Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Time to Get Something Done

The bizarre physical thing prevented me from doing much work today.  2 hour long attacks.   Blablabla.
Tests are needed to rule out implants placed by aliens, too sexy for my shirt syndrome, and outright  psychotic delusions and hallucinations.

It is highly unlikely that allergy is actually at play.  Just don't accidentally spill a glass of water all over the front of your shirt.  If if you are clever enough to keep spare shirts in your car.  You will find the attack comes within minutes.

Maybe we'll get some response from the medical world. Sold stocks in anticipation of costly tests.  Desperate measures for desperate times.  This is rendering me unable to work or get anything much done.  Anything that involves labor and such. I can read and write without such likelihood of setting off a flare up.

Yesterday it interfered with playing music after a short while of playing.  Had to hide most of the time.  And pace.  Pacing is necessary for coping at those times.

I'm not sure I'd chance a shower right now if you paid me $500.   If you paid $5000, I probably would; knowing I'd curse myself for doing it for the next couple of hours.

It's a challenge, but when I try I can usually get things done.  We'll see.  Ever know a doctor, lawyer or airline pilot whose ego was such that they could see it when you were right and they needed to alter their view?     I haven't noticed that but I used to be a pro at making them think my idea was their idea.   may have lost my touch.  I think they know what I'm up to these days, so they double down on their arrogant efforts to make life unpleasant for people like me.  Bless their hearts..  That's my token of peace.  I'm in no shape to be fighting battles with people or institutions.  I try

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