Thursday, September 19, 2013

Drowning in Elitist Rulers' Nonsense

If you see nothing insulting, annoying, or otherwise amiss with the 1st lady wasting time and tax dollars by jetting around the country telling us to drink water, and then backing up the suggestion with unsubstantiated claims about the benefits, I doubt we'd hit it off.

I'm seriously taken aback that any news outfits or anyone else goes along with this.  Seeing Michele on the screen talking to me as if I am a child, or someone who has to be told how to quench my thirst, what to eat, that I'm fat, etc. brings back that old sick feeling I always get when government people intrude on life and play guardian cop to every aspect of existence.  This sickening attitude and philosophy first cast a shadow on my happy life the day I entered public school.

I still think my 1st grade teacher, Mrs Marshall, should have been removed from teaching and sentenced to some time at hard labor for her unwarranted abuses of children.  I'll bet some of the kids were ruined for life.  Other than 1st grade being a total waste, I suppose I escaped the worst of it.   It did serve to illustrate what vermin often survive on the public dollar while abusing the innocent.

I wish the tradition of mouthy first spouses pushing some lame cause in the name of some imaginary greater good would die.  That is a dumb, insulting, elitist practice which has no place among free people.  You want an elitist patriarchal or matriarchal authority, fine, go to China or Cuba.  It gives me the creeps big time.
I'm not sure what is going on here, but it looks as if Michele is encouraging children to perform odd acts upon her, and she is liking it, a lot.

Is this not child abuse?  Is FLOTUS a child molester?   Is tax money paying for her to terrorize children and other innocents?  I don't know, but this picture does make one wonder.

And by wondering,  perhaps  I have committed some sort of heresy and/or blasphemy against the religion of Obama worship and authoritarian state worship, which could easily land me on a homeland security list of evil doers who prefer to mind their own business rather than turn it over to wannabe despots.  

It goes without saying that the deeply devout would label me racist, as they do anyone who is not a true believer.

Kings and queens seem to be making a comeback.  I'm not on board with that, at all.

Oh well.  I'm hardly on board with anything.  This has been a trying and illogical life and I doubt I'll ever fix it.

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