Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Meant to Go Medical

Oh my god. Ever wonder about those guys you may have seen in weird news reports who don't wash for years at a time? I think know what motivates that sort of negligence. They may suffer from what is ailing me.

 Every time I take a shower now, afterward horrible itching of arms torso and sometimes legs occurs. Scratching is no good. Screaming helps, but not much, as does pounding on the walls and throwing things. It s that maddening, although I did not actually throw things or scream much. Just a few loud expletives.

 I try to relax and slow everything down. Even though had taken a Zirtec earlier, it raged just now. I finally took a benedryl even though the other is supposed to be a 24 hour fix. First time I tried that one. No good. I think that is what the Z one is called.

 I did claretin a couple of days ago. It was sort of OK. For two days I put off going in to the Alpine clinic which I think may be minimal on red tape. I'm not sure any medical place can be basic and not insane and still be legal.

 This is the sort of thing you cannot live with. On your own with no relief you offer yourself a shark bait or buzzard food at the the bottom of a high drop off. All is well if do nothing even slightly active, and if I stay away from the shower. After shower is the very worst. It is a sure thing that trouble and the inside out itches will attack.

I've seen some similar symptoms described but always the people had it from preteen years into 20s or 30s, and I saw no comment from anyone older. I think it is because they all jump off cruise ships or out of planes without a chute before they get any older.

I have seen discussion of relieving symptoms, but no talk of real cause or cure. However one person I discussed this with thought it could be adrenal gland related, and suggested getting a medrol pack, I think it is called. It is a round of drug you take for a specified number of days. It is supposed to get the adrenalin running better. Is that what it is called--that packet of pills you take? Medrol pack or ybe hydogoblinosophine pack. Must be one of the two.

Yay. Must be the benedryl. Irritation finally subsided. I cannot think of anything new that would set this off...except I haven't been smoking. That is the only obvious change. I can't start back, I'm too used to not burning my clothes and not smelling like wet ashes.

If I find out that this is related to chem trails, the NSA, CIA, or RFID chips, I am not going to be pleased.

edit--time has passed
wtf is going on. Now it attacking with a vengeance. Popped another benedryl and don't dare tke anything else, but I may add claritin to the ix if it doesn't end. Already I'm pushing it. This is unreal, unholy, unfair, unbearable. Whoever came up with this design must not have known or cared what an annoyance certain types of pain and bizarre sensations can be. Got to be a better way. FAAHHHHHCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#$%^&*)_

edit-more time has passed
Finally, it eased up some.  The benedryl makes me feel weird but anything to reduce the symptoms. Tomorrow morning I go in.  Uh oh, it is wanting to flare. I have to sit in one position not leaning back against anything. If I am going to sleep I have to lay down or prop up.  What would Jesus do?  One can only wonder.  What would Vladimir Putin do?  Yes, I see now.  Given the resources I'd invade a country and start  war just to distract myself.  We are onto something.

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