Tuesday, September 18, 2012

End of s Short Era

I'm not in the pic but I played with these guys, Tim and Jeff. They can rock and have sometimes actually got a little jam going. I played Amazing Grace with them and Jeff must have given me four different solos on it. He has done some really good R & B covers. Can't recall the name of the best he did, but hear it in my mind.
I thought someone else was playing with Cliff and me; probably the bass player off frame to right, and drummer who is hidden. City of New Orleans. Everyone does covers I'd never suggest. I even had to sing a verse. But I get to start off with a fast train rhythm which speeds up them slows down. Cliff sounded good and was easy to play with as always. He's really something unique.

It is unusual for me to set aside a particular day or night on a consistent basis for a single purpose. Over the last several months--has it been a year?--I've dedicated most Saturday nights to the Valley Music open mic.

So, Saturday night was the last one. I was house sitting but K and M watched things while I was gone. I wouldn't worry leaving the five mammals and one bird for an hour or two, but from 5 until 11 PM is risky when you are responsible for someone else's house. At night is when creatures like to make mischief, eat remotes, garbage dive, etc.

That was the same day I fell down the stairs. I feel fine but I think it rattled my brain. I'm now a different person.

It was not jam packed with people, but enough. It seemed that everyone who played, including me, was thinking this the last one so may as well play it right. Everyone brought out their best I think. I didn't fret over one mistake or another because I didn't sense any big gaffes. I played twice and was lost in the enjoyment of playing--when nothing else exists, cares are locked out, and time stands still.

People are trying to figure a new venue, and a friday thing has started somewhere I haven't yet been. That is a bad night for me usually, but we'll see. Valley put me in touch with enough people that I can go many places and probably know someone I met. There are musical get togethers all over San Diego county. I just try to avoid going downtown and some of those more difficult places.

Too bad. This thing had grown into something special, and the quality improved at a steady pace.

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