I suspect we've armed them indirectly.

But to get upset because we tend to mourn our own more intensely than we do the misfortune of strangers is to be searching for yet another excuse to play superior to one's people by vilifying them for their natural compassion.  Hate your own people because they react naturally.  These other places are certainly not as sympathetic toward others as they are their own.

Another of the self hating white people trying to pander so they can be cool and glom on to the victimhood of minorities.   If they do it just right, no one will notice that they are white, or even rich and white.  It is almost an Uncle Tom horse of a different color.  

I mean, why be so race obsessed?  I suspect it is the only way they can sooth their secret angst at their true feelings of superiority. They will lead the poor, ignorant other minorities against the white, Mr. Man devil.   Kind of like musical chairs.  Can't parse it down much further, although the lbgt contingent managed to get some traction there.

If I were famous, I could not say this.  It would be taken wrong in many circles anyway.

You cannot fix racism or oppression with more racism and oppression.  Affirmative action has been a big step in that direction.  The shaping of the culture has encouraged it.  And now we wonder why students consider it peaceful as long as they are in control or the ones being heard.  Never mind all the violations of the rights of others.  In their minds, if you disagree with them, you are evil, and trying to kill them, so any form of retaliation is OK.  Standard victim mentality fare.

It is embarrassing what people say and do.  The upset that Paris got such attention is twisted.  Do you think the Chinese see it as we do?  Probably not.  France is not a big deal to them in that way.  Doesn't mean they are happy about it.  Now, I know the self haters can't say anything bad about China, and it is just human nature for what I said to be true.  So, how can you argue with that?

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