Thursday, September 29, 2016

Corrections added: Geez. Not Right Down The Street

So, here we go again.  Black guy shot by cop.  I'd say African-American, but I almost never do because it is a pandering separatist term.   You are American or not.  Maybe tall or short or fat or dark , of color, or colorless.

This guy gets shot in El Cajon for whipping out a vape pen holding it like a weapon ready to be discharge in cop's face.  Cop pulls trigger.  Agitators descend.

Liars come forward to say the guy was doing absolutely nothing.  Turns out to be illegal---no no no, a refugee-- from Uganda, home of the happy go lucky.  He has a big rap sheet for assault and the,like.  Some outfits tried to deport him but Uganda doesn't want him either.  Didn't.  He's dead now.

So, all of a sudden it is racial and people want to stop traffic and beat up anyone with a Trump[ hat or shirt.  Because Trump people are so violent and hateful.  Hey, that's pretty much their line as they kick and hit and bully, in a mob of course.

This is not a very racist area, other than most Mexicans seem to be falling for the bait and have become idiotically convinced that only they get in trouble for violating laws, and that only they get harassed by cops.   They sucker for the chance to be victims, which then negates all responsibility for bad actions.  Open season on alleged oppressors, evil white men.

I listen to them. We are talking Americans of Mexican heritage a generation or two back, who have hardly ever, if ever, even been to Mexico.  People with far more stable affluent lives than mine.  Yet they believe this nonsense and try to read discrimination into anything that may be inconvenient.  I have no excuse.

My experience in El Cajon is being harassed by a cop of Mexican descent and an apparently white guy.  Probably because of my skin color.  Burnt orange.

You'd think people would see this obvious attack going on.  All the lies, etc.

Hands up don't shoot never happened, as they claim, but maybe it did to the white father and six year old shot in Louisiana.  By two Black cops.  Clearly a case of racism, right?

Damn it!  You cannot have it both ways.  If every black person shot by a cop is due to racism, then it is racism when black cops shoot whites.  BS, right?

There is territory between being all gung ho law enforcement, and the laws they have to enforce---right or wrong---and just being the idiotic variety vigilante; like the ignorant lynch mobs in TV westerns of days gone by.  Last century.

The self proclaimed civil rights lawyer who got in on this real quick is making up stuff and refusing to back it up.   He smells a high profile gig.  One in which all the people who are "of color" are supposed to be holding the community hostage with violent and forceful protests.  He called the police all kinds of things.   "Assassins", I think.

But of course he is going to fan the flames as he tosses some more wild fuel into the mix.  He is just making things up.  No way he wants this gig to dry up.   He gets a payday.  They will throw money to make the threat of being labeled racist go away.   Some call it extortion.

In any case it is highly unlikely that anyone who really looks at it would think these charlatans are a long term benefit to the cause of true equality.  True equality under the law precludes any racial considerations.  All the same under the law, God, and nature.  I confess, I don't know a great deal about any of those 3 items.

People are being so misled.  And there is no changing minds.  Facts be damned.  Common sense and reality be damned too.  I do not feel comfortable around cops.  Or around rude belligerent "demonstrators".   But I still won't ignore logic and truth whenever it is convenient for furthering my preconceived, and preferred world view.

Even cops are human.  I doubt many enjoy shooting anyone.  Even in self defense.  They know if they shoot, they may be the target of a barely informed, often uninformed, brigade of agitators and their disciples.   If their perceived threat is Black they are screwed.  Like having a gun to your head.  Or maybe more like being threatened with snarly hell dogs.  (like those two ferocious ones down in MS. G and B).

But people lied; claimed it was a "hands up, don't shoot" scenario.   Only photo released, last time I checked, is one above, snatched from yet to be released video.

Need to look at laws and police culture.  When does it really not make a difference to anyone if their "commands" are followed.  Do people hear themselves?  Go read some dystopian literature like 1984, Anthem, Brave New world, news of the last 100+ years.   If it all still sounds fine to you ok.

Most people I know are not racist.  White people.  Some are.    Don't know so many Blacks any more.   Hispanics I know are filtering everything through their ethnicity, like the trend in Memphis for Blacks to be thinking race 24/7.

My friends weren't fanatics but many of their friends and relatives were.  I could see the discomfort having a white guy around caused.  I avoided those scenes after awhile.

I didn't bother keeping in touch with much of anyone, certainly not race fanatics.   Catch the word "most" in reference to minority bigots.  Usually people ignore qualifiers because such words water down any reasonable outrage and make them look stupid if they make a scene.

People are just not that evolved yet.  Or not enough are.  Pretending and lying and swarming for purposes of destruction and petty theft is rampant, and evidence that the human race is chronically insane
I am human.  No idea how to make all that work.

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