Thursday, June 5, 2014

No News is Good News, but we been getting some news

First off, sometimes I meet someone that I immediately like admire from the very first instance.  N2(youngest nephew)'s wife's father was one such person.  I also automatically liked his wife.  Funny how you feel a kinship without even knowing some people, right away.

It saddens me more than they probably know to hear that this man died suddenly while doing yard work yesterday.  He was a little younger than I am and was retired from the Marine Corps.  I'm so glad I was able to see him at Christmas.  Actually, N2's in-laws helped keep me from feeling like a total waste of life over that holiday.  That was the holiday during which I realized that my place with my family is to be loved, but never to be respected, and I am very sad for that.

Today, I am sad to lose P., the ex-marine, and I feel for his wife, D.  They did everything together and were just a natural couple.  I'm just hoping that somehow she'll be OK knowing that they shared so much in life that many never know, even for a minute.  And his daughter must be crushed.

Everyone has some impact on others, but some people are more endearing than others, and often it is purely some intangible aspect that makes the so.  P. was like that, although I could readily see that he was far more thoughtful and kind than most people you'll ever meet.  I actually use his example sometimes in trying to conduct my life; not give up, and not whine so much.

The world was much better that he was part of it, and the world is not quite as good with him gone.

So, I decided to call the Dr to see where to go from here, assuming all my tests must have been normal. The results had not reached them yet.  They called back, this time putting Dr Coronado Island, himself, on the line.   There seems to be some borderline, or high counts, here and there.  And some abnormal cell shapes and this and that.  Rather than be alarmist, we will repeat the tests in 1 month.  That doesn't help the attacks of pruritis or urticaria whatever.  The raging madness. But I try to work around that and have been advised to continue with antihistamines even though they don't necessarily prevent the problems.  They probably help.

This means I will start really going for the fresh fruits and vegetable diets and juicing that have worked out for some people.  And I'll continue to avoid prednisone if possible.  It may help a short term attack, but it is likely detrimental in the long term, or even not so long term.

I hate this preoccupation with health and medical nonsense.  I'm turning into one of THOSE people.  This is no way to score chicks, so I'll try to find better topics in the future.  For now, can I manage to change the oil in my car without having an attack?  We'll see

Maybe I'll go play music with the frozen in the sixties crowd around SD county.  Let me repeat my views---the '60's and 70's were times of confusion where total hypocrites and liars ruled the day.  Even more confusing and hypocritical than today, if you can believe that.

I always thought people would get the joke, "anarchists of the world unite!", until  saw the phrase issued in sincerity.  If I have to explain the absurdity of that, (and I'm very close to being a true anarchist--one who does not see the need for government--myself), then the explanation is wasted upon whomever needs it.  Note the word "close" was used, so no need for anyone go into a tirade about how necessary laws are, which often happens because some people cannot pay attention.

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