Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Confederacy of Conspiracy? Or Else...

When I step back, and try my best to look at things without my usual, natural bias regarding certain cultures, which I find obnoxious, annoying, or repulsive, and while suspending my usual disdain of centralized authority and government organizations which give power to people like those in administration at S Miami Jr High, many years ago, it tends to pique my skepticism of current news information and governmental activity rather than relieve it.  It is very hard to suspend resentment and dislike for the Mr. Bobo people of the world and of government.  He is the one who informed me and my mother that I was tone deaf at age twelve.  Jerk.  Public school.  Conformist camp.  Idiots reign supreme.
I had no idea what he was asking and told him so.

Just part of my glitch, but no one got it.  He was so unbelievably wrong.  Public schools.  We are supposed to believe they are healthy swell outfits.  I'd say the system is highly flawed.  Just look at the windowless new schools they put up. Huge institutions that look and behave like prisons.  Usually too large to operate well.  Criminal how it works.  And now cops all over the place.  That should not be the norm in schools.

Turns out I am far from tone deaf.  But that is a very good example of how self important academics and people in power can promote lies and get by with it due to their credentials.  "Scientists say!..blablabla"  Who are these scientists?

Once upon a time all the cool stuff mostly came out of Bell Labs.  Now anyone titled "scientist"  is on a government payroll doing whatever keeps the money coming.  In the world of government funding, that means not stepping on the wrong toes, and often is of no value to anyone.

That is all well and good.

My questioning of the entire big picture stuff troubles me.  That is because it makes no sense.   I still think republicans play foil for democrats and couldn't survive without them.  They pretend to be the resistance.  But then they get all gung ho about laws that serve no real benefit as if that is the most pressing problem there is.

I hate to say it, but if you aren't my wife, and I don't know you, I do not care if you carry your babies to term.  If anyone is really honest, you know damned well you wish some of the aberrant wacko, violent, ignorant people around would fail to multiply.  And no way are you happy to see them preggers.  In any case, it is not a crisis.  The crisis is trying populate the earth with incompetent idiots who can't take care of anyone or any thing.

Again, that is beside the point.  It is a case in which the pretend resistance--not neo progressive BS resistance movement, but the pretend republican resistance to the Left's totalitarian dreams--goes off on a tangent so that the bipartisan stage play, cronyism and graft can go on without any real trouble.  A decoy cause that people fall for. Because they cannot figure out what government ought to do.

My trouble is that I find heavy duty religious ritual to be abhorrent, particularly islamic craziness, and I have no doubt that we have aided terrorists abroad or created fertile ground for trouble.  No idea why.  I have never approved of our mideast strategy, but perhaps I am too stupid to appreciate it.  What I am not too stupid to do is to think how someone could wreak havoc on a budget, if they really wanted to do that.
In reality, about 75% of personnel at border patrol are Mexican descent.  The ones I have seen at interior checkpoints.   

But it is not happening.  Airport security, border patrol agents a hundred miles from the border, the homeland security nonsense, none of this would stop the easy things I know one could do.  I will not describe these things because it does no good to put things out there.  Someone might do it.

My question is whether the threat is misrepresented; why, and how.  I only wonder because if they are as nimble, numerous, and determined as represented, why have there not been worse disasters?
It is a strange thing.  My only conclusion is that these people are not as suicidal as it seems.  They just draft the fools and mentally challenged for that.  Maybe.  It is puzzling.  Maybe they figure if the push it too much people would say hell with it and raze mosques in the US or something.

In any case, I do not think the truth is anywhere near the surface.  And I am not sure where it is.  I watch people bury themselves in all the progressive talking points on facebook.  No way they can be promoting all that and doing any double checking.  But when it is mentioned, they freak out and throw another bushel of half truths at you.

 It will wear you down if you actually go for reason.   I think it is because people are driven to feel like part of a dedicated crowd, and they are too lazy to really look at the holes in the stories and the slant, and too motivated to be embraced by their peer group to go against the grain.  Cowards in a sense.  They know they haven't any really reliable info, quite often, but it feels good for their image and alleged viewpoint so they ride along.

What has happened is that we have accepted a system in which we have to trust all to proper authorities.  We give up rights, are asked for our papers or why we are driving down the street.  I cannot drive to Texas or AZ or back into CA without checkpoint stops by border patrol asking me where I am going and why, if I am a citizen, etc.  And some of these are many miles from the border, and on roads that never ever cross a national border.  It is nuts.  So, to those agents, NO THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.  (what You call service--I call it legal bullying and worse)
In the military, your oath is to protect the constitution.  I imagine that word is forbidden to these "public servants" and those with homeland security.  You think even half know what the 4th amendment is?  Of course, elected officials are equally disinterested in the rights and freedoms of others.  This is life by government approval.  And there are many Mr Bobo types in positions to approve or deny.  

If anyone really wants to make trouble they can.  Gangs and violent criminals in the US are a bigger problem,  Our solution---harass normal citizens who mind their own business and want to exercise a bit of freedom, while hurting no one.  So they have put a damper on the bulk of the population, doing nada to eradicate the obvious problems.  It is absolutely bizarre ad makes one wonder WTF?

I think we have been elaborately duped in so many ways.  It is nuts.  Ever wonder what our objective really is in most of the places where we consume bullets and bombs?  I believe the bullet sales people are quite pleased with the endless gravy train.  Comes down to people love to make other people do what they want and money.  But don't underestimate that vicarious power greed.  Those are the ones who say, "If you got nothing to hide, then nothing to worry about".  Life by permission, and those idiots imagine themsleves as part of the judgement and approval process. Pricks

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