Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Normally I don't participate in the resolution ritual. This year it has become evident that some things need to change.

resolution 2009---develop the skill of transporting a cup of coffee from one end of the cabin to the other without feeding part of it to the floor, or my shirt. Further, employ this skill at the homes of others and in my car. Obviously this drinking problem has gone far enough. The coffee spillage issue is not new. Years ago a friend noted that the only time I kept all the coffee in the cup was when I was falling down stairs. Sad but true.

Another resolution is more along the lines of maintaining rather than changing: keep a roof overhead, food in the cupboard and working transportation throughout the year. In short, do what it takes to ensure self sufficient survival. That could mean bringing projects to fruition, getting a job at the country store in Descanso, whatever. Don't screw the goose or queer the deal, in essence.

The underlying change required to accomplish the maintenance goal is to quit being so lazy. That means curbing my favorite hobby; slacking. Unless I can start a company--Slackerworks, LLC---and make it pay, that activity will have to be curtailed.

I think that is more than enough in the way of resolutionary resolve.

A Favorite Hideout

Now that I realize how quickly I can be on bigger mountains with a view that stretches forever, I'll have to make a great effort not to spend all my money on fuel driving out there. It's a place where hang gliders launch, so I hear, but I have yet to see any. All I've seen are memorials for the ones who had a bad day up on Mt Laguna. I think that is the name.

Today would have been a poor day for jumping off that ridge. The wind from the west must have been accelerated by a venturi effect through the peaks. Usually I like to walk out to the edge of such places so I can look down and get the rush being up high can bring. Today I wouldn't go within eight feet of the edge. Had I been about fifty pounds lighter, I think the wind would have carried me off into the valley from where I stood.

I like being able to go up there. It is only about thirty minutes or so from home. The road is to my liking, and I enjoy being able to see the snow and all that. A week ago they had so much that chains were required or the road was closed altogether. Nw the road is fine but there is a heavy blanket of snow on the ground in the wooded areas. That is why people were up there yesterday sledding. Some were there today. Not as many.

As I was leaving the hang glider launch and memorial spot, I saw a huge bird, an eagle I think, soaring into the wind. It was going backwards relative to the ground, then it would turn and do a shallow dive to hold a steady position. From the shape of the wings, and sheer size of the thing, I guess it was an eagle. It did not have the white bald eagle head. Of course that is not a requirement, just a bird of prey fashion statement. Finally, it went into one of those super sonic hawk dives. It went down so far that it disappeared behind the ridge. I'm guessing it laid waste to a rodent or rabbit. Maybe it nailed a goat. The thing was huge.

True to form, I forgot to bring any sort of camera with me. Too bad. The bird was soaring in one spot for awhile. It appeared stationary, but I am sure its airspeed was significant.

This was one of those times when I wanted to be in a place like that to clear my mind, or maybe to jump start it. Often people say they want to clear their minds when they really want the opposite. It is just a matter of getting the mind to operate in a pleasing and productive manner. Looking for that ol' lightbulb to fire.

No blazing revelations came to me, but I felt good anyway.

Go Chargers.

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