Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Old School Obligation Mentality

Due to the weekend stomach bust, I was thrown off schedule in completing a project which I promised to have done prior to Mr. Big's arrival.

To complicate matters, when I arrived on Monday, the window washer had already got most of the wood, that needs 3 days drying time after the prep process, wet. Fortunately it was not soaked, but I did not feel good going further until it had another 24 hours.

Fortunately, there was one segment of the teak population which escaped unmolested by aquatic ne'er-do-wells. He didn't know. Thinking the landscapers wouldn't be there, I took my note down on Friday. I was unaware of the dangers.

Even though things dry quickly in the fun California sun, you need to be sure all that under the surface moisture has taken a hike.

So, I managed to complete the spared segment, and do more sanding on the stuff done Thursday. I did not feel like it. But I said I'd have it completed. And to do right it needs a few days to cure before Mr Big sets a cushion and his gazillion dollar butt on any of this stuff. It is just the right way, in my book.

That left today, and I also had a mountain obligation. For a slow poke, you'd be surprised how much high quality semi-mindless work I can turn out in a block of time. I'm surprised. Especially because I felt no corners were cut, and I went back over what needed it. It was like an assembly line. Two sanders, this that the other.

I worry that I escaped the old school indoctrination with only my loathing to show for it. Perhaps that is not entirely true.

That dumbass Letterman is on TV, making a Roger Clemens joke.

This brings to my mind a couple of questions regarding this unbelievably irrelevant issue:
1--what business was it of Congress if a baseball player takes steroids, hemorrhoids, opium or magic mushrooms?
2--Why is it a crime to lie to Congress (while they ask stuff that is not any of their business) yet it seems to be no crime for them to lie as a group, individually, to one another, or to the public?

They should not spend another dime of public money on the Clemens thing. That prosecutor must be one sorry ass piece of work. Can you imagine being willing to send someone to prison over something that is none of your business, unimportant, and irrelevant? That person should be deported to Cuba, via innertube dropped in Florida Bay.

We pay those soulless pricks. They make a hell of a lot more than I do, and I don't harass people who don't matter, or need it.

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