Saturday, July 25, 2015

I Wish I Wasn't a Med Skeptic

The medicine racket became more of a racket whenever it became so close with government.  I guess insurance companies count there too. They got in with government and that allowed for the small print and inhibiting the natural direction a doctor might want to take in a particular case.

So now, I go for a blood test and am given giant bottles for 24 hour urine collection?  What?
Then I look at paperwork.  This was ordered in march with an early lab test but they never did it. So now they want to. What a waste of time.   I already know that nothing of use will be found.  The stuff they are testing for is highly unlikely and not indicated.  Maybe there is some remote thing. How do we know.,

So, now after the blood test Dr Dracula leaves an unintelligible message on the answering machine.  I caught the end where he said stop the poison pill until I see him on monday.  He actually said until I see him. No way he knows even when that is.  It would be like lowering his station to be involved in something so pedestrian as that.

I also heard enough to know that something is alarmingly low.  What do you expect?  Give a pill that kills cell production, cell count may be low.  Something will be.  Sop who knows. I am losing my patience with this stuff.  I think the truth is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me except I am a problem child.  It is all mental.  Or because I'm an alien being trapped on earth.

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