Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Not Exactly a Truther or a Falser

However it happened, the buildings came down. I don't think the airplanes are the whole story, but in some ways it doesn't matter. It changed things; at first for the better, as far as national attitude toward one another. Certainly not for the innocent people affected, or the businesses, or those beautiful buildings. But the event was used to change a lot for what seems the worse. Politically co-opted. Never let a crisis go to waste. See, it isn't just the dems who ride that horse.

Like so many politicized events, there may be some things worth looking at which go against the knee jerk reaction. And different people have different knee jerk reactions programmed in. Like some are programmed to believe republicans are just fat cats all for the big money people and democrats are for the working man, or that democrats are all about taxes and nanny laws while having orgies in the park, and republicans are small government, fiscally responsible, religious fanatics. Some truth in those thoughts, but not a whole lot when you look at the record.

I know the money bit is wrong. If you do not think tons of ultra big money people are democrats, you are simply lying to yourself, or highly misinformed. Same with the other guys. Much of the time it depends on the money source or other circumstances who backs whom. They really do not care about any ideals or philosophy, just influence with whomever is in power.

Anyway, I'm watching the battle lines form over this teacher thing in Chicago. I haven't researched it in detail, but even I know when I hear half truths, and I have on both sides. Don't be fooled, the union president may be a bolshevik, but she is not stupid. The points of contention don't cover a few items which I heard her discuss.

I think what we have is a situation which is fueled by some big money which is benefitting from playing musical schools, pitted against a sort of red army which is after power, security and a collectivist society. Oddly, the two factions in this case are usually on the same side. It just happens that the money people behind all Chicago doings stepped on the toes of a major support block.

The union members tend to lose my support, as if I was ever in solidarinosc with them, when I see them sporting Che T-shirts. This is why I abhor chattering, chanting mobs. Mobs, like committees, quickly develop a group IQ equal to half that of their dimmest member.
WWCD--What would Che do? He'd shoot the opposition and wax poetic about the smell of blood and gun powder
Oh, but it's for the KIDS!!! I can hear that whining battle cry from here. This has zilch to do with the sacred children, our greatest resource. Barf. <that's me barfing

Well 11 years ago, for just a few days, or maybe a week or so, Americans were mostly Americans, and they dropped their hyphens and attitudes for the most part. Even in Memphis.
a day or two after 911, I happened to drive into typical unfriendly, semi-gangland, and had to turn around in one of those gravel parking lots by a small 'hood style grocery store where mean looking men who drink out of brown paper bags hang out. Usually they'd start for the car or stand and bow up in a challenging way, and I would maneuver quickly and speed out of there.

That day, though, we exchanged nods and looks that I interpreted to mean, "I have no idea what's going on, but maybe we're on the same side right now." That was kind of how it seemed. I doubt any of us in that parking lot were thinking, "Hey, I guess the smart thing is to add a domestic security force, circumvent the Constitution and make great strides toward a police state. Search me! Please!". I'm sure that was not our initial reaction.

That was the reaction of some, and obviously the strategy the federal government spearheaded as a way of making people think they were taking action. Then we declared another common noun war--terror. Or in W's case, Tara. He declared war on Scarlett O'Hara's ancestral home.

Like the war on drugs, a war on terror leaves room for anything. I guess war on poverty or obesity is wide open to pretty much anything too.

There was some sort of ad or public service announcement, maybe a presidential grandstanding piece of fluff about doing community minded soviet bs on 911. A day of national service or some such nonsense. I worked. I consider that just fine. If you did any kind of work that people need, then you did national service. If you bought something you did a service. People have jobs because people buy stuff.

But, if you wear a special T-Shirt and make a big deal about picking up trash or some other wonderful deed that everyone can witness, I'm sure you feel better. "It feels so good to give back." I keep this up I'll have to eat breakfast and lunch all over again. How such nonsense becomes accepted as a lofty thought, I do not know. If you weren't taking what is not yours would you have reason to give back? Your daily life is just one suck from the community fest, so out of guilt you have to conspicuously give back?

I understand doing things because you can and you think it will help some known or unknown people. I do not call it giving back. I just consider it is living and doing what I think is right or what I want to do. People who do a good job as parents are doing a hell of a lot more for the world than conspicuous self aggrandizing whatchamacallits.

On a politically incorrect note, and I dare you to prove me wrong, never mind. It was out of line but still mostly true. It's been overcast, rainy, and foggy all day in my part of SoCal. About half the drivers don't get that you turn on your lights and refrain from riding the bumper of the vehicle in front of you under such conditions. I guess they do not know that the lights are so you can be seen, not for increasing your field of view.

I wonder if they have to pass any kind of test to get a driver's license in Baja California. Judging from the cars with plates from there, I'd think not. They seem frazzled just figuring out how to make the thing go forward.

"Religion of Peace". Right. Maybe the only one I believe that of is the Quakers.

What Now?

This relates to one of the topics in a post two titles down from this one.

What now? As discussed in that entry, it is a question which I find difficult to answer because I often hide what it is I truly want from myself. That is nuts, I guess. The mind, or mine, is like that; clouding pure thoughts of a particular nature with modifiers, limits, poor self evaluations, pessimism, whatever it takes.

I am working on it. I have the strong feeling the answer involves a woman of unknown identity and location. That's a start. When I have a clear picture of something, and an honest desire, I can usually find a way to make it materialize. Other people do such things every day, so even the damaged souls can achieve a degree of success. Being pure of heart is helpful I think, so I guess I need to work on that.

Wow, On the Edge of the Big Picture

Due to certain newsworthy events, the hotshot is cutting out early from the socal vacation at the puppet master's resort home where I do work. I am fairly certain I know why the sudden departure, cutting about a week off the down time. It is kind of cool in a way. I know who's in a pickle and who needs some bolstering, and, in this case, how the dots connect.

It may be addictive and fuel the ego but life in the thick of manipulated markets and political intrigue has got to be miserable. Or it would be for me and most others with a strong conscience. If your goal is purely some trumped up legacy, and winning--whatever that means in that world--then I guess that is the world for you.

I'm sure this particular hotshot quite innocently possesses the elitist mentality and that he thinks he knows best for the "masses" and that it is kind of him to be in a position of power; tax paid and with many perks. Hopefully the not so secret service didn't trash the BBall net this time. Otherwise, the govt. spooks usually don't leave much mess. They may have special "cleaners" if anything real messy took place. If you know what I mean; like five people check in and only four plus an extra suitcase check out. Maybe they'll make me a spy. I'd be perfect--no roots or history.

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