Sunday, May 18, 2014

Just Wondering about the Privilege Issue

Recently I learned that the big rage on campus, and in other circles which enjoy a degree of insulation and, in a way, isolation, is to filter interpersonal relationships, one's moral compass and world view through the lens of "checking your privilege".  The privilege checkers I've read or heard seem oddly guilty, arrogant, and condescending, while telling themselves they are being empathetic and a whole lot nicer, hipper, and more aware than their awful forefathers.

I'm not sure what "check your privilege" means.  And when I'm in doubt I think to myself, "What would Steve Martin's character in The Jerk do?".  I'd make a bracelet expressing that sentiment in handy initials, but there are so many in this case that I might forget what they mean.  Besides, I'm not going to forget my go-to guy for this sort of thing.

Anyway, this in depth consideration leads me to ask, "Is privilege like special purpose?  If so, I've got one of those!!!  I'll check it now."  

For that reason, I'm reluctant to ask anyone to check his privilege.   It seems a bit personal and out of bounds.  Sign of the times I suppose; big brother, militarized police having wet dreams about martial law, people generally all up in everyone else's business.


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