Thursday, June 16, 2011

Subaru Service Dept Review

Finally, while in Dallas, I was able to resolve the horn honking when I start up issue. Cousin J suggested I go to Sewell Subaru, across from Love field in Dallas.

The place is first class. The customer lounge is spiffy with plush furniture, a soda machine at your disposal, and big pot of sweet tea, and it is not like the usual waiting area. It is more like a nice hotel lobby.

The service area itself has tile floor, very spacious bays and not a spot of trash or grime anywhere.

The tech fooled with some loose wires on a tiny box that the selling dealer had on there for some security reason. That was all it took. They said they could remove the box altogether but it would cost about $100 because the guy would have to rewire the stuff back where it goes. They seemed to think it would be OK and weren't pushing to do it so I didn't.

The diagnostic charge is $80, which is explained up front. They charged $0.00. The service writer was competent and able to explain everything in detail. All of them seem competent and not trying to mouse anyone. I decided I was due an oil change since I've driven maybe 5000 miles so far and had them do it.

I wish they were in SD county because I'd rather have them do the brakes and timing belt when due than anyone else.

So, I highly recommend the Sewell Subaru service department.
And I did not wait all that long. I got there at 2 and left before 3:30.
5 stars.

Magic Is Still Mojoing

Too many things have been going on in the last few days to leave room to write. Many of them probably wouldn't excite most people, but it has been great from my view point.

My Dallas cousins give me lessons in being gracious and most other facets of life. I've had great time seeing the town with them and visiting my aunt. I also had a good visit with my cousin J's son, J. He's one upbeat good hearted guy and I think his looks will help his various efforts in the marketplace as well.

Now I'm in Austin. I spent the day holding and entertaining my not yet three months old niece, V. I'm pretty sure she was talking to me when no one else could hear. She said, "Gruncle!". Then she laid an egg, so to speak.

I have to admit, I like babies. They are at that stage I never outgrew--trying to make sense of all the sound and fury around them. She may like everyone, but I think we hit it off in any case. It's like holding a giant bobble head doll, with the object being to make sure the head stays attached. Rarely, if ever, have I seen a happier, more relaxed new mother. Now I know the pics of her working on the computer between contractions were the real deal. She said she didn't want to think about being uncomfortable and figured the baby would come pretty soon. Or something like that.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet the Horse Boy foundation people at the ranch where they work with autistic children. It's about an hour from here. I was there but it is not easy to find. I ended up at someone else's place. He said he's does work for them sometimes but today was too hot. I followed him there and no one was home. He called them up and they said 10am tomorrow would be a good time to come.

I have no idea what I expect there. I just felt a strong desire to go there from the time I watched the Horse Boy documentary. After that I will come back and adore my little grand niece and enjoy the fine view from my nephews back deck on the north west outskirts of Austin.

All the people I have connected with on this tour have been supernatural and magic. I must have needed something and they have given it. All about the love I guess.

In some cases I had apprehensions, preconceived ideas, etc., but each time those were laid to rest and I have been blown away by the acceptance, hospitality, and kindness. I hope that these people receive something of the like from me. I try but can't imagine they get as much out of it as I do. I hope so anyway.

It is still HOT everywhere. Today was 100 degrees.

How my brother raised such sons, I will never know. He broke the chain. These guys are sane and appear to have better than average functionality in their relationships. It didn't seem possible considering ...

I hope I'm around long enough to keep this little niece straight and not selling out to The Man. Tomorrow we'll work on teaching her to sing the blues.

Maybe I'll have pics to put up soon.

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