Monday, October 1, 2012

Why I'm Not One

Besides the fact that my beliefs just do not fall in line with any of the over ritualistic creeds,  my aversion to crowds would probably put me off of this outfit anyway.  Some religions think that you are damned if you are not one of them.  Or that you still are damned if you aren't baptized, or don't make it to some pilgrimage, or don't do any number of rituals as prescribed by the holy ones and their holy texts.

I'd go nuts if I were in the middle of that crowd.  This is one reason I'm no good for demonstrations--do not enjoy being part of a mob.  Besides, I find most demonstrations to be obnoxious, and something about that form of expression doesn't sit well.  One day, I'll have it reasoned out.  Anyway, how can mob people hack it?  You couldn't easily get out of the middle of that mob.
I think they are wrong, if not entirely annoying.  But here's the deal.  How many sick, sneezy people would it take to make this bunch of pilgrims go home sick?  Flu season.  This kind of mob is a virus's wet dream.

Fair Play Hunting in SoCal

This is from the LA Times:

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Jerry Brown signed a new law that will allow hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses and vetoed another that would have restricted sheriffs from helping federal authorities detain undocumented Californians for potential deportation.

So, the way I interpret this is that for whatever political pandering reasons, Jerry and the CA legislature have OK'd a license to run away in motor vehicles for illegals, and Jerry has blocked attempts to thwart the local sheriff from chasing them down to help the feds deport the illegal visitors.
I remember when he was running for president, and he would arrive somewhere and walk down the steps of the aircraft to a mini-press conference, so obviously stoned to the gills.  That was in his Linda Rhonstadt days. She was hot. Then. Wonder if he's still blitzed?  He didn't do much in legalization effort.  But the crime lobby doesn't want it legal here.  Jer-bear is very sensitive to the needs and feelings of lobbyists.  Sometimes, like the illegal driver's license thing, he can play both sides.

That's kind of like going bow hunting and giving Bambi a head start, I guess.  Seems fair.  "We can still send you back to El Jefe's hacienda in Guadalajara, but you can legally run away in a US Chevy with a CA driver's license, and half the big cities are "sanctuary cities" so have at it.  (just another phrase for, "we need more crime in our town").   Maybe you can vote, too.  You can get the license but those people won't rat you out to immigration, is my impression.  Maybe two hours after you leave they tell the sheriff who then chases you around.

California and Governor Moonbeam.   The only consistency here is inconsistency.

I understand this is all based on the Obama bit of pandering which, to me, is highly discriminatory based on age.  If you are young and beautiful, and here illegally, the president and others want you.  Bad.  They ache for you.  If you are over 30, too bad, Pablo and Pabla, you go home and eat dirt!  I think I see the motive now.  It is scandalous, but illegals are less likely to go to authorities to report perverted authorities.  See what's up here?   

Tell you one thing, if Moonbeam's around and I drop the soap, I ain't picking it up.

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