Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tales From The Tour

I forgot I even did this. This was made while staying at my friends' place in San Diego after leg one of the Tour. That was more than two years ago. About two and a half.

Tonight I was checking through some of the posted video I took when I decided to change my life, leave Memphis and end up wherever. It still hurts to see the old car. I really liked that vehicle--more than one should like a mere machine. It came to such an unfair and senseless demise.
Oh well, this one is good, but I will never ever again get a car with a light color interior. Give me another 100k and I'll worry about the next tour mobile.

They have skunks in Pt Loma. Considering it is about the coolest place in the USA, I guess they need something to keep out the riffraff.

This, however is a documentary about alien conspiracy.

This is one of the first times I've reviewed photos or video from the past and felt good. What a blessing or stroke of good fortune that I have been able to do this. The alternative that loomed was far, far darker.

Remembering how my friends helped me find the cottage and move in. If you knew, really, where I come from inside, you'd know this is a major step along the way. This was two years ago this past sept 15 or so.

I thought I'd just throw a few up here. I can't get into that account on youtube any more because they don't remember my email. It sucks but I can't remember the password and then they don't even send it to my right email to reset. That sucks big time.

There's that blue Subaru. It was one of those vehicles that somehow everything was just right on it. One in a million I guess, but it couldn't see things that I couldn't see. I guess we both could have been history. OK. If I keep going I'll get on an El Cajon Highway Patrol rant, and that will lead to rant about law enforcement in general, and it will go from there.

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