Monday, July 2, 2012

Product Reviews; part 722012

After a little checking online, I decided to purchase another Dewalt sander. The one I have has done fairly well. The Makita I used for awhile was great in many ways, but the clips which hold the paper fell apart because the metal spring clips are poorly attached into the molded plastic sides, and when that plastic bit breaks off, it is not good.

The Dewalt has OK clips to hold the sandpaper, but it is kind of a pain. They didn't fall off after much extended use, so that is a plus.

We are talking 1/4 sheet finish sanders here. I do, however, use them for pre-finish work a lot. Sometimes you can't go the random orbital route.

OK. So it seemed that Home Depot was as good a place as any to get the sander. I checked various places online and prices were about the same.

Before I forget, the Makita did not come with any sort of carrying case. A big minus--but it was fairly cheap.

Alright. I went to the power tool section of my favorite Home Depot--the one in Poway, CA. They had the display model, but were out of stock of the Dewalt sander I wanted. Then I noticed the Ridgid sander--whoever named that brand was a master of subliminal messaging--which was priced the same as the Dewalt. Both are at the upper end of HD's selection.

The various specs were about the same; amps, rate of vibration or orbit, etc. But I noticed the Ridgid unit had a different setup for holding the sandpaper. It looked as if it was less likely to pinch or annoy fingertips, and it seemed an easier and possibly more durable design.

So, I said forget bothering with waiting for the truck and all the things the helpful store rep suggested so I could get the Dewalt. I took the risk and bought the subliminal tribute to my masculine virility. For me, the Ridgid is most suitable, I decided.

This unit has seen hours of constant use--earplugs are worth their weight in gold. Some practice is required, but the system for attaching the paper is far quicker and easier than other sanders I've used, and it seems to be hanging together. The thing functions very well.

I ended up buying another one* so that my helper and I could both be sanding simultaneously. They have worked out well, and believe me, they have endured a little bit of abuse.

They come in a soft case made of heavy fabric of some kind, which I prefer to the hard shell case which houses my Dewalt. The case is no larger than it needs to be, the zipper which closes the top works well, and the pouch is useful.

I'm very pleased with this device and would recommend the Ridgid 1/4 sheet sander without reservation unless you are one who goes for the stuff that costs hundreds of dollars. In that case, you are on your own.

Oh, I like the Ridgid sander's on-off switch setup much better than either Dewalt or Makita.

*part of the deal for me doing this job is that THEY would pay for the sanders.

Another Pic someone sent me

sent to me with the caption, "Harmonica Whore" because I play with a variety of people--almost all who ask--local joke and nickname. shades due to sun shining through storefront as it was setting, causing unpleasant glare. Not sure who took this or others. They make the facebook circuit then a friend clues me in

For once, I really hope to get the video of something I played last Sat. and the big open mic gala/fundraise. Actually, I was part of a contingent of people who were specifically asked to come play and do more than the usual ten minute set. That was nice.

Anyway, I wonder how that one thing turned out. It can feel one way when you run a solo for a few minutes, but you can't know how it projects. Especially because half the sound when playing diatonic harmonica is rumbling around in your head because that crazy thing is in your mouth. Sounds obscene. Could be wherein lies the appeal.

Finally, a day without a big work push. Plenty else to do.

I am lucky for at least two reasons, maybe more. One is that the powers that be tend to smile upon me at unpredictable times for unknown reasons. Another reason is that I realize my good fortune and don't blame you or Bush or Obama for my shortcomings. That doesn't mean I agree with what I see as the slow erosion and increasingly rapid progress of our nation toward a thing of little liberty and personal breathing space. Be that as it may. I still know the important aspects of what gets in my way aside from that, and it is I.

Lately, though, I've been finding the little victories approach working so that I'm surprised I am less bogged down and unproductive. Anything I do becomes a small accomplishment in my mind--laundry, maintenance, work today instead of putting it off until tomorrow, etc. Even tiny things, like washing a dish.

I was very bogged down for awhile. Most of my life, on and off. I'm enjoying the unusual feeling of being alive enough not to crave escape every waking minute. It doesn't feel like a manic swing this time, but who knows if it is or not. It has lasted for about two weeks. Two weeks in which taking that first step toward anything wasn't a huge obstacle and an unpleasant chore.

I don't remember that happening since one time when I was 28 visiting my brother with my then wife. He had some minor projects around the yard that had been put off. I immediately started moving rocks and such rather than analyze the amount of work, the dread which my father instilled in me, etc. I gave that up a year later and got drunk for several years.

Comparing this pic with the one in prev post, it is clear I was working the mic according to what was appropriate at the time. A friend played Orange Blossom Special, his way but kind of like C. McCoy, and sounded really good. Very good guitar player and harp player--much more the bluegrass/country player than I am. You can bet, as much as I do not even care for the tune, I will learn OB Special and be able to do it fast one of these days soon. I hope to play it once and then forever put requests for it to bed. It is like asking me to hit my head with a hammer for your enjoyment. But after hearing Les play, I just have to do it. Once.

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