Saturday, December 7, 2013

So Quick to Forget

I must have forgotten how far Key Largo is from San Diego.  I'm telling everyone, "Oh yea, I'll stop here an there along the way, as if it is just a leisurely few days.  I'm thinking I better see them all on the way back, otherwise I'd have about thirty minutes to visit and it won't work well.

OK.  Anyone on the trail, expect a call today or tomorrow, depending upon when you see this.  I've driven it before but don't recall how that worked out.  Plus I think I had some monster drives of 14 or 18 hours.  I'm not so sure I'm up for that this time.

Two hours driving and a fifteen minute break.  That is probably the best way to pace.  I wonder why I didn't realize that placing additional time pressure would queer the deal.  (not that there's anything wrong with queered deals in the new millennium.  Even so, the term has a good ring and expresses the meaning well)

It will work out.  I certainly want to see my friends and kin.  How could I have been so cavalier in my trip preparation?  Not too hard when you're the guy who left Memphis for a life unknown, in an undetermined location out west, with only a map of the southeastern United States.  No gps at that time either.  I knew which way was west and that I'd be going through Taos, NM.  Other than that I had not much plan.  I expected to hit Seattle.  San Diego was not expected.  Chance encounter with a long lost friend put this place on the tour.

So, my history of researching and planning trips, major moves, or life changes is a bit sketchy.

I know I want to be in South Florida by the 20th or 21st.  This is why I need a mate.  She would have all that stuff worked out and make the drive that much more pleasant.  Only a dumb ass would manage to come up without, at this point in life.

If the shoe fits

Oh Folk Yourself

"Those folks on the other side of the aisle..." blablabla.   Folk this and folk that.    Does it make it less offensive or stylistically banal to use the word "folks" when rambling on in an effort to divide and conquer the idiots of America?   Obama seems to think so.  So do a slew of others in the business of getting paid to rob Peter to appease Paul.

I think Bush may have used that word, too.  I find him no more offensive than Obama on that score, though the big O tends more to act like it is taken for granted that he is king, and that he allows Congress to operate just so those folks can pretend they have influence.  When he used "folks", it warranted the same response as when Obama uses it, in my book---watch out, you are about to be screwed.  Or you already have been.  At any rate it is a flag that guarantees a politician is not being fully truthful.

What is really classic is when islamic terror groups are referred to as folks.   "Well, uh, those folks just blow themselves up in public places, darnit all".   Or punks and thugs; "Those folks in the Crips have got something to say, just like the folks who cross the border in search of a better life and other folks in their drug cartel outfits".

If you say folks it sounds homey and innocent.  Or if you are being less than impartial, it makes you seem less vindictive.  "Those doggone republican folks want to kill women and poison all minorities".   See, by folking it up, the total absurdity is diluted, and it sounds like you are reasonable and tolerant.  Good propaganda trick.

Of course you hear that folk thing from Rush and other radio people too; "Folks, don't say I didn't warn you..."blablabla.  It gives the feel of a modern day prophet standing on the back of a hay wagon addressing a multitude of good, honest, hardworking farm folk looking to a leader to tell them what's  what.  I've even seen people use it in comments on the net in an attempt to give themselves an air of credibility or superiority.

That is even more obnoxious.  They are like the demonstration people with the bullhorns--dying to assume the role of self appointed leader.  "Folks, be afraid. Be very afraid."   Brilliant, you worthless dweeb!

I've seen that exact comment more than once.  Or even better, "You voted for him, folks.  Live with it."  That folks thing is a way of separating yourself from the ignorant masses and placing yourself above them.  As if they actually value your opinion more than their own.

It works.  Plenty of people go for stuff like that.  Too bad.

Speaking of absurd bandwagon folky nonsense.  The argument used to defend the healthcare debacle, or divinely inspired, mysteriously odd law, that "Hey, those folks on the other side haven't offered me an alternative or a better plan"..blablabla, is in no way an argument which justifies anything.  No one has come up with a surer cure for cancer than amputation or drowning, either. Geez, fuquit!

We prevent crime by shooting all strangers because they may be harboring criminal intent.   Hey, you haven't come up with a better way so this way must be right.

Folks is one of those dog whistles, a la Chris Matthews (pundit and horse's ass).   It is code for "we've dumbed you down to the point where you cannot follow simple logic, and you'll believe anything if we tell you you'll get a prize for believing it".  Often the prize is that you get to be an official victim.  "These folks have been neglected by their surrogate god and parent, the government".  Those folks on the other side want them all to suffer and die!

We're all official victims, and beneficiaries, of the system. or better;
Folks, we're all official victims, and beneficiaries, of the system.

See the difference?   It is as if that added word gives a stamp of authenticity.  It's grassroots, homey, populist.  It goes from opinion to compassionately stated fact.  It must be true, he called us folks.

It does feel better when hordes of fanatic lunatics out to kill infidels and such are referred to as "those folks over there", or "the radical folks who give islam a bad name".

So, if you want to soften the truth, veil corrupt or violent people and events, all you have to do is folk it up like crazy.  A good propagandist and a good politician is one who is at home folking things up--a consummate folk up.

"Sure I rag on the folks on wall street, but they sure have made out like bandits as a result of the policies my folks have put in place".  And the cool thing is that the little folks, and most in between folks, seem to have no idea it is happening.  But they do feel good when every thing is all folked up.  Has that Woody Guthrie feel to it.


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