Monday, February 28, 2011

Holy Rolling Gig Wed

Never would I have guessed I'd be paid to play a fundraiser for a church. Lutherans. GV1 and his wife go there so that is how it all started.

Surprising to me is the fact that I find their pastor an interesting and down to earth guy. He's the sort I could be friends with. I am just probably not on the same page in a churchy way.

I played some odd fundraisers in Memphis, too. The closest to a holy thing was a fundraiser for a Jewish private school. They may not have been that into us. I found the Japanese wedding gig a little bit of an odd fit as well. They were very nice and polite, of course.

We had our last practice tonight. This time we were unplugged. Usually we have the stuff set up and the monitors hooked up. This time, no. It went very well, I thought. I worked on a few things on my own which I wasn't happy with the last time we practiced. It paid off.

It was probably good that this practice got put off a couple of days, and that we have an off day in between. That is better sometimes. As long as everyone has fun. it will go well. It may be that I can help take the lead in the attitude department.

I'm looking forward to this. We have plenty of material. Our first set is just short of an hour non-stop. That's a pretty good set. I love going an hour or more per set but I haven't been in that situation in forever. The Memphis boys were fond of short sets. 45 minutes would be a long set for them. Not that they didn't work hard when playing. And sometimes the noise triggered something that made me dizzy and the sounds all got weird.

This ought to be interesting. I just hope there will be some people who appreciate it. We'll see. My friends are good singers with some really great harmonies, and the guitar players do not play out of tune. They often catch it before I do.

***according to GV1, you know how to spot an extroverted Lutheran? It's one who looks at your shoes when talking with you.

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